It’s manifesting now

The asking has been made, clarity is gained, belief and trust is certain and the manifestation is happening.

Now we have to let go of everything, surrender our goals and dreams to God, and that has nothing to do with “giving up” anything, on the contrary, it is now that the creation really begins, and our job is to get out of our own way.

We don’t know how the manifestation is happening, and often times when we look back in hindsight we could not have seen the actual way coming.

Leave the path to God, just know that it is being unfold for you as we speak. Every step you take in complete faith and trust is bringing you and that which you desire towards each other. Your only job is to remain in a peaceful state of mind, expecting the best and act when you get some sort of insight, hunch or idea. Do not wait until “tomorrow”, go with the momentum NOW.

It is very important that you do, because the idea or insight you just got might not feel as strong tomorrow. You have to act immediately when you get them. Even if they feel completely out of context.

As long as you follow your heart and trust your intuition, the seemingly unimportant things you are asked to do might very well point you into a new direction that you had no clue about before. It might send you towards a person or a situation that could help you in the manifestation of your dream.

We can never know. If you wait until “tomorrow” with the nudges you get you are only postponing the manifestation, so act immediately.

Let go of the need to control

Just “drop it like it’s hot”! Do not try to control how it will manifest, do not try to manipulate your way to “make it happen” and remember that the meaning of “receive” is just that; to receive.

It is not about chasing, grabbing, struggling or striving to try to manifest it.

Open your arms and say “I am receiving this Now”, and then go about your day and think of other things while feeling expectant and grateful of wish already fulfilled.

The path is now being revealed to you, the way is made clear and the path is straight. When following your heart, you are protected and guided all the way, and when you suddenly find yourself standing in the middle of your vision, a new and bigger one will well up inside you and you are indeed a conscious creator who knows how to work with energy; ready and eager to dream even bigger next time! 🙂

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  1. Faith is a very important part of success.
    The knowledge that you will succeed, no matter what, is what helps you push through troubles and keep moving forward.

    Believe in your own ability and that the only thing that can cause you to fail is if you surrender.

    Faith in god can be a great way to help that, believing that god has a plan for you and even though he throws you challenges he will make you succeed at last.


  2. Maria Erving

    Yes, faith is what makes dreams come true for sure – but I don’t agree with you on that God would throw challanges at us, because i don’t believe in a God that would do something like that. I believe in a loving and caring God. However; I do believe that the challenges we encounter in life are there for spiritual reasons (ultimately good) and I believe that we chose the challenges for ourselves before we were born, and how they would play out in our physical reality is also up to us, or better said; how we handle them and react to them is totally up to us.
    (For example; how can we learn forgiveness if we haven’t experienced anything to forgive?)

    And all the while; a loving God is holding its arms out, ready to help, if we just turned to ‘him’ and not to our fearful egos.
    It’s our choice – and God is ALL GOOD in my mind, and would never throw challenges and problems our way, never.

    I agree that there’s a divine plan for each and every one of us, but I also think that we were the ones who chose it (because we are manifestations of God) before we ‘got here’ so to speak, and now it’s just a matter of tuning into it – finding our way back to the higher consciousness where we belong and express our unique gifts and talents to the world:-)

  3. Very true Maria.
    What I mean is that faith, belief and persistence are the building blocks of success.

    If you are afraid to believe in your own ability, belief in God may help.

    The most important thing is that you KNOW that you will succeed.
    By knowing this, you will not see a setback as a failure or a reason to give up. You will see the lesson it brings and be able to use it to further your success.

    I don’t think it matters where you find your faith, as long as you find it, like I always say ‘What works for you, works!’


  4. Maria Erving

    Hi there 🙂 and thank you!

    I just visited your blog and I noticed you like photograps; are they your creations..? If so, very nice job, they look great!

    Keep writing and growing – you seem to have great ideas and thoughts 🙂

  5. Maria Erving

    Daniel – that is what I think too, and I also use that (or a similar)expression; “whatever works for each and every one of us” quite often 🙂

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