I’ve become a vegetarian

I’m in week two now on my conscious and healthy new eating habits, and from first have deciding on only eating organic meat, I started to ask what that really means..

  •  What does “organic meat” and “free range” really mean?

Listen, I’m not going to go into it all, but I will explain why I have chosen to become a vegetarian, because what I have experienced in my life by listening to others and reading about their journey to vegetarianism, I’ve found that many don’t express their whys, because they don’t want to have all the questions and sometimes opposition from other people that still eat meat. If someone had told me their whys before, I would have made my changes a long time ago.

That’s why I want to tell you about my own why 🙂 Hopefully it can inspire someone to make changes in their diet too.

 –My reasons are strictly out of love. It’s an ethical choice, based on my own right to live freely and in loving environments. I can’t go on depriving that same thing from other living beings, that I want for myself and all humans in the world. The animals that I have previously eaten, had a soul, a family, feelings, emotions, and intelligence, and I will no longer support the meat industry in their horrific handling of these animals that are suffering in captivity.

“Organic” or not, they are still living cramped up, in very small spaces, standing in their own feces, they still don’t see sunlight and there is no green grass to run freely on as it’s so idyllically pictured on the labels for us as consumers to see. The industry is really dependent on our ignorance. An ignorance that we have chosen ourselves. I know I did. Because deep down, I knew it wasn’t all good.

The cruelty is just the same as on “ordinary” factory farms. The only difference is that the animals are not being fed with toxins, antibiotics and hormones. There is no love involved in the handling of these animals; they are still looked upon as objects, or products.

I have done a lot of research this last week, and I can tell you that there is nothing humane at all to all these labels of “organic” and “free range”. It’s pretty much all BS. Not saying that there aren’t any “real farms” out there, but if you’re not absolutely sure about where your ham or steak comes from.. In my mind, “doubt means don’t”. There can be nice labels on our food, but it’s not what it looks like at all.

As I said, I only wanted to tell you my why, without getting into it too much, because I want to focus on the positive side of what has come out of this; me living my life consciously on all levels.

I do want to bring awareness though, that’s what I do, so I have found a couple of articles that sums up the things that I have learned and researched this past week:

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And do not be fooled to think that it’s different here in Scandinavia. It’s not.

It’s the same in Norway, Finland and Sweden too. Exactly the same.

There you have my why.

I want my food to contain positive, loving, and harmonious energy, and nothing less than that.

Here’s a very interesting video I have seen; I really like this guy and I’d love to read his books too:

Get in alignment with the flow of life


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  1. Couldn´t agree more! i eat chicken and fish and very seldom any steak, because of of ethic reasons and because i just don´t like the taste of it..Keep up the good work,sistah! 😀

  2. Maria Erving

    Thank you:-)

    There is no difference in the handling of the animals though, no matter if it’s a chicken or a pig or whatever. They are all going through their whole lives suffering.

    Knowing about energy the way I do and with the awareness that I have, I’m surprised by my own previous choices of being ignorant. I didn’t wan’t to “have my dinner spoiled”.. Only to find out that behind and beyond that ignorance and unwillingness to see what I in many ways already knew, was freedom. I actually feel relieved by my new choice, I feel an inner happiness and joy that I couldn’t have expected.
    –It’s like my whole being is celebrating my choices 🙂

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