Being Judgmental Is What Causes Suffering

The spiritual path to awakening is not about becoming someone, a “better” version of yourself or anything like that, but about relinquishing who we think we are are, and with that realization also let go of all it’s opinions about how life ‘should be’, which is always anything but what it right now.

(I’m obviously talking about the spiritual awakening and the emotional turmoil that comes with ego death, and not about accepting being beaten by a spouse or stuff like that).

Being judgmental with resentment is what causes emotional turmoil and inner chaos, but that is not to be confused with having preferences in life or in making discernment, we all have those (likes and dislikes etc), and it’s just what it is; preferences without judging the opposite to be ‘bad’ in some way.

But attached with some kind of resentment, that is all the egos game, and it is something we can all go through.

The key is to see it for what it is and bring ourselves back to this moment and accept it for what it is.

From that place of acceptance insights can surface. We can never find solutions that has their base in resentment.

They are not long lived anyway – soon we will fall back into the old ways and then it all begins again.

We judge Life and we oppose it, and we feel it’s justified.

The ego wants us to avoid the present moment as much as possible and will therefor make up all kinds of justifications to why you should feel the way you feel. 

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This only means there’s still some ego to be burned and relinquished, and it can feel like being in hell. The ego will not let go easily. Keep in mind that it’s all mental noise.

After a few of these rounds on our spiritual journey we learn to recognize the patterns, but it can still feel like pure hell when in the midst of it, and the more we try to escape it, the more we suffer.

What’s happening is that we are actually opposing Life itself, and in doing that we will always be on the loosing side.

Life is. And it’s way bigger than our little self and it’s little wishes and desires.

It’s the story we make up about what’s going on that makes us suffer, not Life itself. Life simply Is.

It’s the story and our attachment to it that creates the turmoil. We feel entrapped by Life itself, we feel like we’re being held prisoner in the present moment and we resent it, we judge it,and we even hate it, seeing it as bad and unfair, but in reality, we’re not in the present moment at all!

In our mind we are far from this moment, we are most probably somewhere else, in a future image, in a place where life is better than it is right now, and we’re resentful for not ‘actually’ being there – that’s why we feel foggy, unclear and almost ‘airy’ when in these moments.

(Fogginess can also be a sign of ascending symptoms:

We can’t really think straight, we can’t see straight on what is, because our minds are somewhere else but here.

We’re in fact trapped in a fantasy, manufactured by our distorted egos.

This is all a part of the process, and with time and experience we become more aware of them, we learn to work with the underlying issues, and we have an inner knowing of it all being a part of the process of ego death, and what makes us jolt out of it faster is by accepting life as it is right now. Not by avoidance or distractions, but by acceptance.

Instead of fantasizing of a better future, do everything you can to bring yourself back to this moment, and take it for what it is, accept it fully.

First you will feel huge resistance from the ego who will do all it can to justify the chaos, you may feel very much victimized by life itself, or by God even, or a dark force that has hold on you, and you feel you can’t do anything about it, but does any of that change what is? No, it doesn’t.

Life is what it is, in this moment, it cannot be anything else, can it. Only acceptance of it will create the relief from the ego state and from that space of acceptance can real solutions come forth, not before. Until we accept we will suffer.

When the relief comes with the letting go, or surrendering to what is, comes, then the distorted thoughts about being held captive by some invisible force also disappears. There was no force there to begin that held you captive, it was all mental. A story.

We just didn’t trust Life and it’s intelligence, but relied more on our egos who will never be satisfied with life as it is in the first place! It’s always seeking for something better ‘out there’, somewhere else where it’s better to be, someone better to be with, and so on, have you noticed that? It will never accept life as it is.

Can you trust life right now? Not for the future that may or may not be as you want it to become, but just this moment here and now, can you trust it?

Can you let go of the emotions and thoughts of judgement and trust that life knows what it’s doing – right now?

This moment is all that it takes. Trusting Life Right Now. 


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