Juice Fasting, day 5

Who knew that I would be fasting! It’s funny how life moves sometimes.

It’s true that we can never know its ways and how things will unfold – our only responsibility is to state what we desire and then stay true to the Truth within us that always leads our way.

This transition happened almost overnight when I decided that I would change my morning rituals. I decided that instead of coffee and emails in the morning I would go out jogging. 

It’s wonderful to go out when the sun is rising and there’s almost no other people outside yet and there’s the beautiful mountains surrounding me. I’m in tears now that I write this. It’s so wonderful!

I’m a fairly active person, I mean I walk a lot, I like biking and hiking, swimming etc, but jogging has never felt like ‘my thing’, but here I am now, jogging!

Many things I have changed in my life has happened almost overnight, not the transformation itself but the decision has carried me forward once I have made it, so I really believe in the power of firm decisions.

It’s a form of dedication where you don’t look back or to the sides; you’re one-pointed and that’s where the power is. 

When I stopped doing drugs, I decided that the day before I went to rehab would be my last day of taking drugs, when I stopped smoking I decided that the following weekend would be when I smoked my last cigarette, same with when I became a vegetarian, once I had decided then that was it for me. 

(That doesn’t mean I never slipped, because I did. Except for the vegetarian-choice, I have never craved or wanted meat after I made my choice).  

I don‘t really ease my way into things, I just do. 

And with every great, life-affirming choice we make for ourselves another opportunity soon shows up, helping us move more and more into harmony with Life itself.

Always when we move in accordance to what feels right to do (and we do it) life takes us up a notch to greater and greater things.

After I had started jogging, a couple of days later I started a juice fast and I’m now on day 5 and it’s going wonderfully!

I have never fasted or been interested in diets or anything like that, but after I watched some movies and read some books on Raw Food I learned a lot of things about what the so called food in our grocery-stores are really ‘made of’, and how toxic our bodies are from having eaten the crappy food that you can find in the stores today.

Urgh, I learned some disgusting things, but I leave that to the experts to share with you if you’re interested in learning more about what our ‘food’ does to the body and mind.

So I decided to get rid of the toxins from my body and I started a juice fast.

My first goal was 3 days and it went surprisingly well and it was (is) easy, and so I will continue doing this juice fasting thing until my body says it’s time to eat food again, and when I do I will definitely make more conscious and healthier choices.

I have been a vegetarian for some years now, but I also love cheese, chocolate etc.. but! I can begin buying only organic cheese directly from farmers and make my own chocolate because there’s a lot of yummy Raw Food recipes out there.

I had no idea what juicing was before I started, and I went to the Farmers Market/Flea Market here in Nerja and asked the Power and Wisdom within me to help me find (easily and effortlessly) what I need in terms of a blender.

And I found a juicer immediately and at the exact price that I had decided in my mind beforehand. I just love how God does its thing 🙂

I was exited! And I went into this process affirming it would be a wonderful experience. 

It’s easy to ignore the ego when a decision is made, at least for me, so I have had no cravings at all, and I have kept my mind and thoughts on the benefits of the process and the beauty of it. 

So no sugar, coffee or food cravings at all. And my energy level is fine, most of the time it is as it was before, but there has been times when I was really tired and then I just let my body decide that I needed to rest so I did. (And skipped jogging as well). 

If I feel hunger then I just drink some juice. I don’t even think about food to be honest. I’m really dedicated to this process and so it’s easy for me to let my body do the healing and detoxification.

I know, after I have read some blogs etc, that many people have cravings, but I also know that they have those because of the way they approach the process.

They talk about ”not being ‘allowed’ to eat this or that”, or they make a big deal out of smelling good foods and so on.

Their conversations are in the wrong direction and that only creates more cravings for them.

Constantly saying to yourself that ”its soo difficult”, or being obsessed with thinking of food all the time obviously just gives you more of what you focus on.

If you make a firm decision it’s easier to dismiss the ego’s attempts to try to get back to the old ways.

Focus instead on how wonderful this process is and that whatever there is to get rid of in your body that is not good for you, is now being released and healed, so be excited about that!

So how has my experience been with this so far?

The first day was easy. I drank 2 liters of vegetable and fruit juice (made from fresh vegetable and fruits in my juicer), plus lots of water.

Day 2-3 I drank a little bit more, maybe 3 liters in total (plus water), and I felt a very deep healing taking place when I was doing a healing meditation.

You know when you lay there and then when the healing mediation is finished you’re all dry in the mouth and can’t hardly open your eyes? I felt that my body was all on board on this and that It actually had chosen this, so I felt an inner celebration. 

Day 3-4 were at times very painful. I had really bad lower backache and my legs and hips were really aching and I couldn’t sit or lie down so I went for a long walk in nature and I also went jogging to help release the toxins and muscle tensions.

I learned that this is very common so I let it happen, and I felt gratitude that it was happening. 

The aches are a sign of healing, and thankfully I haven’t had any stronger reactions than the pain, but I know there are some people that experiences healing crisis etc.

And today I have felt great! Jogged for longer time as well, which is wonderful. 

I had some irrational thoughts coming up now and then and I can almost relate to them as PMS-type of irrational thinking. 

I also slept much more, a couple of nights in a row I slept 11-12 hours!

My dreams are more vivid and deep, not ”deep”-deep, but there’s more layers in them, more is happening, there’s more conversations and things going on and so forth.

I usually dream a lot anyway so this was a pleasant surprise as I love dreams 🙂

Juicing reboots your body and by only giving it fluids with a high dosage of nutritions from freshly juiced veggies and fruits the body can rest and a deep healing and detoxification can take place.

I really recommend some movies I have watched this past weekend that can be eye-opening and also inspirational for you to watch if you feel drawn into a healthier lifestyle yourself.

And the transformations the people in the movies has made are so inspiring and awesome!

You can find them on my RebelMouse page. (Depending on when you read this article you may have to scroll down a bit to find them). 

I’m definately going to look into Raw Food more, but I’m not sure I will become a Raw Foodist, but maybe stay vegetarian and eat fish and seafood now and then, and only get organic cheeses etc from farms where I know the animals have a humane environment to live in.

That’s great with Spain, there’s a lot of farmers here and I’m blessed with having a Farmers Market literally just around the corner from where I live so I feel very blessed that way.

Just this morning I was there buying organic vegetables and fruits and I felt so happy doing that. Not just for me and my health, but for using my money supporting the right kind of energy that sustains and supports nature.

It’s a very special feeling to do things that blesses all involved.  

How this process unfolds and the learning I acquire etc regarding Raw Food, I don’t know, I only know it leads to something even more wonderful.

I don’t really have to make any choices right now as I’m still in my juice fasting process. I will know what to eat when it’s time for me to eat.

By the way, I have stopped giving my cat canned food and he has been eating raw meat for some months now and his allergy is better now and he doesn’t need any medication anymore.

I’m sure the diet change has contributed to his health because we all know deep down what those canned foods really contains.

I hope this article inspired you to maybe do a juice fasting yourself.

If so, read and learn from experts and watch some movies and make a new choice.

Who knows where it will take you?

It might be a door to something absolutely amazing for you! 🙂

Especially if you have diabetes or other illnesses. Juicing and Raw Food can actually reverse diseases, so be inspired! 

Feel very welcome to ask me any questions in the comments below. I’m not an expert obviously, but I can share my own experiences if someone has any questions.  


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