Don’t Lose Faith! Keep Moving Forward

As you have given ”life” to the seed of your vision by becoming clear about it, you know there must be harvest time at some point but sometimes we can feel doubt creeping in, or even worse there might be times when we feel like the walls are really closing in on us, and so my message today is this:

Don’t lose your faith and trust in the path that is unfolding for you!

If we have planted a seed it must sprout as we continue to nurture and give attention to our dreams and the vision we have for ourselves; it will in time come to fruition and we can then receive what we have given life to.

We have to stay faithful to our vision and move forward with what is ours to do and each time we do that, and each time we face our fears in the process, we gain insight and courage because we see and experience that the Power within us backs us up, every time.

I am always Divinely guided and directed to that which fulfills and sustains my vision”

If you have ever seen a caterpillars transition into a butterfly, it looks uncomfortable and even painful, and that’s how it is for us too at times in our own transformation.

It’s not the caterpillar that then after the transition unfold its wings and flies away, just as it is in our transformation where we evolve and grow into our vision and emerge as a new person, or the greatest ideal of ourselves.

The old self can’t enter into the vision – we have to go through a transformational process. 

The butterfly is also a new creature, a beautiful creature that emerges in the process of metamorphosis, and it lets go and forgets the experience of the pain that it experienced in the transition and takes flight in all its beauty.

We can learn from witnessing its process by continuing to be as dedicated as the caterpillar and move forward through whatever it is that we are experiencing in order to experience a more beautiful, joyous and fulfilling expression of life.

We must continue to put our heart and soul into everything that we do, that’s what ”seeking the Kingdom” means, so we have to keep our focus and having continuous trust that the other part, ‘all else will be added unto you’ will be kept as it is a promise from the God within.

I know and I accept that my absolute faith in God is gifted to me by God Itself”

There has to be trust that the path we have chosen is unfolding as it should, that everything happens in Divine Order, so by turning away from anxiety, doubt and worry we allow the good we seek to unfold with more ease and grace.

I am is the beginning and the end”, means that whatever you say you are; I AM ___ (your vision and dream) is the ‘beginning’.

I AM is you stating your desire and in that moment you are what you say you are, and that’s the ‘end’; the end is the fulfillment of your words.

So the process of transformation reveals the first and the last part, but not the middle, and it’s the middle in which transformation takes place, that’s where the unfolding of Life happens.

And that’s also the part in which we have no control over at all; we can’t know how things will unfold.

It’s not our part to do or figure out. (“My ways are past finding out”).

And the truth is that sometimes there’s absolutely nothing we can do but to wait in complete confidence and trust that the God-power within is doing its part, and that means we have to take a step back and allow what needs to unfold to happen and manifest for us. 

Our part is to be attentive to the guidance from within from the moment we have said something is so, until the end when our vision has become a physical reality and this middle-part, this is where we sometimes get impatient, frustrated and anxious.

Because we can’t control it.

And if fear is allowed to enter into our awareness that’s when we also invite doubt into our hearts and minds.

This is when we have to remember that as we do our part (follow our intuitive guidance step by step, moment by moment) the path can unfold naturally because there’s an invisible force that is always working with us in the process.

I do my part, trusting and knowing that God does his. I have faith that divine order is working in me and in my life.”

It’s important to continuously turn to the God-power within when doubt creeps in, we have to do that no matter what and that’s how we free our minds from that which is false, such as fear is.

That’s how our faith grows and becomes steadfast and immovable, and that’s how we make way for thoughts of success and happiness instead.

I know that as I stay on focus and live my life on purpose all things come to me in the right and perfect time”

We have to clear our consciousness from clutter (the false) and become one-pointed by having our eyes and attention on God and continue moving forward with our plans as they emerge and unfold despite of what appearances tells us.

There’s no use whatsoever in getting involved with fear in any way.

All it does is that it drives us more into confusion and worry and even panic and desperation that then leads to attempts to force changes in a situation, condition or circumstance.

We can only know the first and the last. Remember this.

This is your vision;

Your statement of who you are (I am) and the fulfillment of your words.

This means we have to move our attention away from fear through prayer or by invoking the presence of God into your mind immediately when fear shows it face and continue to move in the direction of the fulfillment of the vision.

I let go of all doubt or concern knowing that my highest and greatest and most wonderful good manifests with grace and ease”

It’s not we that have to convince God of anything, only ourselves.

We have to “convince” ourselves that whatever it is that we desire to experience is ours (everything already exist in consciousness) even when things sometimes may give us apparent ‘evidence’ that it is not.

It is ours.

Your vision is yours because it’s Gods desire to express it through and as you. My vision is mine for the very same reason.

We all have desires and dreams that God Itself has planted in our hearts so they must be fulfilled. There is no other way. 

That which you are seeking, is seeking you”, is the truth for you and for me.

So stay on course.

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