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What do you care about? (Key to Fulfillment)

When our actions match our values we find fulfillment.

What all of us need in order to live a fulfilling life, the basic values that we all have in common, are things like:


If we don’t have good health, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health, we can’t really enjoy life to the fullest.

I think most of us can wholeheartedly agree that health is right up there in the top three most important values in life.

Do you care about your health, or is this an area where you can definitely improve or do better in regards to your body/mind/spirit? If so, how?


To be free and independent is vital in order to be able to live a life of dignity.

No one wants to feel trapped, restricted or limited, we all want to be self-sufficient and stand on our own two feet and in our own power.

Do you care enough about your freedom that you are willing to do whatever it takes to break free from anything that is diminishing your experiencing of life? If so, what are you going to do?


We all need something to wake up to in the morning.

To live a fulfilling life we need to have a sense of meaningfulness to our daily activities.

We need to feel useful and have some kind of purpose or goal in life.

Do you care about what your true purpose is, or do you need to give this very important aspect of life way more focus and attention than what you’re currently giving it? If yes, how will you do that?


Inner and outer peace is essential in life.

If we have inner turmoil and are constantly in some kind of drama with the people in our life it just creates more and more stress for us.

Stress is the number one killer in the world, it’s the root cause to most diseases and health problems.

Do you care about having peace in your life, or are you always trying to live up to other people’s expectations of you, forgetting or neglecting to take care of YOU? If you are, how can you change this?


We all need to feel that we’re growing and progressing.

It can be in our work or in our relationships or other areas in life. We all have the need to experience and have the feeling that we are moving forward together.

If we don’t, life becomes stagnant and boredom sets in and with that comes resentment and irritation and frustration starts to fester inside.

Do you care about your self-development, do you feel that your creativity is flourishing and do you still feel inspired, or does something new need to happen that would bring more aliveness to your life? If so, what can you do to bring that shift about?


We need connection, whether it’s to other human beings, animals, Spirit/’God’ or nature.

Appreciating and valuing what we have, whether it’s our family/friends, pets, or the people we work with etc., brings depth into our lives that can only come from interacting and feeling closeness with others.

Do you value connection enough in your life, or could this be something you need to improve upon somehow? If so, how?


It’s everything.

Sometimes we forget this but without love, what is there?

If we don’t love what we do, or love the people we have in our life, or feel love for life itself, what really do we have then?

We need it, and the best way to get more of it into our lives is if we begin to give it away and express it more to others and life itself.

Do you care about love, or is this something you could bring forth more, not only to others but also to yourself? If so, in what ways?

Self-love is essential for a happy life.

Love has to start with you.

How can you love yourself more?

Because this is what it always comes down to in the end.

Our values and actions are based in, and comes from, our ability to love ourselves.

Look at all the different basic values I’ve mentioned and see how true you really are to them.

These are values we all share, we all want the same things, and it all begins with ourselves and our alignment with what we really care about in life.

I recently met an old lady who was over 100 years old and I asked her what has been the most important thing in her life, looking back and seeing everything from the perspective of someone who has lived a long life, and she said that relationships/family had been the most important thing.

Her daughter and her family, the grandchildren and so on.

What is it for you?

What do you really care about in your life when it comes down to it?

What truly matters to you?

Think about these things today and see where you can live more in alignment with your true values.

It’s when we start doing that more that our happiness and fulfillment in life increases, and with that shift everything else starts to improve as well.

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