I’m in La Herradura now (Costa Tropical)

I arrived here yesterday and did the usual routine to get myself feel at home and then in the evening I went for a longer walk with my new dog-friend Louis before I went to bed really early, I was so tired.

This morning I woke up early and went for a long walk with Louis and later I’ll explore La Herrradura more , but it’s less than 20 km from Nerja where I used to live and it’s also on the coast so the beach is close by.

I have a big house to myself a little bit outside of the center of the village and the beach but the property has a private pool as well so it’s really nice – I’m sure I will like it here 🙂 

Here’s my new ‘office’ for the next few weeks: 

new office

Isn’t it nice? 🙂

It’s always emotional when you say goodbye to your four-legged friends but I will see Skuggi again in a few weeks time when I go back to Competa again (where I have my base) so I’m happy about that, he’s such a sweet little guy and I have come to really love him.


I love all my four-legged friends that I have taken care of, they are all very special to me.

Interesting Info:

Competa means ”crossroads” (from the latin name Compita-Orum) and it dates back to the roman times and I think it’s interesting that that’s my base right now until I travel to India; it’s my place of crossroads at the moment 🙂

From there I will travel to India next year and then what happens after that I don’t know; I have totally let go of any planning when it comes to that because I have a very strong feeling that the trip will be life changing in more ways than I can possibly imagine right now so I leave it all to Life to arrange.

I have met wonderful new friends in Competa and if you ever travel to this part of Spain I really recommend you visit this very special little town; I highly recommend it. 

La Herradura is about an hour away from Competa and it’s a seaside town that is close to the larger city of Almuñecar.

This whole area belongs to the Granada province and Costa Tropical here in Andalusia and it’s stunningly beautiful.

La Herradura means “horseshoe” because of the shape of the bay and after I have done some brief online research on this town I have learned that this place seem to draw people here who are interested in the arts, wellness and mystic sciences as well as windsurfers.

Sounds intetersting to me – I look forward to meet the locals here that are from many different nationalities just like in Competa too; there’s over 30 different nationalities living there.

More to come soon – stay tuned.. 🙂

louis and bird


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