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Why we experience lack and not enoughness

Everything we feel is a result of our own thoughts and beliefs about ourselves.

Thoughts are just thoughts but we give them life (and keep them alive) by believing them to be true, and the feeling of lack and not enoughness comes from how we see ourselves and what we identify ourselves with.

To free ourselves from the limiting beliefs and get back to our default state of wholeness we need to deprogram our minds from what is not true about us.

Also read: “There is a voice in most people’s heads that makes them feel they are not enough.

In part two of this article series I’m going to give you some powerful questions and exercises that will help illuminate the false programs that has been instilled in you.

The questions will help reveal the false voice of the ego that is telling you lies about yourself and keeps you feeling small and restricted so that you can get unhooked from it.

Ponder this for a moment:

Is it just you, or is there someone else in your life that is not enough?

Think about the people in your life; are some of them not enough?

When you think about this, doesn’t it make your heart swell with compassion when you see that even with their flaws, they are still lovable, and absolutely “enough”?

Isn’t it interesting that we withhold that love and compassion from ourselves but are willing to extend it to others? That we’re willing to look beyond their shortcomings but not our own?

The truth is, we’re all just fine, we’re all okay, and we’re all worthy of love and the goodness of life even if think we’re not.

We have always been enough, and the task at hand is to wake ourselves up from the trance of the ego and set ourselves free from it.

Humanity has separated itself (unknowingly) from the flow of Life and become only a shadow of what we could be.

People who are out of alignment with the flow innocently create problems not only for themselves but also in the world at large.

It’s the feeling of lack and fear of not having enough, or not being enough, that breeds manipulation and competition while in reality we all have the inborn ability to come from a place of freedom, sharing and giving.

We all have it inside of us by default, but it has been programmed out of us.

For many people it’s the pain of the misalignment that helps them seek out that ‘something else’ which all of us has always known and felt in our hearts exist.

We can either stay in the feeling of lack and suffer, or we can follow the promptings of our hearts that tells us that there is another way to live.

“Life is a stream – actually, a stream of blessedness, harmony and good – and all is well if we remain in it. Our sufferings and perplexities are due to our wandering away from the stream. Such sufferings are merely due to the fact that we have strayed from our true environment; and they have the effect of driving us back to the stream of harmony and good.” – Henry Thomas Hamblin

We all have an innate capacity to thrive in our own lives as well as contributing in positive ways to society, and what the world needs, is for each and every one of us to come back into alignment.

Don’t accept the status quo of your life if it restricts you.

You were born free.

Refuse to accept limitations, and see to it that you get back in alignment with ‘the blessedness of life’.

In part two of this article series I’m going to share exactly how you can unhook yourself and awaken from the maze and into the truth of who you really are.

Our very belief in ourself and our sense of self-worth has been tarnished by all the false beliefs that we have been told is true about us, but the only thing that can keep that old image of ourselves alive, is our belief in it.

So let’s change that, shall we? 😊

The reality of life is that when you align with the flow, with who you really are, the needs that arise in life are always somehow supplied and given, without any anxiety or struggle on your part.

Lack and not enoughness belongs to the ego, not the real you.

The real you is already whole and lacks nothing, so the work is really about aligning your thoughts with Truth and waking up to that which you deep down already know is true about you.

14 (or so) powerful questions and exercises to help you overcome the feeling (and experience) of lack and not being enough:

Part 2/2 can be read HERE.

Our security and freedom is inside ourselves and as we clear out our old story, we automatically switch to receiving that which is ours by default.


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  1. owanifo

    Dear Maria, There is so much Divine Wisdom in your assertion that “truth cannot be taught but can only be pointed at and as such every encounter with the truth is an individualistic experience”.[Cross References: John_8:30-32 and John_17:17). Thank you so much for your explanatory notes and I appreciate your efforts at putting together those clarifications for me. The confirmatory evidence that a person has the feelings of lack is revealed in his needless competitiveness because of his limiting believe in scarcity. The feelings of lack is the reflection of the conditions in our consciousness. Recall that the Universe created us as a living Soul and not as a living physical body(Genesis_2:7). We are spiritual beings having limited existence on earth. The earth is a mere reflective mirror for our physical senses to view the contents of our consciousness. Thank you so much for assuring me that the Universe is already on my side.I love you and take good care of yourself. Sweetheart, talk to me and God bless you

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