The Law of Attraction is not to be “tested” but approached with an open heart and mind

The laws of the universe, the law of attraction in particular as I’m writing about in this article, is not to be approached with an attitude that we are going to “try it out for a couple of weeks to see if it works”.

For example, as I wrote in my book The Power of Aligned Thought – How The Mind Works And How To Use It; about the power of Gratitude, or how vital it is to have Faith and the importance of really going into depth with your self-discovery when it comes to your limiting beliefs and so on:

It simply won’t help us a iota if we go into learning about it with a ‘the concept sounds kinda cool, I’ll try it out for a while’-attitude and then a few weeks later we throw our hands in the air saying “this is not working, it’s just bogus, all this law of attraction-stuff!”

You must understand – even if it is only intellectually at first; that the law of attraction and all the talk about the power of the mind and so on are natural laws. It’s like for example electricity, or gravity; you can’t ‘test’ it to see if it ‘works’.

We have to do some inner work to grasp this on an deeper level and we need to make a conscious effort to really wanting to connect with your true self if life is not going as we would like it to and want to improve in different areas such as career, relationships, health and what not.

This law is always functioning in the life of all of us – there is no exception to this.

And it doesn’t care if we understand it or believe in it or not – it only reacts to our level of consciousness and responds to that. Therefor the saying; you must be, before you get.Most of us are more successful (or at least pleased with) in some areas of life, and some less successful or pleasing. This can have many reasons; such as mass conditioning and other limiting though-patterns that we still need to work on.

We can’t get a lot of money or have a loving relationship with someone if we don’t provide the energy vibration first and we can’t read ourselves to that vibration. We can enhance our vibration, sure, absolutely, but by only reading about it and not living it, or implementing it in our lives by the acts of faith for example, or having a powerful inner intention of wanting to move ourselves from barely knowing about it, to really knowing it, we will have to keep reading to keep that vibe up. But that doesn’t mean that your consciousness is changing. It only means that you know it more intellectually.

We can keep feeding our intellect all we want, but to live it to our greatest joy, we need to ‘get it’ on a more deep level; spiritually.

When our consciousness is changed so to speak, we are living it, and the reading we’ll be doing will be only because we enjoy it, not to try to get our hands on some ancient secret that will give us all we want. All that kind of thinking is vibrating lack.

I’m NOT saying that reading is not good – because it is – but what I mean with this article is that you have to be sincere when you approach your SELF – you can’t fake real honesty, openness or sincerity and try it out for a while.

You can’t fake Faith – you just can’t. You can’t “try” those things out. You can’t ‘try’ to be generous or loving – either you are or you’re not, and no matter how much you outwardly smile and are giving to others, if you’re not truly feeling it in your heart you can forget about the “rewards”.

We have to find a way to live them for real and it all begins with self awareness, inner work and a heartfelt desire to become who you really are. If your life is not ‘working’ then you need to work on yourself first!

The thing with these spiritual laws is that they work for everyone – there are plenty of people living on this earth that are happy, rich and have fulfilling work and so on and they have no clue about any law of attraction!

They live it because of their energy vibrations are of perhaps true happiness, an expectancy of good things to come their way, they might be carefree and lighthearted, they might feel a lot of love for themselves or people around them and so on.

They live great lives because of the vibe they emit to the universe, and the universe responds to that signal. Simple as that.

So “trying” won’t do you any good.

“Trying” vibrates doubt and dis-trust. Not a very good start if you want to begin to consciously create and manifest great things into your life.

If we are filled with doubt and lack surety, our efforts at manifesting (something we desire) will crumble. If we are uncertain, our skepticism will make our mental house collapse, and thus we can not create or attract that dream-life.

We have to find the true faith, the true feeling of gratitude and positive expectancy, and we can only do that by going within. And of course it also means to read books and so on, but it’s not enough to read, we must do what we can to really integrate what we are learning on a deeper level.

If trying to test the principles, the door we are knocking upon will open to emptiness.

But when approached with an open and sincere heart and mind; the door we are knocking on will flung wide open one day very soon.

To dwell in the realm of the possibilities that is within each and every one of us, we are naturally entering a deeper level of existence.

When we go within and spend time by connecting with God by meditating, with a really sincere desire to live in alignment with God, or the laws, it will be a natural step in the right direction for us. We don’t need to ‘try’ – we are simply living and having our being on a higher vibration than the one that is on the level of ego and the five senses only. We need to cultivate the sixth for the door to be flung open for us.

All things that we ask, KNOWING that it can be done, will be done unto us. But we must know it within our hearts.

If you’d like to learn more about these principles, I invite you to visit the website for my book: The Power of Aligned Thought – How The Mind Works and How To Use It and read more about it there 🙂

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