Leave Excuses Behind (Stop postponing Truth)

The ego is very clever, and it tries to strategize its way to enlightenment, thinking there’s something there for it.

When it realizes there’s nothing there for it, it’s too late – no way you can turn away once you had a glimpse into who you really are! (Or if you have an intuitive knowing that you are not who you think you are, that there’s something more to life than what you have known so far).

It doesn’t mean the ego won’t try though, thinking strategies and techniques will help.

All this is only preventing you from realizing Truth, all the excuses the ego makes are designed for the sole reason that you won’t look deeper into the Truth that is already present. (For the ego fulfillment is always in the future).

Excuses the ego loves to use are for example:

  • I need to heal myself first (I’m damaged/broken)
  • I have to work on myself first (I have so many issues to work out)
  • I have to purify my heart first (maybe one day my heart will be pure enough)
  • I need to control my mind and emotions first (My mind is too strong, I have to control it first)
  • I have to find myself first (I don’t know who I am yet, I’m too screwed up)
  • I have to cleanse myself first (I’m not pure enough yet)
  • I have to get that spiritual experience back first that I had in 1989 (and then keep it forever and ever)
  • I have to become more ______ (“spiritual”, more loving, more compassionate, more peaceful etc first)
  • I have to get rid of my ego first (Then I’ll be free)
  • I have to get closer to God first (If I just meditate more, chant more, strive more, then I’ll..)
  • I have to get back to awareness first (or become one with it first)  

Stop all these excuses!

If you knew who you really are you’d know that you don’t need improvement or to become anything more than you already are, right now.

The quest for perfection is endless for the ego, it will make sure you think you’re never enough, but you are enough to God already! You have always been enough. 

You don’t have to strive to become a better version of yourself, you don’t need to be fixed, healed or found – You are already here and you are already whole.

Discover the truth of who you really are by giving yourself to Truth, simply say; “Take me God – I’m all yours!”

Don’t postpone; give yourself completely over and commit yourself to know the truth, and know that Truth is committed to you as well and will not let go, it will never let you go. (And there’s nothing for you to figure out, let all strategizing go).

Fall into it – let go into it – Now.

Don’t believe your ego who tells you that you need to do this, become that or fix this and that first. Simply don’t listen to it.

When the thoughts come, turn to this prayer and keep it firmly in your heart: “Take me to Truth God, show me the Truth of who I really am. I’m ready!”

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“… Trust that the power that got you to this point also will get you through to wherever you need to be, which in essence always is where you are right now

We’re just not present enough to see that when we’re trying to get away (escape or change it) from the present moment.

Trying to change (or improve) the false self in order to “become” the true self has no meaning whatsoever (God is already complete and doesn’t need to become anything) and this becomes very clear when a true transformation or shift happens, and with that all ideas and concepts of self will fall away naturally.

Rearranging belief-systems, changing them into ’better ones’ and all the attempts of the ego to polish itself becomes completely irrelevant – it’s the idea of yourself that does all those things, it’s not you!

The ego panics and asks:

What if I don’t get what I want, what if I loose what I have?!”

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