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Let Go and Move On (once and for all!)

Are you holding on to something you should have let go of already a long time ago?

Then maybe this as a sign from the universe that maybe it’s time to stop forcing things or wanting them to remain the same when in reality they can’t.

Maybe it’s time to stop fighting the universe and insisting on having it your way?

In order to move forward to something new, we have to let go of the old, and the longer we stubbornly refuse or resist change, the more we suffer and struggle.

Today, make an effort to clear your consciousness and life from anything that feels forced or outgrown.

Make an inventory of your life and see the reality and Truth of things and then start letting go of what is no longer serving you (or for you).

Cut the cords and finally free yourself from the past.

LET GO and allow new life and growth to come forth.

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Transformational coaching


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