You Gotta Let Go Of Negative People!

You know those people who’s always complaining and wallowing in self-pity and blame?

Stay as far away as you can from them!

It’s not condescending or judgmental towards others to first and foremost take care of your own well-being.

Their energy is just better or more compatible with someone else’s energy, they are not for you, not if you want to live a fulfilling, true life.

This is Your Life and you are responsible for your own happiness and well-being so it’s only healthy to not question your intuition when someone is draining your energy.

People who blame their circumstances and who always make excuses for not to grow and learn from whatever they are going through are energy-vampires and toxic and we should stay away from that kind of energy as best we can. 

You know what to do, we always do, and it’s important to no longer accept other people to mess with your vibe, simple as that.

We all have the ability to stay away from the gloom and doom mentality and we should do just that if we want to live a life that is fulfilling so all that should be completely removed from our lives – just get it out of your life!

Have the courage to do what you’re suppose to do with these kind of people; protect yourself.

The best way is to just quietly remove yourself from people that are pulling you down, stop paying them any attention and they will begin to fall away all by themselves.

God gave us the power to protect ourselves and we should all use that power because otherwise we let other people steal our energy and at least in my world, that’s not acceptable.

If someone is always talking about illness and troubles and how they are struggling and if that’s all they can talk about then please stay away from me!

But if you’re willing to about talk about how strong you are, that you will overcome, and that you will get through whatever it is that you’re going through, then you’re welcome to be in my presence.

We all have the power of God within us so I really urge you to stand firm in your decision to take care of yourself in the best way possible and don’t let anyone mess with your energy.

It’s not a negative, selfish thing to look out for your own well-being first and foremost.

It’s natural!

We should all be taking care of ourselves first, we should all respect and honor ourselves.

In my life I put God first and I know that God intended me to have the best and to enjoy life and that includes the people I have around me, so if you’re negative and gloomy then I can love you from a distance because I take care of my own well-being first.

Think highly of yourself!

Decide today that you’re no longer going to support people in their misery because allowing them to wallow and blame life for their misery will only keep them in misery and in the process you will be drained of energy and life-force.

I am not supporting you in your misery, but I am here to support you in your greatness, so if you’re all in for a greater way of life, then I’m all in for you.

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We can tell people to not bring negativity to us in a kind way and we can also let them know in a more assertive way, the most important things is to make the decision (that’s powerful!) to not have that anymore in your life.

It’s your own choice who to surround yourself with and you should take that very seriously because the truth is that you can choose to have contact with people who are wonderful, and if you don’t have them yet, stay true! because they will come.

It’s way better to be alone for a while than with a group of negative energy drainers.

Be responsible and see this precious gift that life is, see the beauty, the love, the possibilities for yourself , be inspired, alive!

You are a divine, holy being, think about that.

You deserve the best company so let the light of God shine through you without people weighing you down, and do something constructive with your life instead of wasting or giving away your energy; accomplish what God sent you out to do.

When you have all that greatness within you why throw it way on people who doesn’t appreciate it?

God created us for greatness; we are designed to succeed, not to moan and groan.

“The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” – 1 John 4:4

The power is in each and everyone of us, but every individual has to recognize it for themselves, we can’t do it for others and certainly not by catering to their ego’s.

I can only be expressed as Maria this once and I intend to value this gift because it’s precious to me.

I refuse to waste my time!

I want to be all that God wants me to be, I want to live in the best possible way – I want to live a true life where I’m surrounded by all the goodness of life that God has for me.

I’m not wasting my life and energy on negative people, and I urge you to make the same decision in your life. 

I hope you do – because that’s where our true joy and freedom is, and then the right people and friends will be able to be drawn to you as your energy is clear from all that negativity and gloominess.  

Protect yourself from energy-vampires if you have them in your life.

We can love them from a distance, we don’t have to have them around us and it can all be done in a kind and respectful but firm way.


See the white little spot in the image?

That’s Nerja (and the ocean) seen from the mountains.

Isn’t it beautiful?

♥ ♥ ♥

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Here’s What Others Say:


Maria, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge through your Teleclasses, as well as your articles!

Since finding you, I have had many questions answered that had ultimately kept me stagnated.

I am beginning to grow in confidence that I’ve never experienced before finding you.

I’ve learned acceptance and safety in just being (me) regardless of the opinion of others. I NO longer feel compelled to put up a false front for anyone.

Since plugging in to your words of wisdom my life has changed dramatically.

Presently, I feel myself moving into a very powerful place regarding my relationship with my inner being, which is all I’ve ever desired in the first place.

I still get nervous, I still find myself fearful at times, I still get a little uneasy when I have unexplained spiritual experiences, but I feel protected in the strangest sort of way.

You pointed me in the right direction and that gave me courage to continue moving through whatever process I may find myself in and the ability to take refuge in the TRUTH within me.

Omg Maria, what I’ve learned through you is beyond priceless! You have inspired me more than any human being, I’ve ever known and that’s my TRUTH!

I made a commitment to this path, therefore I tithe to people who spiritually feed me and make a difference in my life.

I have gotten more from what you have shared via your Teleclasses, website, distant healing sessions than all the churches, clergy and spiritual organizations combined.

My dear teacher you really are priceless and truly a gift.

So thank you again, I eagerly look forward to your upcoming classes and your easy to understand wisdom that breaks down the walls of confinement and into boundless freedom.

I’m being freed at last! I’m grateful beyond words.

T. Freeman
Atlanta, Ga.

♥ ♥ ♥

Hi Maria,

I just want to express my immense gratitude to you for sharing your precious insights and guidance.

About five months ago, I have experienced an intense inner transformation that shook my world inside out, that was perhaps my first true glimpse of that state of Being-ness and connection to All that is.

Prior to that I have spent years in discontent, anxiety and was looking for answers (in the wrong places).

The experience came out of nowhere, I had no exposure to spirituality nor the concept of ‘awakening’.

I don’t have anyone to talk to about what I went through and at the same time I can no longer relate to the external world in same old ways.

These 5 months have been turbulent, both emotionally and physically, but it’s a path that I’m committed to take no matter what.

During this time your articles have been extremely therapeutic and helpful as they emit a love and peace that is comforting, reassuring and reminded me that all will pass and I should let go of my concerns and enjoy the natural flow of this transition.

And for this I thank you and send you love and blessings for the excellence you’ve shared,


♥ ♥ ♥

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