Make a choice and make a change

When you let go of the old, the new rushes in to take its place

To overthink things frustrates the flow.

There’s no time to waste as we only have this one life, so be true to yourself and always make choices that feel right for you no matter what.

Trust yourself and make decisions using your intuitive knowing and gut feeling. 

Change is inevitable in life, but change can be exciting, even if it’s a huge decision you’re making.

Nothing that you do or ‘are’, is your permanent destiny. 

You can change any time you want!

We are the creators of our reality, but we have no idea when life is going to end for us.

Live Now.

Live fully and never be afraid to fail and never allow yourself to stagnate.

Do the things that’s on your mind and heart before it’s too late.

Life is calling you to do something and you can either help or hinder your flow, it’s all up to you.

If your life is not satisfying, then you’re out of sync with yourself and I urge you to get yourself back in flow by listening and responding to your inner guidance and the signs from the universe.

Every time you enter into a new vision and an upgraded version of yourself, life rushes to meet you to fill the space of the old that you have just released from your life.

When you change, all kinds of new opportunities, people, and situations are able to find you.

When you are distracted (or disconnected) however, from what matters most in life, you waste your energy and efforts on things that will have no benefit in the end.

Things like endless scrolling on social media for example, or staying in a job that you don’t really like anymore, or in a relationship that is pretty much dead and not going anywhere at all. 

Is that really how you want to spend your precious life?

Or is there something else that is wanting to be born within you, or come alive? Feel into that. 

Think about how you spend your time, with whom, and on what.

But don’t think too long. When we’re honest with ourselves, we always know what we need to do, or stop doing. 

Make a choice and make a change.

Progress always comes after you’ve made a decision or stated a sincere and true intention. Not before.

Life is about growth and progress, to always stay curious, passionate and driven from within to move forward and continuously going even higher in life.

Isn’t life too short to be focusing on things that don’t matter or resonate with you?

Gaining some perspective on life is helpful.

When you think about how many summers you have left to enjoy, how many Christmases you have left to celebrate and so on, you see life in a different perspective and that makes all the fear go away that may have hindered you before.

Self-doubt is the single greatest hindrance to success and happiness.

So push through it; Don’t put things off, make the most of yourself and your life.

Do things that makes you happy with the people that makes you happy. 

In the last moments of life you really want to feel that you gave it your all and that you did the things you wanted to do, the things that were meaningful to you, that you cared about, and you want to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished and done with the time you had here.

There’s unlimited potential in you and to be afraid of allowing that to come forth is really the greatest loss in life.

When you’re not allowing all your potential and greatness to come forth you’re losing out on life.

The purpose of life is to be happy, to do things that are meaningful you, that makes you happy, and to do them with people you vibe with.


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