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Let Go of Anything that Feels Heavy

Raise your vibration by letting go of anything that contracts you.

Cut those things and people out of your life and be done with the old and let your Soul expand towards greater and greater heights!

We don’t know how long we have here and we only have this One Life, so make sure you’re happy and that you’re in a vibration that you actually want to be in.

When you get really clear about your values and what kind of life you want, it becomes easy to not only immediately detect when someone or something is draining you, but it also becomes easy to stay away from it/them the moment you notice it’s draining you.

Live your Ideal and ignore all that tries to sway you away from it. Only listen to the Truth within you because that’s the voice of your ideal. It tells you when you’re getting out of alignment by the feeling of heaviness in your body and spirit.

Trust and know that you are worthy of far beyond that which you think you can have and enjoy in life.

Your own can come to you – what belongs to you, comes easily when you get into alignment with who you really are.

“Does it make me feel lighter or heavier?” is the question to ask yourself, and then listen to the guidance that comes to you.

We are always meant to follow and go with that which feels light and right so don’t be afraid of letting go of what no longer aligns with you and don’t settle for a 7 or 8 (in anything in life) when you can have a ten.

Be true to yourself and know that you’re worth that which your heart truly wants you to have (and it’s always bigger than what the ego mind wants for you, because it’s perception is limited).

Oftentimes the answers we seek are in the question.

If you ask yourself if you should do something; “should I break up with him?”, “should I quit my job”, “should I stop drinking”, “should I take a break from social media” and so on, then the answer is YES.

If you’re explaining or justifying why you keep something or someone in your life it’s because you really don’t want it (anymore). You already vibrationally know it’s out of alignment with you.

What you are in alignment with doesn’t bring up those types of questions.

You don’t ask yourself if you should continue brushing your teeth everyday or walking your dog, or if you should continue being with someone that you really love.

You don’t explain these things or justify why you have them in your life.

We only ask those things about the things and people in our life that are no longer vibing with us.

Even considering or having the thought of quitting something or breaking up with someone is the sign you’re looking for.

We don’t think those kinds of thoughts about something we want to keep, and we don’t have the need for signs or justifications on why we should continue with something (or being with someone) when we really want to continue doing something or being with someone.

And as someone once said; “Whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing”…

The faster you let go of the things that are no longer vibing with you, the quicker you progress and find relief, peace, and happiness.

“What expands me, or what would expand me?” is a great question to ask to get to the Truth of what you really want.

“What would my vibration be if I let go of _______? How would it change?”

When you let go of the lower vibration things, the higher vibration life becomes your new norm.

Ask yourself these powerful questions:

(Write down the answers, don’t just ‘think’ them.)

  • “Why do I want to let go?”
  • “What lie am I holding on to?”
  • “How do I want to live?”
  • “On what vibration do I want to live?” (ego/low or spirit/high).
  • “What would fulfill me?”

And lastly, say this to yourself:

“I am whole/enough without ________”.

Move into a new world of possibility by letting go of that which no longer resonates with you or serves you!

Shed the old and give yourself permission to be who you are and to receive the best that Life has for you.

The more in alignment you are, the more Life flows and comes to you and things just work out for you and falls into place for you.

We have been programmed to stay with things that are out of alignment, that’s why people stay in sucky relationships and jobs they don’t really like.

In reality you are meant to keep shedding that which is no longer in alignment with who you are, or anything that feels heavy. We’re not meant to live with anything or do anything that brings us down and feels heavy.

If something feels heavy, let it go/get rid of it/don’t go there!

Only move with that which feels light and right and that excites and expands you.

If it feels draining, it is, and it will always be draining and anything heavy will just get heavier.

So release what feels out of alignment. If you can sense a little bit of heaviness about something or someone, let it go immediately.

Whatever the Truth is, follow that.

If you find yourself justifying something or someone, they are simply not for you.

You would never question or justifying something/someone you were sure about, or in alignment with.

Trust yourself, trust your body and your inner reactions and instincts and let the Truth within you set you free!

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