When You Have Done All You Can

Do what you can, use your resources and implement every idea that comes to you and then..

Let it go.

Your work is done (until you feel an inner prompting to do something again).

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt

After my cancellation of the house and pet sitting assignment now in October and of course my India traveling plans, I have done a huge amount of work in order to move forward and have now reached a plateau where all I can do is to let go and wait.

Wait for people to get back to me, wait for collaborations to come into place, wait for people to contact me and so on.

After I have written this post I’m going to do a long meditation, ah, how I look forward to it 🙂

After that it’s basically just for me to stay tuned in around me and what comes my way, being open to and aware of synchronicities, serendipities (love those) and of course staying open to new ideas that comes to me.

But my work is done for now.

I love when the work is getting done (I love being intensely inspired and focused on a task), but I also love when I feel a sense of accomplishment that I have done my very best, done all I can and when I feel it’s time to let it all go to the Universe.

That’s what we all are here to do, that’s how the flow of life works; there’s inspiration, action, work, effort (that comes from inspiration and divine ideas) and then,.. release. Letting go.

We have done the best we can, we have looked at how we can be at service, what we can do for ourselves and for others, and one thing always leads to another when we do that.

Good things comes out of all that is done with the heart.

Even if the ‘rewards’ sometimes takes time and the desired results and outcomes takes forever before we see any sign of progress, we continue to do what we can with what we have and in the process it’s important to stay appreciative for what we do have.

(Keep your Spirit high, attitude really is everything).

There are always people to thank, always something we can offer for another, or to simply let others know that you are grateful for them being in your life because you know that those people has been sent to you by the Universe to support you on your way.

If you’re in a similar situation, if you have done all you can, then let this be an invitation from Life itself that says;

“You have done well, now let me do the rest”. 

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Relax and let Life take over 🙂

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