Let Yourself Be In a Weird Place (Spiritually speaking)

Sometimes we reach a plateau in our spiritual evolution that can be experienced as a very weird place to be, but as much as we know that it is a part of the unfolding of the path, the mind still can get a bit disturbed by that because it always wants to know everything and it always tries to understand everything.

Truth is a bit different – it never explains itself – we just know intuitively what we are asked to do, and sometimes that is simply to be in that weird place for a while, in the place between the awakened state and the egoic state of consciousness. That is perfectly fine.

The most important thing to remember is to always stay true to ourselves, to never pretend to be anything we’re not (we’re only fooling ourselves by doing that), and to always listen to the stillness within. To always stay in the now where Spirit lives.

While the ego anticipates, imagines and hopes, Spirit is firmly present in the Now, flowing with the movement of Life. ~Maria Erving

And there will be times when we think we have “got it” and then Boom! Life shows us yet another layer of what’s false so that Truth can be realized even deeper.

And sometimes we simply reach a plateau in our evolution where absolutely nothing seem to happen and our inspiration is kind of flatten out and there’s no urge or drive to do anything.

This can be very annoying for the ego, and also difficult at times, especially when we have found ourselves there for a while and we (the ego) have kind of had it and want’s to “move on”.

There is no way we can get what’s going on on an intellectual level, and we can feel there’s something happening on a deeper level but we can’t get a hold on it, it eludes us as we try.

Life is the unfolding of this moment, we don’t have to understand it, or interpret it. The interpretation is what creates suffering, because whatever is happening happens, depending on how you interpret it. So when we just drop the thoughts that arises that wants to judge it either being good or bad, that’s when we enter true reality. In those moments of no-thought. ~Maria Erving

Even though we have glimpsed the true nature of our reality, there’s still times when the grasping of the mind makes its attempts to understand, but it never will, so we might as well relax 🙂

Until the awakening is fully realized we will most definitely fall back and forth at times, and that is all absolutely fine and I urge you to not resist it or deny it  – but see it as an invitation to be totally honest with yourself in your own process.

It’s a weird place to the mind to be in, but not for your true being who is very comfortable in the space of not-knowing-ness and it’s always going to be a mystery to the mind.

Relax into your own being and feel the liberation of simply stating to yourself that it’s OK to be in a weird place at the moment and that you have no need to know what’s going on, while staying curious and open to the unfoldment that is happening regardless of your conscious understanding of it.

Let the mind be with all it’s attempts and simply watch it do it’s thing with light-heartedness; remember that all things happen naturally and exactly as they should.

When we allow everything to just be – that’s when everything opens up for us. That’s when Life can unfold naturally. ~Maria Erving

With this post I’ll invite you to simply let go of the need to understand what’s going on, and allow yourself to dwell in that weird place for now – it will not be forever, even if it at times can feel that way.

Sometimes the only thing that is required of us is to just be still and know.. Surrender into the weirdness and enjoy it as much as you can 🙂

Life is a Happening and Everything Happens as It’s Suppose To. The only one that objects to it is the ego, even if it’s on a unconscious level; there’s always somewhere for the ego to move from or towards, while the truth of life is that IT moves us. We only need to respond to it and act on our intuitive knowing. ~Maria Erving

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The first step to transformations and progress in life is to recognize the guidance and then simply let go and go with the flow of what is shown. Trust your intuition and you will always be rewarded for it.


  1. This is an important message, Maria.. I have a lot going on in my life right now – my guy and I are in the process of moving, his son is now living with us – it’s blessed chaos. My life has been flipped upside down, routine is gone… For a while, that drove me nuts. I wanted to know what was going to happen – where will we live? Will his son really stay? Will the process be smooth?

    Very recently, all of that fell away. The anxiety, discomfort, the need to know – it’s gone (for now 😉 )…And it feels soooo good. =) It’s odd, because I feel many of my interests fading too – I don’t feel much like writing, etc. Initially that was making me panic, but now I’m at peace with it. It is what it is. When it’s time to write, I’ll write.

    Thanks for the very relevant post. So much of what you write resonates with me, it’s awesome. Hope all is well on your end! Send some rain our way, we’re dryin’ up over here! 😉

  2. Blessed chaos; loved that! 🙂

    It’s absolutely all about surrendering to the moment and to stop arguing with life.

    It is what it is in this precise moment and the more we resist what already is, the more we suffer. (Good things always come from Peace, not from a place of fear/resentment/frustration etc).

    To see and observe the experiences in life from the perspective of Spirit, the more we see it as it is, the truth is always beyond our interpretations and judgments of what is happening.

    We can chose to stay open/curious and willing to relinquish our own opinions of what’s going on, because the fact is that it really doesn’t matter what we think of things, Life will still do its thing! 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your move and everything Kaylee – feel very free to share how it all unfolds for you!


  3. Ha! I wish I could send you some of our weather by the way! 😀 It’s insane, everyday almost we have rain and the sky is hanging on the tree-tops, dark and gloomy. I’m just about to have a Skype-meeting and it looks like we’re about to have yet another thunderstorm any minute now. Oh, well, what can you do but being amused by it 🙂

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