Write a letter to God

Writing letters to God can bring peace back to you, so today I want to invite you to write one.

It can be about anything; if you have important questions that you need answers to, or if you feel unfocused and scattered in your energy and need more centering, then writing a letter to God can help you come back to yourself again.

I have written letters to God when I have wanted to be sure about something that I couldn’t solve for myself but that I knew needed my attention and for many other reasons as well, and then when I have finished the letter I put it away in a box I have made, giving it over to the all-knowing God-mind to take care of because I can’t see the Way myself.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

When writing the letter, know that God is with you right there while you write, and imagine ‘him’ reading it over your shoulder.

Feel the presence.

I usually begin the letter-writing by saying out loud something like ”l need to talk with you God, I know you always hear me and this is very important to me so let’s talk” and then I feel the presence of God as I write the letter.

It’s more powerful to write everything down than to merely speak your concerns out loud for yourself because that way you see everything more clearly for yourself and you get the stuff out of your mind, it’s no longer swimming around there.

Now it’s on paper and it’s easier to let go of. 

When you write, know with absolute assurance that the eyes of the all-intelligent and loving God sees your letter and knows your heart and that the connection you make with this all-knowing presence through the words you write will find ways to bless you and help you to grow and transcend whatever your challenges might be.

Be open and sincere, speak in your own way, remember that God is the true You, and that you don’t have to be any different than you are.

You’re not approaching an entity that will judge you, so be yourself. 

God is within, so put in your words that which is truly on your mind and heart, don’t be afraid of anything – come from the heart, and know that you are heard.

There is a wisdom and power within each and everyone of us that loves us, and is willing to help and support us in all our needs, and through the process of writing the letter you will feel an increase of peace immediately, even before anything has changed on the outer plane. 

When you are done writing, put the letter away somewhere and then let it go.

I mentioned that I have a box where I put my letters etc in and I call it ”My turn it over to God box” and the moment I put my letter there I truly let it go.

So be very thorough with your writing, get it all out, and meditate on it just to see if there’s anything else that needs to be shared, because once you give over the letter to God you’re not suppose to take it back.

You leave it there, fully trusting that God has received it and is now working on your behalf to bring forth the solutions and answers that are needed.

I am the Way. Leave it in my hands. Be as a little child in joyful anticipation, keeping your thoughts on me, caring not and trusting me, fearing not and loving me. I am the Way” – John Randolph Price

After you have placed your heart’s desires with God, don’t be anxious or worried, and don’t look for signs or over your shoulder, truly let go of all fears.

Have your full attention on God, but without trying to direct the Way. Keep your eyes on Truth and not the apparent challenge. 

We commune with the God-Mind within our own consciousness, and all things, all solutions, all answers, all everything already exists but we can’t reach anything from an agitated or fearful state of mind.

Fear comes when you rely on your own power and forget who you really are and that there is a power within you that is more capable than your conscious mind’s knowing to help you move beyond any challenges you might go through.

Connect with That through writing a sincere and honest letter and then let it go, trusting that there is a Way that you don’t know of yet.


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