Letting Go Of What No Longer Resonates

What will you take with you to 2016, and what will you leave behind?

Allow yourself to let go of what no longer serves you or that you feel ‘done’ with and that no longer resonates.

If something is not working in your life, a relationship, career, whatever it is, look at it with honesty and ask yourself if you really believe in improvement further down the path, or if it’s just wishful thinking, or even denial.

Dare to let go and make space for something new to come into your life.

As I wrote in this post, when we say yes to the lesser and settle for second best we also at the same time say no to what we truly want.

It can be difficult to let go but it is necessary if we want to move forward in life. We can’t continue dragging the old with us.

I’m going to delete the spiritual awakening community I created on Google Plus because there’s no activity there and since it was for you (and not for me) it’s a waste of my time and energy to be managing a page that’s basically dead (and a magnet for spam and new age nonsense).

So in the evening of December 31 I’m deleting it.

I invite the existing members to join me here instead:

My website with links to free articles and postings: MariaErvingOnline.com 

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I receive emails from people now and then where they share with me that the content on mariaerving.com have given them great relief and peace in their awakening process when they realize that the hell they are going through is actually “normal” in the awakening process.

Finally they have found someone who tells it like it is and that helps them realize that they are not going crazy after all, but that they are actually in a process that will liberate them and set them free.

I hear this often from people who contact me, that they are relieved to have found my website.

Just last night I received this one about my Teleclasses:

(Sharing it with permission from her). 

“Oh my goodness, I listened to your Teleclass titled “surrender to God’s will and let the spirit of God help you”.

I cannot tell you enough that every single word that you spoke was exactly where I am. That is where I am.

I know that your concept of God has come to a different place than what you spoke of at that time. But it truly is where I am. That’s it hands down.

And you spoke of how we surrender at various points of our lives whether it be anger or whatever that makes us surrender which is what I have done many times before so it’s comforting to know that by doing my surrendering that way was still ok.

I always felt that I was wrong for feeling the feelings I had felt when I was in despair and felt like flipping off the universe lol!

So whew, thank you sooooooo much.” – Jessica Frazier, Colorado, USA

This is exactly what I mean with what I have written on the Teleclass page (about me waking up from many of the concepts I talked about).

The things I speak about can still be relevant to others even if I have awakened from them! That’s why I have left them there. 

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Moving on, ..

So, I will delete the spiritual awakening community page and I will also delete old Facebook pages (for one of my books for example that I no longer promote) that I have had for years but that I don’t use and haven’t used in ages.

My intuition tells me that I need to let go of them even if I lose traffic because of the fact that they are old and it’s time to let them go.

So goodbye to old Facebook pages that has nothing to do with who I am today! 🙂

And goodbye spiritual awakening community on Google+ where no one talks with each other.

And goodbye to other things too in my life (personal stuff).

How about you?

What will you release from your life?

What old stuff are you willing to let go of to make room for something new to come into your life?

And it doesn’t have to be huge things, I don’t mean only things like ending bad relationships, quitting (or making definite plans to quit) your soul-killing job and things like that, but it can be just simple things like deleting old stuff from your computer and phone.

Or giving away old clothes and books, and how about removing people from your contact list that you know should no longer be taking up space there?  

When we let go and release the old we automatically open up for new connections to form. New paths, new relationships, and so on. 

Now is a great time to do what needs to be done (that you know in your heart must be done) and just clean up and clear out the old before the new year.

A “spring clean” in December! 🙂

I love it.

It feels cleansing and I know that when I wake up on January 1 I’m all set for the new year.

How about you?

Share below!

2016 new doors
New doors will open for us in 2016 once we close the old ones and leave the past where it belongs.


6 Ways To Live Your True Life In 2016:

  1. Dare to say no to the lesser.
  2. Dare to step into the unknown.
  3. Dare to do a lot of new things.
  4. Dare to let go of your old self and life.
  5. Dare to look honestly at how you spend your time and with whom.
  6. Dare to not give a fuck.

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