Letting Go Of Your Story

Letting go of the story in the mind.

There’s a huge liberation when we realize that we are without past and future, that they only exists in the mind.

This doesn’t happen by will-power, but by realization and direct experience of the revelation that there is only Now to ever deal with. (And enjoy).

To let go of our stories then becomes easy.

Not by denial of them, as in self-betrayal, pretending that there are no issues to address, that everything is just fine while bottling things up within yourself.

Not by suppressing your feelings and thoughts, but not indulging in them either.

To not follow thoughts slows the mind down and it gets back in the natural flow again.

Thoughts are not personal, but we have learned (been programmed to) to believe they are important and true, so we obsessively follow them, thinking they will lead to some kind of clarity. They won’t.

They are not personal, but rather “things” that come and go as clouds in the sky, and it’s only when we think we are them, or that they are important somehow, that we get hooked by them and from that it’s just snowballs.

One thought follows another and we are totally oblivious about the fact that they have nothing to do with the real self at all!

Life is, and then mind comes in with it’s comments and opinions about it and the egoic mind is never happy with the present moment so it creates problems where there aren’t any. It makes the present moment wrong somehow, it wants it to be different.

But by the simple recognition that this moment is all there is, we can see it right now by stopping everything and simply become aware of this moment and we’ll see clearly that all else only exists in the mind – it’s all a mind-made story!

Both our sad stories, and our happy stories; they are all nothing but stories.

Only from this point of awareness are we able to respond to that which is right now, that which actually is.

Sometimes there’s forgiveness that needs to be done, even when knowing it’s of the so called past, because the contamination of unforgiveness always happens in the Now.

Sometimes we need to get away from a toxic environment, not because of what someone did to us yesterday or might do to us tomorrow, but because of what is happening right now in the moment where we stand and experience the poisonous energy we are surrounded by. We take the step we are inclined to take in each moment.

What is the natural next step to take when standing in the midst of toxicity? It becomes obvious doesn’t it?

But then the mind comes in and somehow manage to justify why not to go in the direction of our hearts, and oftentimes it throws in some kind of threat about loosing or not getting something if we go with it, which is always about the past or future and never about the Now.

Only Spirit lives in the now, and that is who we are.

Victim-hood must be thrown away. The story of ‘poor me and awful you’ must be let go of.

Not to look forward to a future where you one day will become free, but to be free right now from the mind-made hell where we think we are prisoners of our circumstances.

The mind with it’s thinking and beliefs is what strains us and makes us into slaves.

Even the happy story needs to be let go of! The happy story is always about projecting into the future, and who fantasies about the future? The ego.

Complaining has to stop. Complaining is the minds way of justifying and marinading itself (thus hooking you into the emotions that the thoughts create) in the misery it makes life out to be. The story about life being unfair and not to your liking and that is should be different from what it is.

The ego makes up a story about the situation and if there’s identification with the ego (the person one imagines oneself to be) then there is suffering. Not because of the situation itself, but by the story we tell ourselves about it.

How to free ourselves from the story?

Question it!

Question everything about it until the realization of Truth hits you.

Problems come from thinking.

Nothing is a problem until you say it’s so, have you ever thought about that?

The real you is completely untouched by the stories of “I”; your story doesn’t define you – the true self is always only here and now.



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