Life Always Gives Us The Insights We Need If We Take The Time To Listen

Remember I told you about my awakening experience last year? 

That was a huge revelation for me although I have had glimpses of our true reality before too.

This particular time was profoundly life-changing, and after that things has evolved to what I call total surrender to Life, and although I KNOW the Truth of my existence, it doesn’t mean I still try to take the control in managing and steering towards pleasure and away from pain so to speak.

I’m still not in total acceptance of life at every moment of living (who’s never pissed of…??:-), although I know that it is all as it should, and it could not be in another way.

That is a natural drive we all have.

Everyone who would feel they are in Hell would in their right mind do whatever they can to change the situation. (To make an example:-)

That’s also the key here; “in their right mind”; it’s all in the mind, and not before we have transcended beyond mind can we be at total acceptance with What Is.

The difference is that before when I was all into the Law of Attraction and Mind Power stuff, I used to teach that we should surrender our struggles to God; basically do what we can and then leave the rest to God.

In my awakening last year I realized that there is nothing to tell God, no vision boards necessary, nothing to be concerned about, nothing to change or improve, and nothing to visualize or affirm about, because everything is in perfect order already, but MIND gets in the way of Life, so where I find myself nowadays would be in the process of going beyond that.

I feel myself floating in between two worlds, the old and the new.

After I started to relinquishing old beliefs about God, life, creation, energy etc, and when I started to strip myself away from labels (I’m this and that, I do this, bla bla) I began to feel free, and the more I un-labeled myself and let go of concept and beliefs on a deeper level, the freer I’ve got.

The freer I get.

I have realized so many things recently, so many aha-moments has popped up to my conscious mind, that I naturally started to search for answers to what was happening to me.

Life IS.

I don’t know how to explain it more clearly, and I find myself in between two worlds, or phases, right now, and I’m expanding my consciousness rapidly.

I know that not just conceptually. I know many people say that “life is” but I can see and sense that they are still asleep, they just resonate with the concept because it touches their inner knowing of it, but it’s still in their head only.

Some years ago I had an mystical experience of complete Oneness with everything; I saw myself and the world and everything in it as One, there was no ending or beginning to “me”, it was all One.

Before that experience I knew about Oneness conceptionally, and now I experienced it for real.

That particular experience was an intense moment that lasted a long moment where I got a glimpse of our true reality and I was in awe of it, I couldn’t stop experiencing and seeing and feeling that there is no end nor beginning to anything.

Even though I know Oneness because I have experienced it, it’s still not my natural state to be in all the time, it’s a process of flowing in and out of truth, and I may never (in this life time) be wholly in it.

But I know that Spiritual Surrender is non negotiable for God/Life/Source; until it’s a 100% surrender, we will keep floating in and out of True Reality. Letting go is the hardest things to do, and also That which is vital and has to happen.

It’s like Life/God had waited for me to make the decision to surrender to it as I did earlier this year (I’m stubborn lol! it took me almost a year before I finally did it whole-heartedly), and when I did, a floodgate opened up, and I’m in the middle of this new unfolding adventure of Life showing itself as it always wanted, without ‘me’ interrupting or standing in the way like I did before.

That does NOT mean I won’t ever fall back to old ways for a brief moment (I most certainly will!), that’s why it is important to BE in the process completely, totally aware and open to what wants to come forth and be born.

I’m bursting with inspiration, I download so fast I can’t even keep up with it, and I don’t even know how to explain it other than letting it all happen, and when I have integrated it it will be easier to write and talk about 🙂

Hence the title of my post; these are the times when we really have to listen closely, meditate, contemplate, and be totally undisturbed and undistracted.

The down-loads need to be integrated on a deeper level, and we can’t “do” that with conscious effort; it’s rather something that “happens to us” (flashes of insights) when we take the time to just be.

There is nothing we need to strive to understand of “get”, just a “beingness” and attentive stillness about us is enough, a moment to moment awareness that is present in everything we do.

Be Mind-less today 🙂

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