Life Can Take a Whole New Direction If You Just Let It

Can you imagine how the world would look if we all acted from a space of inspiration and love rather than from motivation, which is often based on some kind of fear?

Fear of loosing something or not getting something “if we don’t do this and that”.

What a difference it would do to how we interact with each other!

What if we all asked ourselves “why am I doing this?” and “would I do it if I didn’t gain something from it?” (money, recognition etc).

To live life from inspiration mean to be open to the direction where life is moving you now, in this moment.

To be attentive to the direction life itself is moving you, and move with it.

What feels like the next obvious thing to do, or not do, in the present moment.

Too much future-thinking creates fear and worry, while inquiring creates awareness and openness; who is afraid and who threatening whom..? It’s the ego! The mind is creating itself and humanity at large identifies with it.

It’s a never-ending viscous circle that each and everyone of us must take responsibility to break the pattern of.

Slowly and deeply ask yourself “who is this ‘I’ that is frightened, and who is it that creates the fear?”

Where is the fear coming from? Go back and investigate within yourself, see if it has a source, where did the thought start, and is it really true?

To sincerely ask these kinds of questions opens up an awareness about that there is another “I” there that is not affected by any of this.

It’s not enough to just think, you must be sincerely interested in knowing the truth, you must really want to know the truth of who you really are.

Life is continuously, always, asking us to show up, to step to the plate, and the inner self is silently, always, saying; “Here I am”. …Can you hear it?

Motivation is often about avoidance or trying to get away from ‘what is’, but to really show up for life, we need to be still and let life move us, then our actions will come from a deeper place of inspiration.

When acting from inspiration we don’t always know where our actions leads, and many people have a fearful response to that, to the not-knowingness.

We just know it’s right, we know it’s contributing in positive ways, we know it’s for the greater good, we know it’s pure and that there’s no need for manipulation or control. Truth is Truth, there can be no more or less of what is whole.

Life naturally sustains itself if we just trust it and follow our hunches.

It’s our mind and wrong thinking that keeps us off track. Action that comes from inspiration is an action that is not second guessed, we just naturally know what to do, and sometimes that means to do nothing.

(Which is scary for the ego who is all about doing-ness, while spirit is about being-ness).

Inspired action is infinitely more powerful than action coming from the (often times unconscious) notion of ‘what’s in it for me’.

When we let life live us, when we let life express itself through us as us, life can take a whole different direction; we don’t know what’s around the corner, and that’s what scares us. (Humanity at large).


It’s the letting go of control that scares us, the not knowing that scares us, the stillness that is required from us, that feels uncomfortable.

But life doesn’t need our help, it only needs our co-operation.

Life knows its own ways, it really doesn’t need our opinions or ideas about it.

Let go, let yourself be scooped up by life itself by your sincere devotion to truth, the inner still voice of intuition that knows every little bit of your human existence and beyond.

Life may surprise you big time, and your life may take a whole different direction if you just let it.

Don’t go to your mind for a second opinion; trust your intuition! 

“From what space are you coming in your daily actions; feel the difference between being ‘inspired’ versus ‘motivated’ – between being ‘committed’ to something versus being ‘devoted’. Feel it? That subtle emotional reaction is the difference between love/fear, Spirit/ego” ~Maria Erving

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