If You’re Trying To Figure Out What Your Life Purpose Is..

Are you continuously asking yourself what your big purpose in life is?

Here’s the answer to that question:

Your purpose in life is to follow what Life wants to do through you in this moment.

Mystery solved.

Many people make a huge thing out of looking and searching for their big “life purpose” that they end up procrastinating forever because they are afraid that maybe they make a mistake.

They fear that maybe it’s not that thing they think it is and if they do that then they won’t be realizing their “real” life purpose.

See how cleverly the ego keeps someone going in circles and never taking any action in neither direction?

If you want to change any aspect of your life, you do need some kind of goals, otherwise you’re just going to continue going in circles with yourself.

You need a starting point and the starting point is from Now.

Right now; what do you feel drawn or guided to do?

What comes to mind when I ask that question?

That, my friend, that is your purpose.

To do something about That, to move in the direction of That.

Forget about the big Life Purpose.

What if you have hundreds of purposes and not just one thing that you think you should be doing with your life?

Instead of “purpose”, think “passion” or “calling” etc.

What is Life calling you to do in this very moment?

Do that.

You will see and understand the purpose of it later.

There has been numerous times in my own life when Life has called me to do something or go somewhere and then only later have I realized the real purpose of why I was guided in that particular direction.

There’s a bigger thing going on and you’re just a small part of that, not insignificant, but yes, small, and you just do your part (in the moment) and the whole larger part takes care of itself.

Just do what you’re called to do, right now.

Put that goal in front of you and begin attaining it, make that the aim in your life.

Find meaning in your day to day life.

Don’t allow yourself to be comfortable in a life of mediocrity, but also don’t look for that big life purpose because the purpose of life is to find meaning with what you’re doing right now.

You give your life purpose.

The whole “find your life purpose” thing is so overthought and also overrated. 

Trying to find your “life purpose” for years and years and never really getting anywhere only contributes to a life of anxiety and confusion.

Like if only you could discover it somehow, life would be magically transformed from that moment forward.

But it’s not something to be discovered, it’s more something that we constantly create and modify for ourselves as we grow and move along with life.

It’s a fluid thing, not fixed.

Even if someone has something they call their life purpose it will always be subject to change, evolution and transformation. 

Ask yourself this question to get moving with life right now:

What is the next obvious and actionable step I can do today to move toward something I really want? What is life calling me to do, right now, today?”

If you ask any person at all if they had it all planned out 5, 10 or even a year ago, nearly all of them will say “I never could have imagined my life would work out this way…”.

Myself included, and I bet you can say that about yourself too, am I right?

Today, do some introspection on what you really want and when you do, some short term goals will emerge, while the long term goals will always be changing and molding themselves as you move ahead implementing the things you’re guided to do in this very moment, or today or this next week.

Have a few set ideas for the long term planning but forget about the big life purpose thing, you don’t need to be that specific. Be fluid and open yet fiercely determined to follow your own inner truth.

Life is more enjoyable that way and flows with much more ease when you let it unfold and happen organically.

That doesn’t exclude working hard, but you’ll find your way much easier in life when you take things one step at a time and by always following that which rings true to your heart.

A lot of times when people cling so hard to trying to find something like a life purpose, they end up going nowhere because they’re not paying attention to the guidance they get in the moment.

So again;

What do you feel called or guided to do, right now?

Make the purpose of your life to follow the answer you received.

That’s the answer that will bring meaning and purpose into your life.

What Life wants right now, as you, through you. That’s your purpose.

Let that flow and emanate from you; Life itself.

Be true to yourself in each moment. That's all the purpose you need in order to leave a meaningful life.
Be true to yourself in each moment by following your own flow and inner guidance. That’s all that is essentially needed in order to live a life of purpose and meaningfulness.
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