Sometimes Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

Sometimes life takes a completely different turn that we had anticipated or even planned, and the immediate reaction from our human perspective is to go “oh, no, this can’t be happening, what do I do now?”.

But as we lean towards what Life is trying to do through its sudden twists and turns of events, we can come to hear its whisper saying “nothing to be worried about, this is suppose to happen this way. Trust me, even if it’s uncomfortable”.

This happened to me again – and it has all been a very intense 24-hour type of thing but it all ended better that I could ever had imagined!

I don’t want to go into any details because of respect for the people involved but I wanted to share this important message with you once again; please, never doubt your intuition.

Trust what Life wants to do and where it wants to take you, even if it goes against reason and logic, because when you do you will be happy you did.

I feel blessed every time I choose to go with my gut, even if the process can be really hard to go through sometimes, especially if other people are involved.

What has happened the past couple of days in my life is that I have known for a few weeks already that I was suppose to go a place and be there for the month of August, and then suddenly out of nowhere something happened that got me to see red flags all over the place and my intuition started to tell me that I should not go, that it was the wrong place for me to go and that it wouldn’t go well.

But I didn’t have a backup or plan B or anything like that.

As I was thinking about what to do all I could come up with was that I could try to find a very affordable backpackers hostel or something like that for a couple of days and in those two days try to figure out where to go next, because I honestly didn’t have anyone to turn to.

I even asked a complete stranger if I could stay with them for a few days to sort things out.

(A friends friend or something like that, someone who knew someone and then we had come in contact but never actually met).

So I was a bit – I don’t find the right word – because even though I had peace about it I also saw the necessity to do something quickly if I didn’t want to end up on the street, so it was challenging. It was difficult.

This option (that I had had for weeks already) was all I had so I was completely left up in the air (if that’s the right expression); I had no clue what to do but one thing, and that was to let this person know what I felt and to be honest and talk with them.

So I said to myself “I’ll call them in the morning and tell them how I feel about this whole thing and then we’ll just see what happens”.

In this same moment, probably exactly when I decided to go with my intuition and when I made the decision to follow it, a thought came to mind, a little whisper that said “hey, wasn’t there someone who needed a dog-sitter in August..?”

So I looked through my notes and lo and behold, yes there was a person that had contacted me weeks before but I had said no to her because I was suppose to go to this other place.

And it was only for the time in the middle of August, so in any case I would still have to find a place to live and hotels are out of the question since I don’t have that kind of money at the moment, but I sent her an SMS and asked her if she still needs a dog-sitter and she wrote me back and said yes.

Yes! 🙂 Phew!

We talked on the phone and I then asked her if it was possible for me to come maybe a few days before and she told me that I could come already tomorrow (today) AND, not only that but that I am welcome to stay until the end of the month if I wanted to.

And I didn’t even have to ask, she just offered it to me!

So you can imagine how relieved I was? 🙂

I had to listen to my intuition and I woke up very early in the morning and rang the person up at the other place where I had planned to go and to make a long story short, it became very clear to me that my intuitive feeling was 100% right so I just told them that I can’t go after all.

So today I went to Competa (yes, I’m back here again) and I had I no clue what to expect since all I knew was that this person has a dog, that was literally all I knew.

We met and started to walk up to her place and then we’re suddenly stepping through the doors into a beautiful little hotel and she shows me a room and tells me that that’s my room, and I’m like “OMG, she has misunderstood me, she thinks I wanted a room in her hotel!”.

So I say to her “I think there might have been a misunderstanding, I can’t pay for this..” and she’s like “no, this is your “payment”! You can live here for free as a payment for taking care of my dog while I’m on vacation”.

My jaw dropped! What an amazing surprise Life had for me! 🙂

I could not be happier, and I feel sooo blessed.

It’s a gorgeous small cozy little hotel in the middle of Competa, the dog is adorable, the owner of the hotel is absolutely wonderful and right now I feel like I’m in a dream, a wonderful dream.

I feel so grateful 🙂

So that’s what has happened in my life the past couple of days (less than that even; a day and a half or something like that) – things didn’t go as planned, but something better showed up instead.

Because I chose to listen to my gut and go with that instead of what my logical and rational mind would have told me to do if I had gone into fear and worry; but I chose to once again go with my intuition even though it could mean that things could get worse.

This is what happens when you do, (and if you’re a subscriber of my Teleclasses you can listen to the audio where I talk about the Individual Hero’s Journey, I think I touched upon the cycles one goes through in that recording) and it feels important for me to keep sharing these things with you because there is so much that Life can give you if you just trust what it tells you to do, what and who to stay away from etc.

Listen to the whispers after you have made your decision and there will be a clue for you to follow up on as I did with the notes I was told to look up again and there she was, someone I had had a brief contact with (like a one-minute long phone call, that was it) weeks before but that I had said no to because of my already planned other arrangements.

Life had not let her find someone else to take care of her dog because it was meant to be me who would do that and then Life rearranged things in the last minute and the interesting thing that always amazes me is that when I look back now on how it all has unfolded I can see clearly how it all had to happen the way it did.

It’s perfect, the whole thing happened perfectly, even if it was uncomfortable for me to go through.

And there’s more amazing things with this story; for example that I get to live in her private apartment when she leaves for her holiday next week (which is a proper apartment and not a hotel room even though I have my own bathroom and kitchenette in my room now).

I have access to the sunroof, patios and everything. I can live here as if I was a paying guest – and I don’t have to pay anything! 🙂

She told me to feel at home, and when I was laying in my bed today when I arrived I was thinking of going to the grocery store to buy some food and I was thinking to myself that “.. and when I come back home I’ll make..” and I noticed how wonderful it felt to say the word “home” because I really do feel at home here.

It will be a wonderful place for me to live for the month of August and I feel very blessed.

After that I have no clue where to go next, but my intuition will lead me to the exact right place and people, that is something I can always rely on 🙂

If Life is nudging you right now to go in a totally different direction than the one that you had planned to go; I really invite you to surrender as fast as you can to that flow – because that’s where the true and real is.

That which is right for you.



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