Limiting beliefs metaphor

The Baby Elephant (metaphor about limiting beliefs)

When circus elephants are young, they tie a rope to their back leg, and wrap it around a heavy stake in the ground. The baby elephant is not strong enough to break free. In time, it learns to be constrained – to not even try.

Later, as a fully mature adult, the trainer… only has to tie a rope around the elephants leg and attach the other end to any pole or stake, and the elephant believes it is trapped, EVEN THOUGH IT HAS AMAZING STRENGTH AND POWER TO BREAK FREE. It has been conditioned NOT to use its power and strength.

Many people are like elephants – powerful spiritual beings, with amazing gifts and strengths, yet due to earlier conditioning by family, society, culture etc. they hold themselves back and fail to realize their potential.

They let the past hold them back and are continuously living out the same beliefs that they have been programmed to believe without never questioning them. 

Are you allowing your mind-programming hold you back from reaching and expressing your fullest potential?

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  1. Great post! I have heard this before but it is good to be reminded.

    It is so true that just like the Elephants people get conditioned that we are tied up by the rope. In our case it is more like a piece of dental floss. 🙂

    We need to realize our own personal power and “break free” of the constraints that our personal “training” has put upon us.


  2. Maria Erving

    “…more like a piece of dental floss” LOL! 😀 So true… 🙂

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