Join me in Live Interactive Video Calls

About the calls:

The calls are about an hour long.

After my initial talk and a Q&A we’ll have a coaching/guidance call to help you (a participant) shift any aspect of your life (or yourself) that is of importance or interest to you.

Questions (and topic requests) can also be submitted at any time HERE.

To fully benefit from the calls, I advise you to join them as only the first part of the call will be published later on the website (audio version only, see links below).

The second/last part of the call is a private coaching/guidance call and will not be recorded nor published.

This is so that participants can feel comfortable sharing freely without thinking about anything being recorded, or published later.

The live calls are ongoing and has no specific end date. You can join and leave any time. Membership subscriptions will automatically renew monthly until you cancel, with the day you enroll being the first day of your month of membership.

*** NOTE: The Live Calls has discontinued ***

For up-to-date information about what’s included in membership, please GO HERE.