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Live without guilt: Find out what works for YOU

Stop guilt-tripping yourself!

So many people are riddled with guilt for all kinds of reasons so today I was inspired to write a few words about how we impose guilt on ourselves and what to do about it.

Many people even feel guilt for wanting to have something better in life – or wanting to be better! (Other people/the world has a way of letting you know they don’t appreciate you wanting to venture out on your own and doing your own thing).

Or they feel guilt because they want to leave something or someone but feel they ‘should’ stay or continue doing it (like for example following a teaching that no longer resonates).

Even giving yourself something nice such as a massage or doing something fun can be a ‘thing’ for many people that triggers feelings of guilt.

Literally anything in life can be twisted and made “wrong”.

So today I invite you to look at the things in your life where you feel bad about something, where you feel you’re not living up to the standards that you ‘think’ you should live up to.

Many people live with an unhealthy sense of obligation and feeling of not being good or perfect enough.

Life is too short to be obsessed with the rightness or wrongness of everything we do, or to be obsessed with justifying or over-analyzing every little action, don’t you agree?

What if you just did what you wanted to do, or were who you really are/want to be, without overthinking and analyzing everything to death, making a whole philosophy out of it with all kinds of different rules and regulations to follow?

How would that feel? Doesn’t it release a lot of internal tension just thinking about it?

Set yourself free from the chains of guilt!

If guilt is not dealt with it leads to rigidity and all kinds of unhealthy feelings that interfere with not only your flow, but it also dampens the overall quality of your life.

Find your own way in the midst of all the rules and ‘shoulds’ of the world.

Set yourself free from the inner conflict with yourself instead of trying to live your life according to other people’s standards.

Being your true self is one of the most courageous things you can do in this world when everybody is asking you to fit into their mold of how they want or think you should be.

Follow the flow of your own life energy and stand in your own truth.

Experiment, adjust, and find your own way and come to your own conclusion about what harmonizes with you and what doesn’t.

There is nothing holy or unholy or ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about anything, it’s all in the mind.

It’s really all about energy.

If something or someone resonates, enjoy it/them.

If it doesn’t resonate, stop doing it or do something else or talk to someone else.

Be happy with who you are, which is a unique being, and enjoy what you do.

When you no longer enjoy it (or them), stop (or leave).

It’s not more complicated than that really.

And when you don’t succeed at making a desired change at first, keep redirecting yourself until you do.

No need to be guilt-tripping yourself over anything.

Where are you doing this to yourself? How are you guilt-tripping yourself?

Maybe today you can give yourself some slack and accept the less perfect side of yourself instead of giving yourself a hard time and beating yourself up for it?

The paradox about this is that once we let go of the guilt, things just kind of fall away and/or fall into place by themselves, because now the rigidness and strictness around the issue is removed and there’s a sense of relaxation in your being, which allows for the next stage to unfold naturally.

Guilt will never allow you to go there, it only holds you back from living life to the fullest.

We are all here to learn and to grow and to find our own way and it’s only by our own direct personal experiences that we can come to our own conclusions about what works for us and what doesn’t. Trust your Self.


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