6 Ways To Live Your True Life In 2016

Not sure about how you live your life but I’m here on this earth to be everything that I can be and today as we are progressing towards the new year I was inspired to write a post about how to live your true life in 2016.

Below are 6 examples of how to really get in alignment with yourself for the new year and please feel very welcome to comment below if you have any of your own that you’d like to share.

Live Your Truth

Dare to say no to the lesser, even if it’s ”good enough”, in order to get up a notch or two in your life: Say yes to the greater, even if you don’t know what it looks like yet.

Remember that every time you say “yes” to something that is not really fully resonating with you, you are saying “no” to what you do want deep inside and what is truly right for you.

Dare to step into the unknown. Know that spiritual and personal growth is at times challenging and every time you’re expanding in consciousness it’s going to be at least slightly uncomfortable.

And every time you enter into one of those hellish phases of your transformation where you feel a war going on in your mind, remember this:

This is where true transformation takes place and this is also where everything you have worked on gets embodied and integrated so stay with it – move through it.

Dare to do a lot of new things; dare to take risks, dare to fail and make mistakes, and dare to win as well; win over the part of you that is holding you back: your ego.

I believe we all can be our own ”brand”, meaning we all have something (even many things) that we enjoy doing and that we can not only share with the world but also get paid doing, and even if the journey is long for some of us (to be able to make a good living) the alternative is not an option.

So keep moving forward and don’t give up on yourself; trust your path

I don’t believe in the way the majority of humanity live their lives; to merely have a ”job” in order to pay rent and survive, that’s nothing but slavery even if you have learned how to cope with it and tolerate the fact that you’re not growing, developing or getting any creative outlet in the work you do. 

Jobs for that reason only are on their way out, although it might take decades before we really see the evidence on a big scale that we, as human beings and individuals, can actually live our lives independently and where our work is an expression of ourselves and our interests.

So dare to go all out – we (humanity) are no longer bound to have the same job for years and years (and even decades) but you have to dare venturing out on your own. That’s the thing.

Dare to let go of your old self and life. 

Erase the past and self-actualize; realize yourself – we don’t have to be stuck in who we were yesterday! 

You can re-brand yourself and your whole life.

Why not? If you’re not enjoying yourself anymore in what it is that you do, or if your intuition tells you it’s time to move on from something (for whatever reason) then do it, even if what will replace it is still unknown to you.

Trust that better things awaits  – as it always does for those who dare.

Dare to look honestly at how you spend your time and with whom.

I believe that our peer-group is extremely important.

Look at the 3-5 closest people in your life and see if they are inspiring or not because even if you don’t see it or even want to see it, we’re all constantly being influenced by the people around us, and you will continue to be influenced by the people you (choose to) keep closest to you.

Questions to ask yourself (depending on your own personal values when it comes to relationships) could be for example ”do I trust them?”, ”are they inspiring (growing)?”, and ”do I like being around them/enjoy our time together?”.

You’ll be amazed how many people spend time with people they are not actually enjoying because they’re not clear on their values and so they settle for second best, or they just hang out with people because they feel lonely.

Again; when you say “yes” to what you don’t really want, you say “no” to what you do want because our choices mold our life and wherever you’re going with your consciousness, that’s where your life is going too.

Everything is about the choices we make and who we choose to hang out with is a huge part of how our life is experienced.

Dare to be alone if you have to until your new peer-group and you find each other.

Dare to not give a fuck.

Seriously; do you not agree that way too many fucks has been given and that it’s time to stop giving a f*** about what other people say and think about you and just f******* do what you know you’re suppose to do with and in your life?

(Hope I got your attention there, especially if you’re someone who awaits permission from others instead of living your life on your own terms).

Stop living from a place of fear and look into the true reasons to what motivates you (which is usually fear of not getting something or fear of losing something) and start living from a place of inspiration instead.

Decide to go places in 2016, and I don’t mean geographically; I mean really decide to be the best you with no fucks given to the naysayers in your life.

And as you do, don’t give into any kind of drama because it will suck your energy and steal your peace and very quickly as you stop feeding it by reacting or responding to it, it will stop distracting you.

Make a promise to yourself to not give a crap about pissing some people off, because undoubtedly your new choices will annoy some people in your life; respect yourself and do what feels right for you and a new path will open up before you.

Once you start choosing what feels right and best for you it becomes easier to continue doing so – It’s empowering to be true to who you are!

Remember that change is always some kind of departure from the past (that we need to release and let go of) and it’s also always an upgrade of some sort, provided you go with what is true and right for you because any improvement can only really come from the choices we make.

So let’s say goodbye to the old and hello to the new!

Cheers to that! 🙂

Goodbye Spain
I can’t belive that in about a couple of weeks time I’ll be in India! (This pic is from one of my recent walks with my four-legged BFF Skuggi).



I still need a place to stay close to Heathrow airport (or in/around London) on the 12th of January (one night) so if you have a couch to lend me or something then please get in touch: mariaerving.com/contact – Thanks!


Thank you for 2015 and for the pleasure it has been for me to have you all with me on my journey so far. 

I look forward to a new year and a lot of fun and new adventures together 🙂

– Happy New Year 2016! May it be a massive UPGRADE for all of us!

That’s my personal keyword for the new year.

What’s yours? Share and inspire below! 🙂

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