Love, Love, Love!

Show someone that you love them!

The truth is that we don’t know anything about the next moment and literally anything can happen.

So tell someone you love them today even if you say it everyday, say it again now.

And most importantly show it to them by your actions because love is not a merely a word.

There might be someone in your life that you haven’t said it to in a while so let this post be a reminder for you to do so.

Last night I was reminded of how fragile life can be and how quickly things can change.

In a split second life can completely change and be turned upside down.

I have never feared death but I have been close to death many times because of the way I used to live.

Yesterday I was watching a documentary about drug-addiction and was reminded of my past as a drug addict.

I could not help but to be filled with so much compassion and love for my parents.

My poor mom and dad  How much did they not have to endure because of the way I lived!

There was a period of many years when we didn’t even have any contact and sometimes I’m reminded of how happy I am for the relationship we have today.

God knows what they must have felt not knowing where I am or what I was doing at that particular time in my life!

Last night I was once again in tears, overwhelmed by the feeling of love for them.

And for feeling so much gratitude for the life that I have!

I’m so grateful, because the reality is that I could have been dead many times over. 

To become acutely aware of our own mortality makes us naturally more compassionate

Just think of what it does to you;

When you think of the fact that this could be the last day of your life, or the last day of the life of someone you love.

Today is a good day to remember to show love and appreciation for the ones we are blessed to have in our life because the truth is that anything can happen at any point in time.

So love today, appreciate and rejoice in the fact that you have this life, and let the people in your life know that you love and appreciate them as well!

With this said,

Thank You for being a part of my life, dear reader.

It is truly a blessing to me to have you in my life, so thank you for that.

I appreciate you all so very much ♥

With Love,


Love as it was your last day on earth
Love as if it was your last day on earth and appreciate the life that you have. Treat it as a gift and make the most of it!


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