How To Have More Magical Moments In Your Life

Learn how to capture the magical moments in your life

I’ve just come back to civilization again after have been up in the Andalusian mountains for 2-3 weeks.

It was an absolutely amazing time – massively transformational and magical!

Imagine being all alone in the mountains, staying in a gorgeous house and nature all around you.

No one around but you and you alone, or as I was, in the company of two adorable cats that I love so very much.

There’s stillness, fresh air, sunshine during the day, and the vast starlit night-sky above me when I sat on the porch in the evenings (I’m getting goosebumps as I write this); it was incredibly beautiful.

And in the early mornings when it was still a bit cool in the air I did my Yoga outside and watched the sunrise over the mountains and I felt so blessed.

Every place I go to has its own magic and I’m always transitioning from one transformational phase to another, always growing and evolving.

And I love that 🙂

Every place has its own magical cycle of transformation

This particular place was extra magical because I was there during the full moon lunar eclipse.

A lot of things happened within my consciousness (and the dreams I had – Wow! So vivid and clear), and when I left yesterday I had come to a natural ending of one cycle and now a new one has begun.

This next phase will only last 2-3 days as I’m again off to another gorgeous place in the mountains on Tuesday and then from there another one begins again. 

Always as I leave one place and go to another I’m always a transformed person in some way or another, and I love that.

It’s a natural cycle of how things unfold in my life and I have become intensely aware of them as I can read the patters and symbols of the Universe as it always speaks to me.

I love the perfect flow of the unfolding of my life

That’s why I was inspired to share with you how you too can experience more magical moments in your life! 🙂

Once you start notice them your consciousness will automatically start creating more and more of those moments for you, it’s just the way it naturally goes.  

We all have them every day; it can be something simple as giving someone a smile (or receiving one), feel or give appreciation, or sending someone a loving thought.

Anything that makes you feel the connection to that ‘something’ that is bigger than yourself.

There’s always both big and small ways in which we can contribute and give and thus receive as well (when giving is a joy, joy we receive).

We can send a text to someone the moment the thought comes to us to do that for example, or give our assistance to someone where we offer to help without expecting anything in return.

Ask yourself: How can I experience awe in my life right now?

We can always find someone in our life that we can appreciate a little bit more and let them know that by telling them so so that they can feel valued and honored.

And we can always take a moment and see the beauty of this moment.

Wherever we are this very moment we can find something to appreciate, even if we’re in the midst of a challenging time.

We can always choose to connect on a deeper level with Life itself.

The trick is to not think so much but to FEEL. Get still and feel

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Living this way can create awe-inspiring days for yourself where you can really capture the good stuff that happens each day.

It helps us seize every moment in a fuller way and makes us see the love that is all around us at every moment.

It’s easy to do because it’s always to be found right in front of us if we just look for it.

Even now in this very moment we could all close our eyes or look up towards the sky and ask “what is (was) the magic of this moment (or day)?” and let it come to our conscious awareness.

Catch the magical moments as they spontaneously appear

Sometimes you remember something, and sometimes they spontaneously appear in the very same moment you ask for them.

An experience I had last week came to mind. 

It was evening and the sky was dark and vast and I could see the stars above me very clearly and as I asked for my magical moment of the day I received an immediate response from the Universe.

That instant I saw a shooting star and I sensed very clearly that it was meant for me so I took a moment and thought of what wish I wanted to make and instantly after I had uttered the words I saw another shooting star!

When I made the first wish I chose between two wishes that I wanted to see fulfilled in my life (and I chose the most important one) and now I got another opportunity to make the other wish as well so I could choose both 🙂

I literally had goosebumps all over my body and tears in my eyes when that happened.

I knew without a doubt that it was for me. It was incredibly beautiful.

Notice more and you will experience more

As you begin to notice more and more of these magical moments in your life you will naturally experience more and more love and appreciation around you as well.

You’ll come to want to express it more and more, both outwardly where you send (express) love and also inwardly where you see (receive) love in your life. 

Here’s what I invite you to do (make it a new habit/ritual):

In the evening, sit down with your journal and a pen and think back on the day.

  • What kind of magical moment(s) did you experience or see?
  • What was it that you noticed around you, in your life, that you could call magical or awe inspiring?
  • What did you love about the day, what was great about it? What moment can you recall that made you smile or feel good inside?

Remember and recognize 2-3 things at the end of every day. It only takes a few moments to do this and it gives you so much in return.

When you ask yourself these types of questions the mind starts to scan your memory for the answers and when you remember you also recognize (acknowledge), and that leads you to seeing them more.

Feel the deeper connection to Life as you recognize the moments

Doing this helps build new neural pathways in your brain that helps promote happiness and overall well-being.

Love is the energy behind healing and building up (uplifting), and you can connect with the love within you by allowing your mind to wander in memory and remember these magical moments for you.

They happen everyday in some way or another in everybody’s life.

Your brain sets out to seek what you want it to find

Sometimes when I do this it can be very intense where I get tears of joy and goosebumps all over my body, but every time, no matter how small or big the magical moment was, I feel tremendous love and appreciation for it.

And the more you appreciate (and mentally take note of the good stuff happening in your life) the more your brain start to seek out these moments for you throughout the day.

And the more you notice them the more the feelings of love gets amplified.

Life simply gets more wonderful 🙂  

Questions you can ask:

  • Where did I share and give today? (What loving/caring thing did I do?)
  • What did I receive? (From other people and the Universe at large).

If you have a family and children you could do this with them even, maybe around the dinner table.

Simply ask around the table what magical moment each person had today.

Where did they feel connected (in alignment) and loved? 

Become a clear channel and experience awe

I encourage you to do this every night for the next week (resolve to do it no matter what) and see what magical moments you can have in your life on a day to day basis.

Again, it only takes a few moments, less than five minutes:

Sit down quietly somewhere (or go out and look up at the vast night sky) and ask yourself what your magical moment of the day was.

Let the memory of it/them come to you and write down at least two or three of them in a journal.

Keep them there and go back and re-read them at times to reconnect with the magic in your life on days when it might feel less than magical.

They are always there, we just have to notice them and recognize them and the more we do that the more we see them even if it’s a memory of an old one.

The more we see them the more they grow and multiply.

And there’s never a better time to apply something than when you’re in the momentum of the flow so why not do this right away!

As I mentioned earlier, it only takes a few minutes and gives so much in return, so why not take a moment right now and find 2-3 things that has been magical in your life today so far.

Or you can look at yesterday if it’s morning where you are, however you do this, decide to find at least 2-3 things.

  • What magical moments were there throughout your day?
  • What “coincidences” were there in your life that you can recognize as the Universe was speaking directly to you?
  • What symbols or signs did you receive from the Universe?
  • What loving things were given and received in your life today/yesterday?

What was the magical component(s) of your day?

As you ask, let he mind wander and find them for you.

Capture them, recognize them and remember them, and let them flow more and more in your life.

magical moments
This was one of my magical moments, when I sat by the pool and watched the sunset. Ah, the loveliness of stillness and serenity! Magical 🙂


And while you’re at it, why not take a moment to bless everything in your life as well?

Read this post (or the parts that resonate) out loud and really feel how it affects you inside, in your heart and mind: 

Bless Everything In Your Life

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  1. Singleguy55

    Maria, what’s your view on casual sex. Do you think it can bring more ‘magic moments’ in to your life or do you think it’s a distraction from them?

  2. To me that would be the ego having a “magical moment”, but everyone has to choose for themselves what feels right for them to do.

    Casual sex isn’t one of them, for me.

    In my opinion when people are having casual sex it’s usually about seeking fulfillment from the outside, someone to fill some kind of void in their life.

    Someone that they can have a temporary moment of pleasure with but that only happens on a superficial level.

    I don’t know why you asked this question but if you’re thinking of going that route for some reason, then ask yourself what that would be for.

    What would it give you if you think about the short-term and long-term ramifications of the actions, both to you and the other person(s).

    Would it bring you true joy and would you feel valued and respected as a human being, and would it fulfill you on a soul level?

    What is it within you that would desire something shallow before something that is truly enriching; a meaningful relationship with another human being that you can form deep emotional bonds with?

    Ask these questions of yourself in a nonjudgmental way and be totally honest with yourself to find out where the desire for having casual sex is coming from.

  3. Singleguy55

    Hmm. Thank you for the insight. For me the end goal is something more fulfilling, a deeper connection with another and I don’t think casual sex is a replacement for that. But it seems that the way that my life has been going it would be more realistic to have a lesser connection that could act as a stepping stone towards a deeper connection for when I meet the right person. What are your thoughts here?

  4. But why? Why choose to have a lesser connection when you can go for the deeper right away?

    Ponder this; what if you only had a month left to live, or even a week.

    Would you go for the lesser or would you go for the deeper connection with someone?

    In all areas of life; would you go for the real, or would you settle for the lesser?

    Would you go for shallow friendships, or would you go for enriching friendships?

    Would you do work you love (or work towards it) or would you do work you don’t really like or maybe even hate?

    Would you use your time that you have left on this earth in ways that would bring true fulfillment to your heart or would you settle for the lesser?

    Please don’t undervalue yourself like that. You deserve to have that which brings true joy to your life.

    Forget the “end goal”, it’s the journey that counts; to be satisfied with your choices in the present moment.

    We only get one shot at this thing called life. Why waste it on something that is not really adding any true value to your life?

    And I can say for myself; personally I would not get involved with someone who slept around and had casual sex with people while “waiting for the right person'” to come along.

    I would absolutely not let them in to my “inner circle” of people I associate myself with.

    In fact, the right person will be pushed away from you until you welcome and invite them into your heart by being true to yourself and valuing yourself and respecting yourself.

    Then the right person can enter into your life, but if you’re sleeping around with people here and there that only repels the right person because I assume you would like that person be a person who respect and value themselves?

    Well, if so, you need to respect and value yourself first, and then they will find you and you them, and I can assure you that a person who do value and love themselves rarely get involved with someone who doesn’t.

    You would only attract into your life other people who think less of themselves.

    And just think about it; how would it feel for you to be with someone who only used you as a “stepping stone” towards something better? Yuck.

    Don’t you agree that that is disrespectful on every level, both to you and the other person(s)?

    And what if your life ended a month from now and you spent your last moments here wasting it on activities that didn’t really bring you and meaningfulness at all in the end?

    That would be really great don’t you agree? What a waste of life if you ask me.

    Truth is that we don’t know if we’re here even tomorrow, so make sure you use your time in ways that brings that which is true and real to your heart.

    You are so worth it no matter what you have done, no matter who you are, where your from or whatever it is that makes you think that the lesser would be better than the true and real.

    You are worthy of being loved, but it begins with loving and respecting yourself, then the right person will show up.

    When you show up for yourself.

  5. You’re very welcome! 🙂

    Here’s a few more posts that I think you’ll find helpful.

    They are all about values as I believe it would be a good idea for you to get more in touch with them right now, or aware of them.

    Some of the posts are very old but there are still valuable bits here and there that can be used in order to help bring you more awareness about your own true values:

    (some posts may be for members only) (about self-love).

    Hope you enjoy the read!

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