Own your life, be true to yourself

Make Choices from the Truth Within You

Always Be True To Yourself.

Regarding yesterdays article (read it HERE) about the importance of trying new things;

No, of course you shouldn’t push yourself to do things you don’t want to do or feel is not resonating with you!

Only ‘push’ yourself if you feel that you need to move outside of your comfort zone, not because other people are trying to push you.

You always know if it’s appropriate to push yourself or not when you’re connected with who you are and your inner truth. 

Part of living in alignment with yourself is to be true to who you are and making choices from a place of the truth within you. 

There are things that I’m just not into, just like there’s things that you’re not into, and there will always be people with all kinds of opinions, so just let them be, they are on their own path and you are on yours.

Whatever they think is great and awesome (or “right”) might not be your cup of tea.

Other people are on their own journey so you just focus on you.

“I’m going to live a fabulous life over here and they can do whatever they want over there. Whatever other people are doing ‘over there’ is their thing, not mine. I’m gonna do me and I’m gonna have a really good time doing just that.”

When you stop caring about what everybody else thinks and you just do your thing, that’s when flow happens.

So do what you want to do, keep your focus on the things that are important and interesting to you, and you will always be on the right path (=your own).


Flow is about following the energy of your own Life, not the life of others:

“Be Confidently You (Be True To Yourself)”

Harmonizing your life with the flow is not about ‘harmony’ as a concept, but what harmonizes with you individually:

“Stay True To What Vibes With You”

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