Make your dream feel real

First; dream the dream. Next; investigate what you need.
Not in a needy way, but in a way that shows the universe that you are interested. It makes the path clearer to you, and the excitement is fueling the decision you have made.

In my case, regarding my dream of living in California and Martinique; right from the very beginning when I first decided on my goal, I investigated a lot of things, how much houses cost, the cost of the tickets to get there, the time difference and so on, but I didn’t do it to see if I can afford it or not. That is not the point whatsoever, so don’t even think about how to be able to afford it. If you believe in yourself and your dream, the money and the means you need will show up for you.
-So do not feel limited by what you have or have not right now, because as you move forward with your intention, all that you need will be given to you.
Don’t do as many others and let your dream die even before it has been born because you don’t seem to have the resources you need right now. They will be given to you when needed, so toss all other thoughts out!
No, you ask and investigate because you want to get into the energy vibration, to make it more real to you, to feel the excitement and thrill about what is going to happen.
The more you investigate and connect with the energy the more excited you get.

It’s only natural to investigate things in life. I mean if you want to become a doctor, wouldn’t you look up what schools you would attend? If you are to buy a new car, wouldn’t you look around and see what kind you are going for before you bought it? If you want to have a home based business, wouldn’t you investigate and speak to others to know more?
Wouldn’t you want to know more and learn about whatever it is you would like to happen in your life?

You have to go for it in that sense, not to chase something, but to show your natural interest in whatever it is that you want. Only people who don’t believe in themselves leave that part out, because they are too afraid to look closer, so they turn away, blaming the economy or something else instead. A common false belief is to think we need the money first, and then we can dream, while in fact it is the other way around. Always put your dream first. Remember the quote from the movie “The secret” by Michael Beckwith: “You can start with nothing, and out of nothing and out of no way, a way will be made”.

And so when you do get in the energy, all kinds of revelations and insights will come to you and reveal the next step for you to take. Your only job is to work on your alignment to Spirit, to become one with God, stay open and flexible.
-Don’t blindly chase some invisible carrot, but instead enjoy the journey, have fun in the the process and make choices moment to moment based on what your heart is telling you.

The invisible intelligence within you knows the perfect way, and if you let it, it will open up doors for you, lit the way and clear the path for you in wonderful ways you couldn’t even imagined before. Just get interested in the visions that are being given to you all the time, dare to believe in them and show the universe that you care about them by investing energy in them.

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  1. I´m going to dream about my future house that is just around the corner..:-) It´s a beautuful, big,white house that has 7 bedrooms..:-)

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