How to manifest money flow

How to Manifest More Income Into Your Life

“How to practically use the tool of surrender to manifest more income or clients into your life?”

I want to begin with clarifying what “surrender” means and what it is before I move on to your question.

‘Surrender’ is not a “tool”, it’s only the ego that calls it that or sees it as that because it thinks it can use it to ‘get what it want’.

“How can I USE surrender to get what I want?” it asks.

Surrender is what happens naturally when living in alignment with the flow of Life, it’s part of the creative process of the universe, of how life unfolds.

It’s not something you ‘use’ in the sense that you asked your question.

Life flows and unfolds in cycles, it unfolds in sequences (in a chain of ‘coincidental’ and synchronistic events and happenings) and in specific patterns, and in that pattern of creation, surrender is only one part of the process (although a very important part.)

It’s a natural way of how things unfold, so it’s not something you ‘use’, it’s something that happens naturally when you have done your part in the (co-) creative process of how life unfolds.

Here’s a link to some of my articles where you can learn more about #SURRENDER and #DETACHMENT.

But it’s also much deeper than that and not just something that happens every now and then, it’s the way you live when you’re moving in harmony with Life.

In regards to your question (and generally, really, with anything in life); the more you chase it, the more it eludes you and is even repelled away from you.

So pay attention to how you feel and what your vibe is!

If you’re obsessive about making money for example; just imagine how you would feel if someone was obsessed and clingy about you, who reeeeally wanted to be with you and was needy and desperate to be with you – you would want to get as far away as you could from the person, right?

If you put out that kind of vibe when it comes to money, imagine how money feel about you!

So check with yourself and ask yourself if you’re relaxed and inviting, or if you are desperate and needy.

What’s your vibe?

There are other things that matters too, such as moving from a place of waiting and wanting to allowing and receiving, and to have the inner knowing that all things already exist and that you’re in the state of attracting (or “manifesting”) it into your life, and when you really know this, there’s no strain and stress about it.

Here’s an old post about the different stages in the creative process (of anything in life) that you might find helpful:

The 4 stages of the creative process

It’s your Being that creates the external.

When you get in alignment things will come to you (whatever it is that you desire), you don’t have to chase anything (or anyone) or be frustrated and in a state of lack and scarcity.

Anyways, I could go on and on about these things, but in essence; surrender means you surrender the outcomes and results and are only focused on doing your part of the creative process of the universe.

Do your part (whatever you feel guided to do in any moment) and then let the rest go into the hands of the universe.

Moving on to your question;

“How to manifest more income and clients into your life?”.

Since I have not talked with you in person I have no clue where you’re at in your business or career, I have no idea if you’re already established or if you’re just starting out.

But if I would work with you we would focus on creating clarity on things like what you’re about, your message, the services and value you provide and to whom etc. etc. regardless of where your starting point is.

We would begin there but to give you a few pointers in this article based on the way you asked your question, I would suggest that instead of focusing on ‘how to get’, start focusing on ‘giving’ and ‘why’.

And just for clarity’s sake, there’s nothing wrong with asking “how”, but many times that’s the only question people ask and that’s why they get stuck in a cycle of actually not getting what they say they want, such as in your example getting more income and clients.

Asking what you can give instead opens up your mind and consciousness to a different and more wide perspective.

Can you feel the shift when you do that? Feel the vibrational difference between “how can I get” versus “how can I give”.

Your viewpoint and perspective is less narrow when your focus shifts to giving, wouldn’t you agree? And being in this new openness is a good place to start asking a different type of questions.

Being in a state of wanting to give more than you want to ‘get’ opens you up for more creative ideas and also for more passion and inspiration to come forth. The old way of thinking feel kind of rigid now doesn’t it?

If you can feel the difference you have already created a shift that will help you receive the ideas and answers that you seek and the doors will begin to open up for you to greater opportunities and expansion in your business.

In essence, the most important aspect of any business is about service and wanting to serve and offer/give that something that you’re passionate about or that means something to you and that is important to you and which you feel called to do.

(And then of course finding a way to monetize that if you’re still in the beginning stages of your business, but that’s a whole other subject!)

So pay attention to where you’re coming from and how you feel.

If you come from a place of “how can I get..” you might feel tense and anxious, maybe ever stressed, and by moving towards coming from a place of “how can I give/serve..”, your energy shifts to a more relaxed, open and expansive vibration.

Open up the strained and frustrated energy and shift into being in a state of relaxed flow, effortlessness and allowing instead.

As I mentioned before, I have no clue about your business or income or any of that but in any case, a good place to start would be to look into your work/business/career by getting back to the basics of it and focus more on the internal than the outer aspects of it.

Change comes from within so connect more deeply with your inner world and your true reasons and intentions for wanting to have the business/career.

Money should not be your number one priority or reason for it! Alignment is. Alignment with your true self-expression, purpose, values, intentions and so on.

I could say so much about these things but begin exploring questions like that and go deep into the areas of intention and value and what you bring to the table and contribute with that will benefit others so that they too will ‘get what they want’.

Create a win-win-win mindset – Doing that will bring success and fulfillment to all people involved!

Clarity is important too; how much more income do you want for example? Specifically in monthly income, yearly etc. etc. Even weekly, daily and hourly! Play with the numbers and become very clear about them.

And again, for what reasons? Money is not something to hoard, it’s for being put to use, so why do you want more money, what are you going to use it for?

Things like that creates clarity and gives money a reason for coming more abundantly into your life.

And there’s no judgment, you can choose to use the money for anything you want, but to only ‘want more money’ is not clear enough.

Also, you have to make clear decisions about things, no wishing or wishy-washy half-hearted and lukewarm desires and wants but really precise clear-cut decisions and intentions – those things are important too, but again; that too is a whole other topic!

Make a shift from How to Why.

As I mentioned before, instead of asking “how”, start thinking and asking “why”.

You can do this by writing down all your “how”-questions and then convert them into “why’s” instead, this will help your mind shift to a different way of finding the answers and ideas you need to progress and expand.

For example; shift from:

  • “How can I get more clients?”
  • “How can I get more income?”

to this:

  • “Why (should I) have more clients?”
  • “Why (should I) make more money?”

And then answer the questions with as many examples as you can come up with, which could be something like:

Regarding getting more clients: “So that more people can benefit from my amazing products/services”, “my work/products/services are/is important/beneficial for the world, so the more people I help through what I have to offer, the better it is for everybody!”, etc. etc.


Regarding getting more income: “So that I can improve and develop my craft/skills/products/services to serve others in even bigger and better ways”, “So that I can invest money and help others grow and succeed as well”, etc. etc.

The more (expanding) reasons you give your mind the more positively it will get to work for you.

And the more you ask the old questions of “how can I get this or that?” the more you hold yourself in a very narrow and closed place within yourself and that’s when things gets stagnated and stuck.

Also, don’t just state the answers to your ‘why’ that are ‘noble’ (according to the ego mind) but let your mind wander and roam to find all kinds of different reasons for you!

They can be completely for you too, or ‘selfish’, if you will – there’s nothing wrong with wanting the best or something better for yourself! Give yourself to permission to enjoy life to the fullest.

So write down all kinds of reasons that come up, including things like “[I should make more money] .. so that I can get a weekly massage and go on holidays at least twice a year to Hawaii, simply because I would enjoy it and because it will help me be more relaxed at work” etc.

When you shift from ‘how’ to ‘why’, so many more possibilities and creative ideas can open up for you and it will all come from a completely different place within yourself than from the very small and narrow-minded ego self who is basically – when it comes down to it – almost always only looking out for its own survival and to ‘get’ what it thinks it ‘needs’.

The ego lives in a state of lack while the true you lives in a state of wholeness, lacking nothing. So align with That and all else will open up for you as well.

Begin there and things will quickly begin to shift for you – It’s mind-blowing how quickly the universe shows up and opens things up for you when you move into alignment!

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  1. Vivek

    Hi Maria,

    Thank you for this post!

    I am an online merchant and sell things online – I enjoy the PROCESS of my business and AM doing it for the money but also because I like the “PROCESS”.

    I am NOT necessarily PASSIONATE about the products I sell BUT I do know that they HELP PEOPLE and serve people in small and meaningful ways because I have reviews that say that – I don’t believe I have found “my calling” yet – even though I have asked and asked and surrendered and surrendered for it – so for now, I have moved on from that question.

    If you know how I could find my calling, please let me know – In the meantime, I would like to attract more abundance from my business – my business feels light, easy to do and at times fun (but in my heart I know that my soul mission is something else – my business is a means to add some value to people’s lives and provide an income for me (do you see anything wrong with this statement?)

    So if I am understanding correctly – I can get into alignment with the results I am trying to create with my business by asking WHY type questions and getting clear about my WHY – am I on the right path?

    Thanks Maria <3


  2. You’re so very welcome Vivek, glad I could help. 😊

    Yes, the WHY is important so take some time offline today and look within yourself and do the things I suggested in the article.

    It will help you gain new insights and awareness that will help you move forward with all this (or whatever you choose to do as a result of your inner work and realizations.)

    And take time with this! Be sincere and your honesty will pay off more than you can imagine.

    Go really deep into everything, and if you need help with that you can always book a private session with me and I’ll help you.

    Regarding finding your purpose/calling here’s a link to some of my articles that can be helpful to you: #PURPOSE and here: #CALLING

    But our purpose/calling is really not just one thing, so don’t restrict yourself to that but open up to the possibility that it can be many things and also change and shift several times througout your life.

    Here’s a very old PDF that I wrote years ago that can help you get your inspiration going when it comes to finding out what would make you happy and so on:

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