Waking up from conspiracy theories

You Get (Manifest) Exactly What You Focus On (On Conspiracy Theories)

Your experience of life is determined by what you focus on.

There’s a very simple rule to life, and that is that whatever we focus on, that’s what we get more of in life.

Many people are not aware of this so they keep creating more of what they don’t want.

You get the experience you focus on, and each and every one of us are free to start telling ourselves a different story, to shift our focus, and to see things from a different angle, or from a higher perspective.

About conspiracy theories for example;

Yes, there are all kinds of horrible things going on in the world, but whatever information you’re consuming and reacting to, ask yourself what you will do with that information.

What can you use the information for? What good does it do to know, and what can you do with it?

Instead of getting caught up in the emotions of the conditioned self and then staying in that state (angry and upset), turn the experience to your advantage and move yourself to the next level of awareness.

Ask yourself what you’re going to do about it (the issues that you’re seeing in the world and that has caught your attention).

If there’s nothing you feel genuinely called to do, then maybe that’s not your true path, maybe you’re just caught up in the emotions of the false self.

Questions you can ask yourself:

Examine the actions you take, where you think you’re doing something good (and I’m not saying you aren’t):

  • “How is this helpful?”
  • “What is it actually doing?”
  • “Is this moving the issue forwards, is it creating positive forward movement towards the solution?”
  • “Is this what I want to create and be part of/support, or is there a better way?”

What you consume creates you.

We are always creating something, there’s always a momentum going in our lives, and when we are aware of that and understand that we can change that momentum, then we become powerful in positive ways.

If a person does not understand this, then they feel (and behave) like victims, and have the belief that the world is out to get them or that it’s all gloom and doom.

Become aware of what you allow into your consciousness and only engage in a vibration you want to be part of, and focus on the solution.

What concrete actions can you take to change whatever it is that you feel is wrong? (Posting, commenting, and arguing on Facebook does not count as “action”.)

For positive change we need to be focusing in the direction we want to go, not on the issue/problem itself.

  • “Can I point a direct link between what I’m doing, and an actual solution?”
  • “Does what I do/share lead to something constructive?”
  • “.. Or am I just shoveling shit around, having my ego feeling good for ‘doing something’, when all I’m actually ‘doing’, is to post and comment on things on Facebook?”

Read this article before you answer the last question: “Did They Actually Plant a Tree?

It’s a very old post that I wrote nearly a decade ago but it’s still very relevant today.

  • “What activities could I engage in instead that will actually make a difference in people’s lives?” Is there something else you could focus on and do that would be a more constructive and positive?

Change your approach.

Align your actions with what you want, not with what you don’t want, because you will get what you focus on, and more and more of the same will come your way, you manifest it without awareness, and then that reality becomes your world and life.

Be vigilant with where you allow your mind to go, there’s many rabbit holes to fall into, so think about if it’s worth spending your life going there, wherever it may be.

Whatever you entertain and allow into your consciousness will find expression in the outside world.

We created this world (by mass-consciousness agreements/programming), but as soon as we realize that we have creative control, then we are at choice, then we can’t act from a the old place anymore.

But the person has to evolve into that realization, and the truth is that if you’re into conspiracy theories then you have a very long and arduous path before you.

It could easily be shortened if more time was spent on growing and increasing self-awareness instead.

The solution is always self-awareness: Awakening to and realizing your true nature.

Choose to go to a positive place with everything and take action from that state instead, or of course you are also free to let your mind drift to conspiracies, but know that if you do, then you will create more of that in your reality.

But if you decide to focus on something else, then that something else will start to build momentum in your life instead.

The ego is always problem-focused, while our true self is solution-focused.

Your true you is here and now and focuses on a bright and beautiful future, while the ego is focused on the past and the collapsing world.

But it’s meant to collapse and fall!

We are moving into new times, and you can stay and watch the old world burn, complain about it and talk about how horrible everything is and how the world is coming to an end and how the “elite” is controlling everything etc.

But why not be your own “elite”?

Why not become one of the new movers and shakers of this world instead of complaining and being angry about how the current world leaders are (not) doing their job?

Shift your focus and your life will change too.

When you shift your focus away from fear-based thinking (blaming, complaining, feeling controlled etc), you will hear things like ‘you’re selfish’, and that you don’t care about the world and other people.

“You should care about this! Be upset about it! Angry! Worried! Like I am!”

And if you’re not, then you’re being called selfish and other things.

Here’s a couple of very old articles where I share about an experience I had with some people:

The Ego Needs Fear In Order To Live

How To Deal With Challenging Ego’s

Growing your sense of who you really are, and evolving and doing the inner work is what is needed.

That’s the way to ‘change the world’, it’s by changing ourself first, and then the world follows and starts to express our internal change in the outside reality too.

You can be in this world without being ‘of’ it.

Here’s a simple “barometer” to see how the evolution of consciousness/growth goes:

“Life happens..

  • TO ME (victim consciousness)
  • BY ME (responsibility consciousness)
  • THROUGH ME (surrender consciousness)
  • AS ME (oneness consciousness)

To briefly elaborate on the stages:

Stage 1: Is where the person feels that “life happens TO me”.

They feel like victims of circumstances and that life just happens to them, that life is conspiring against them, even the weather is against them.

And even if they are/see themselves as ‘normal, happy people’ they are always arguing for their limitations (what can’t be done/what is not “possible”) so they never grow/evolve beyond this stage.

Many at this stage of consciousness complain a lot, are argumentative, defensive, easily offended, suspicious/skeptical (always looking for fault/problems/what is ‘wrong’), angry, etc.

Their mood is constantly dictated by outer things; other people, events, life’s ups and downs, the news etc.

The cause of anything happening in their life is always outside of them, nothing is ever their fault, life is doing things TO them and they are the victims of circumstances.

Stage 2: Is where the person realizes that they are responsible for their life and well-being/happiness.

This stage is empowering, it’s like “I make life happen”, “I am the creator of my life”.

They take responsibility of their life and learn to respond (from a place of spirit) to life rather than react (from a place of ego/stage 1).

The ego can become very strong and pompous (and “spiritualized”) in this state though, so self-awareness is key.

Awareness and responsibility: response-ability, having the ability to respond to life’s events and circumstances from a more empowered and aware/conscious state.

In this stage the person realizes that they can CHOOSE, and that even defeat is a choice. So it’s very empowering.

Most people (mass-consciousness) are shifting back and forth between stage 1 and stage 2 as the lack of connection to who they really are is not yet developed and realized.

Stage 3: Is when the person starts to blend in with the Divine, with their higher self, or “God”.

“Life happens THROUGH me” is when you live your life in cooperation with it, you surrender to it.

This is when the person starts to flow more with life and intuition is becoming clearer and stronger, and so is self-awareness, and their relationship with that which they call “God”, or their higher self.

This is the stage where the person starts to co-create with the Universe, life becomes a dance with it, and wonderful things happens.

Stage 4: Is when you realize that you are life itself, you come into oneness and wholeness.

“I am Life” — Life IS me”.

At this stage we become the most powerful being, and it all comes from a positive place within ourselves where the ego has found its right place and where there is harmony between all the different aspects of ourselves.

We have peace, and we are confident, happy and life is good.

This is the stage of self-mastery (where you are in charge of your mind, consciousness, and energy/vibration).

Life is an expression and projection of your own (state of) consciousness, and you know this (because you live it), and you are aware of the fact that it’s the unconditioned Self that is the true you.

We are free to CHOOSE. That’s what free will is about.

And it’s not about looking away and pretending that all is good.

There’s horrible things going on in the world, we all know that, but this is about focusing your energy and efforts to create change in a positive direction by using the information you have received in ways that are empowering and uplifting.

You’re not actually thinking when your thinking is based in fear, anger, suspicion, resentment etc, and bickering on social media about everything, arguing in the comments etc, that doesn’t lead to anything positive/constructive at all.

What happens is that others of the same energy vibration gravitates towards you and you towards them (energy attracts), and then you create this own little world where you all live and talk and are upset about things, but no one is actually doing anything constructive to create actual change.

This goes with everything; this ‘coming together’ energetically happens in all kinds of groups of people.

If you’re into football, or german shepherds, babies, real estate, religion, food, or whatever it may be, you will gravitate towards others that has the same interest, and then you’ll create a world of That together, whether it’s good or bad.

We’re all just living in different clusters, or groups (levels) of consciousness, where we believe similar things and think in similar ways, and then our world resolves around those things and interests.

They are all just different ‘realities’ which we can tune into (and out of) at any moment;

We’re always in alignment with a particular kind of reality, but we’re also always at choice to choose a different direction and reality if we want to.

In reality we are all unconditioned consciousness, and when we are aware of this, then we can shift into different realities that are more enjoyable, fulfilling and life-affirming.

We can change.

We can shift our perspective, we can do the inner work that helps us get a higher level of self-awareness, and we can start focusing in more positive directions instead of seeing everything through negative lenses.

If you think that the world is out to get you, that the “elite” is controlling you, that it’s all doom and gloom and that the world is going under and so on and so forth, then that will be your experience of life, it’s that simple.

And I’m aware that there are dark and sinister things happening in the world, and sure, some of the conspiracy theories might very well be true, but it doesn’t help one bit to be focusing on those things, or in those directions, unless your intention is to actually do something about whatever it is that upsets you.

Look at yourself: Are you a positive representative of Truth?

Mainstream consciousness is always behind, it’s not representative with Truth, and If you perceive yourself as “awakened”, then You are a representative of Truth, – You, and how you live your life.

What is the energy that you put out into the world?

Be part of building the NEW.

The old world will still be there for a while, but as the new is built and nurtured in the right way, the old falls away naturally (and you don’t have to fight against anything).

When people get together and create the realities they create and it has a strong energetic momentum, then of course we see it, we become aware of it, but that doesn’t mean we have to engage in it, or be drawn into it.

Unless you feel genuinely called to do something, but then you would take the actions towards the solution from a deeper place within your soul, and not from a reactive and fear-based ego perspective.

People who have fear-based belief-systems will see conspiracies everywhere, and they’ll experience the result of that, because that’s where they look, that’s where their focus is, so they get more of the same.

We can observe, we can be aware of something without letting it affect us in negative ways.

If you’re meant to do something about it, then your inner being will let you know, and if that’s not your ‘fight to fight’, then take your attention off of it.

“Is this relevant to my goals/vision/to what I want to accomplish or not?”

If it’s not, then don’t focus there!

Everything is our choice, so choose the life you want to live.

All change comes from within ourselves, and when you change on the inside, the outside changes too, and whatever we keep our attention and focus on, will always keep growing too.

Why not focus on the Light within you instead, and in that way ‘fight’ the darkness in the world, by letting the Light grow, rather than the anger and the fear?

Life is all consciousness and energy so don’t let anything outside of you control you or dictate how you should feel. Care about how you feel (because that’s the vibration you emit to the universe and which will boomerang back to you, and it’s all your own doing).

You can look at something, observe something, and then decide to be for something rather than against it. Being for something rather than fighting against the current reality/what you see, for example.

You’ve read about something that upsets you, OK, now you know that that’s happening, but instead of staying in that state of rage, resentment, bitterness and anger, ask yourself what you can do;

What can you do to help/create change?

Actual change.

That’s my point with this article. How can you be part of the solution?

Maybe you can start an organization (the world needs new, aligned leaders! Support the new ones or become one yourself), or join one that is actively doing things to create actual change.

In positive ways! Not by forcing your views on others, – no one likes that.

You could create a fundraising to help/support a cause, or maybe you can get involved in changing the laws and the system, helping people heal and evolve, creating a Podcast or blog, or whatever – There’s a lot of things you can do.

Something other than being upset and posting, commenting, and being angry on Facebook.

We get what we’re in alignment with, and you might think you’re in alignment with positive things, but are you, really?

If you’re angry, worried, hateful, or always upset about this and that, then you’re in alignment with the false self; your mind is divided (and it creates more division in the world), it’s out of alignment, and this is what creates the suffering/struggle.

It’s not the events themself that does that, it’s you – You are doing it to yourself.

If you can look at the external happenings and you start changing your emotional response to them, then you’re shifting to a higher vibration, and the actual solutions too.

There’s two approaches to the same issue; you can be for, or you can be against something.

Be for peace, rather than against war, for example. Focus in either way and the other way will fade and not be part of your life experience anymore.

Be for positive change rather than focusing on what there is to be upset about in the world.

There’s a lot we can be upset about, but what is the point of that? Again; how is that helpful, if you can just as easily focus on doing something great instead?

Whatever you are upset about, you can change.

Don’t let the outside world take you over in negative ways and consume you. Drown it out, stop adding momentum to it (it’s up to you, you are in charge of your momentum!).

You keep the old vibration alive by the way you are feeling.

Meaning; how you’re reacting and responding to what is happening, that’s your contribution to the creation (manifestation process) of your reality.

When you’re focused upon the thing that is causing the fear or anger or resentment or whatever it is, then the universe brings you more evidence, more conversations with others, and more mental images of gloom and doom that are not serving you at all.

And then you think that the world is doing all that, but it’s actually you,

You are drawing all that into your reality because that’s where your attention is, that’s where you put your energy and focus, so it must grow.

Our perspective is what makes us feel safe, not safe, scared, at peace, etc, so don’t let what you’re observing be in charge of who you should feel.

What you include in your life becomes part of your life.

It’s very simple. Again, we get the experiences we focus on.

We are not taught early in life to be in charge of our minds and our energetic health, we let all kinds of things in without being aware of what it’s doing to us, or even that we’re doing it!

But every moment is fresh, there is only one continuous Now, and wherever you want to break through to a different level of awareness and consciousness, you can do it Now.

Get a new momentum going, it’s your choice, and the choice you make will change the trajectory of your life. You can start channeling your energy in positive ways that are actually helpful.

One way to do this could be to take a week off of everything related to social media and the news etc and start listening to your own thoughts in that time. Form your own thoughts.

Let go of distractions and outer influences for a while (even 3 days will help disrupt old patterns!) and see what your Soul has to say about everything instead.

Or, look at what is, continue to focus on that, and you get more of what already is, but you can also start focusing on what you want and prefer, and then what you want and prefer will become your reality instead.

The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change your own beliefs about life, people, yourself, and reality, and begin to act and think accordingly – In alignment with the Truth of your being.

Then those vibrations are going to turn to manifestations for you, when you stop focusing on the things that makes you feel angry, and you start to focus on the Light within you instead.

We can activate a different vibration.

The experience of life that we have is only kept alive by the beliefs we hold. Your belief might be that you think you’re powerless for example, but of course you’re not, that’s just a belief.

There’s always something you can do, but many people don’t know what to do with their thoughts, we never learned to be in charge of ourselves, so this is not a common awareness people have.

The mind is in charge and dictates most people’s lives when it should be the other way around.

So catch yourself when you’re about to get caught up in negative emotions when you see something that upsets you, and stop giving your attention to them.

When you catch yourself going in a negative direction you can shift your thinking and start focusing on what you want instead.

Whichever way you go, you will be supported by the universe, so why not choose that which is empowering, inspiring, uplifting and helpful?

Become aware of what you’re thinking. And feeling. Become aware of the mental and emotional activity within yourself.

We don’t have to get caught up in the negative emotions, we can also just have the awareness and observe what’s happening and then make a decision about it internally in a different way, a way that makes us feel lighter and more empowered.

You CAN do something about whatever it is that you see is wrong with or in the world, but you can do it from a place of being in control of your emotional and mental responses.

Whistleblowers are good, we need them, but we don’t need millions of them.

There’s enough people in this world who are being upset and angry about things, so what we need is more action-takers. People who take action from a place of alignment.

When you change and become balanced and aligned on the inside, everything around you is influenced by that, and then your presence will affect others and the world in positive ways.

So my point with all this is this:

OK, so it has come to your awareness that bad things are happening in the world. Good, now you have the awareness.

Do you feel called to do something about it? If not, then don’t focus in that direction anymore.

If you do feel called to do something, then start focusing in the direction of the solutions; take action and do something constructive that is helpful to the cause that you feel called to support.

Be for something rather than against it. Be for the Light rather than rallying against the Darkness.

Have a vision for the future that is not based in doom and gloom. Believe in good things, believe that positive change is possible and that the future is bright.

We are always believing in something, so why not believe in and support things that are bright, uplifting, and positive?

True thinking is without fear. It’s balanced, harmonious, and solution-oriented.

What is the world you want to create and live in? What’s the vision you have for the world? Where do you want to see things going? What would the ideal be and look like?

Start creating and forming That. Focus on what you want to Build, and step back from the noise.

You can start making a different kind of noise by doing something great with yourself and your life, and then people will listen to you more too.

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You can’t become who you’re meant to be by keeping your old story and identity of being a victim alive in your mind. You have to create a new vision and steer your life towards something better that is in alignment with the higher calling for your existence. And the higher calling for your life is always bigger than the story you have about yourself and who you think you are:

You can’t keep your old story alive and expect to live a happy life

(Original) image by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash.com

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Val, Melbourne, Australia

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