Manifesting happens when you get in alignment

Manifesting from a place of Alignment

What you want will manifest and come to you when you get in alignment.

If you’re struggling and trying very hard to manifest something in your life but are not succeeding, it could be that you’re not in alignment with what your Soul really wants.

Check with yourself if you’re serving the ego that only does things to get something and tune into your intuition more – what is your heart telling you about your struggles?

You can manifest from a place of ego too but it will never bring you true fulfillment and your heart can always tell you the truth if you listen to it.

Tell it about what you’re struggling with and ask for guidance and help. Not from a needy place but from a place of love and gratitude and a sense of wanting to be of service.

Ask yourself this question with absolute honesty and the answer will reveal to you where you’re coming from:

“Why am I doing what I’m doing?” (in the area where you want to create something better such as your work, relationships, money etc.)

Your “why” will then reveal your true intentions and if they are truly aligned with your Soul’s purpose.

You might also be filled with limiting subconscious beliefs that are holding you back if you’re struggling with progressing in your life.

How to change this:

Increase your self-awareness and get to know who you are not. When you know who you are not (the ego/conditioned self) the Truth of who you are will come forth naturally.

You don’t have to ‘find yourself’, only remove what’s in the way of the highest and truest you from being expressed.

Step to take:

Spend some time alone in stillness today, or the whole day tomorrow or this weekend. Go within and pay attention to what goes on in your mind and in your heart.

It’s the connection and alignment with your Soul that brings the manifestations. When you have that ‘all things will be added unto you’.

If things are not happening for you you might be coming from a place of lack and scarcity and not your natural state of abundance and being receptive.

How to change this:

Work on your sense of self-worth and money consciousness. Start giving yourself more of the good in life and let go of all the stuff that is weighing you down or draining you.

Step to take:

We are always either growing or resisting in life, so ask yourself “am I growing or am I resisting?” and “what am I resisting?”.

You will find that most of the time it has to do with you not wanting to give yourself something that your Soul is urging you to get, or you are resisting letting go of something that is no longer serving you.

Today give yourself that thing that would support your growth and well-being even if it costs money and/or let go of something (or someone) that you know is not in alignment with you (and maybe never was to begin with.)

You are so worthy of the freedom and the release of new energy into your life that it brings!

Many people are also very attached to outcomes and results and rigid about how they think it should manifest. Maybe this is how you are?

How to change this:

If you’re not living from a place of your Soul, you will give up anything you’re trying to accomplish as soon as it gets a bit challenging.

Or you (the ego) becomes very controlling and determined to have it your way even if your heart tells you to stop the madness.

The ego is many times needy and only does things in order to get something. Usually only to get money, or success just for its own sake.

There is nothing wrong with wanting money (money is fabulous!), but if that’s your main reason for doing something then you will never be able to manifest what you really want, which is always at its core a feeling, such as peace, love, fulfillment, etc.

Step to take:

Investigate where your desires are coming from. If you’re grounded in spirit, then you will be able to endure any challenges on your way to reach your goals or in making your dreams come true.

It really is about the journey and not the destination, as cliché as that may sound.

A great question to ask yourself is “what am I truly trying to accomplish here? What is my intention with this?” and “do I really want this, is this what my heart truly wants?”.

Always be honest with yourself and course correct if you know you’re out of alignment with your inner truth.

You can also always surrender everything and offer yourself fully in service to the Universe by letting go of your own goals and instead receive the goals that Life has for you: “Instead of Having Goals: Receive Your Purpose

And if your goals and the goals that Life has for you are the same, then they will happen, so continue believing and trusting even when it looks like nothing is happening.

Stress and hurry is a sign of distrust and not in alignment with who you really are.

Make connecting and coming into alignment with your Soul the #1 priority in your life.

Alignment is the way to find true fulfillment in life so pay extra attention to your #INTUITION and any #SIGNS from the universe today and in the next few days that follow.

Increase your self-knowledge and #BREAKFREE to who you really are by growing in #SELFAWARENESS.

Connect with your #SOUL – that’s the most important thing. That, and #STILLNESS, and then that stillness will speak to you about the next steps to take from here.

All the good in life is yours – but your job is to align yourself with it vibrationally, only then can it manifest into your reality.

In order to do that all the things that stands in between you and your true nature (such as limiting beliefs, resistance, ignorance etc.) must be seen through, removed and replaced with Truth.

That’s the work.

It’s all an internal process but when you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place as well – many times in magical ways.

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Suffering, stress and struggle comes from identifying with the conditioned self and believing that the content of your mind is true. Freedom, joy and confidence comes from waking up to the Truth of who you are and aligning with the flow of Life. 

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