How to maximize productivity with Flow

How you can maximize your creative energy and productivity.

Life is about both ‘doing’ and ‘being’, but the ‘being’ part is largely neglected by our society today even though it’s equally important.

By getting into flow there’s enjoyment in the process of creating whether you’re doing something or not doing anything special since it’s a co-creative process. 

The point is that there’s always activity because life unfolds as a path, and when you’re observant of the path, signs are always shown towards the next step.

Sometimes the signs says “chill, relax, let me (the universe) work this out and you just sit back and ‘do nothing’”.

At other times there’s a lot of action to take on your part, things to do, people to meet, places to go etc, and then suddenly it starts to be less and less (or comes to a sudden stop) where you get a feeling of being done with what your part of the co-creative process was and now it’s time to chill and simply ‘be’ for a while.

Both phases can be enjoyed but many people are uncomfortable with the chilling out phase because they think it’s unproductive and that they are wasting valuable time so they are unable to fully relax into the flow of it. 

The co-creative process of the unfolding of life goes like this:

At one point you take action and make the forward efforts for as long as they are flowing and then when things start to feel stagnant or not-flowing anymore, your next step is to then hold up, stop the ‘doing’ and simply stay relaxed and open until clarity and flow return.

Don’t push, strain or try to force the flow, that only puts breaks on it and leads to frustration and anxiety.

When you’ve come to the end of your doing and action-taking it’s time to release the rest of the doing to the universe.

That’s how it goes, so when you become observant of how your flow ‘flows’, your life becomes a path where you’re at ease with what is unfolding.

So there is peace and detachment, which allows the flow to unfold naturally and effortlessly.

You’re basically surfing the Flow of Life, being in total collaboration with what’s showing up for you and when you ‘surf’ with the current of your own individual flow, it moves you forward easily and smoothly through life.

There’s no need to stress and struggle, and when these things are dropped (as they naturally are when you click into place with your flow), there’s so much more enjoyment in what you’re doing and with that your productivity and creativity naturally also increases.

Flow allows our full potential to come forth and brings us into life as it is meant to be lived and you can tell that you’ve clicked into place with your flow by the feeling of rightness about the direction of your life, it just feels ‘right’ in your gut and heart.

Always move in the direction where there is a sense of aliveness, and when you do, it will grow and grow and just continue to grow.

There is no ‘one right path’ to walk so only listen to your own inner truth.

You might like this quote:

If you feel stuck or stagnant and you don’t know what to do, the answers always comes from within when you close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself;

Where is the aliveness, in what direction?” and then simply take action on what comes up.

Stop for a moment and step back. Listen. 

Usually there’s a need to take a step back from ‘trying’ or ‘doing’ in order to connect with the flow that then will show you the next step on your journey.

For some it may be to do some gardening or maybe taking your family to the beach, while others would like to just sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and a book.

Whatever it is for you, follow the flow of that, and by doing that you’re allowing the universe to fill you up again with new creative energy that you can then use when it’s time to be uber-productive again.

enjoy life
The best way to create and manifest the life that once was only in our minds and dreams is to follow our own, individual flow in life. 


Connect with the Flow of Life today!

When we enjoy the unfoldment of life both at times when it’s full of activity and also at times when it’s time to chill, relax, and do ‘nothing’, that’s when our true desires has the greatest potential to manifest. 

The key is to stay connected with the flow, so today let that be your only goal; to fully connect with the Flow of Life. 

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