Meditation and brainwaves

Our brain is a electro chemical organ and the electrical activity that is in our brain can be put in four different categories, or brainwaves:


Brainwaves determine our state of consciousness and vibrates in different energy frequencies.

The first one is Beta and most adults function on this level, while small children function mainly at Theta, Alpha and Delta.

A little explanation:

BETA: We are at this level when we are awake, thinking and living everyday life. It’s the engaged mind that is occupied in doing everyday things.

There are levels within every frequency of brainwave activity, and when we are in high Beta for example we can be performing something like; speaking in front of public, singing or communicating in debates etc, while the lower frequencies is when we are doing our work etc, ordinary things.

In Beta we can also be agitated, tense, afraid and worried. (That’s why small children often function on the other levels; because they don’t know of the mind-made fears that adults have)

ALPHA: This one is when we are relaxed and have an effortless alertness. This is where most people go when we meditate, and it’s really good when we do visualizations, hypnosis, self-suggestions, affirmations etc because in Alpha we have opened the door to our subconscious mind and we can install new programs (new beliefs) more easily when we are in this state.

Note that this is also the state we are in when we watch TV and movies, so what we watch is being absorbed by our subconscious mind like a sponge. That’s why I think it’s important to be very selective with what we watch.

In Alpha we learn more easily, and we get mental clarity. Very good to be in to release tense and fearful feelings and thoughts.

The deeper frequencies of Alpha, the deeper the meditation.

THETA: This is a even deeper state of mind. When Alpha is where we are in a light meditative state, in Theta we are in our most positive state of mind, we go deeper.

Here new ideas flow freely to us, we get inspiration easily, answers comes to us. And it’s also a state we are in when we do automatic tasks like brushing our hair, driving on a freeway, when we shower etc, when we don’t need a lot of concentration.

In Theta we get sudden insights etc. Many great ideas comes to us when we lie in a bath tub for example, or when we take a shower. Here we can also develop our psychic abilities, creativity and we can get a sense of “floating”. Very relaxing.

DELTA: In this state of consciousness we are in a deep sleep, we explore our consciousness and it’s here where we can make astral projections and have out of body experiences. It’s a state of dreamless sleep.

Alpha, Theta and Delta is considered to be “altered states of consciousnesses” and it’s here where most children are, while adults are in Beta most of the time because of the fear we have for so many things.

Children on the other hand has not yet forgotten who and what they are and so they are in the more beneficial states.

That is why meditation is so important. Because when we go from the sometimes tense place of Beta when we feel worried etc and go to Alpha we get to experience peace, and solutions can enter our mind more easily.

So the times when we feel worried, we should take a few minutes and just breath and relax ourselves into a state of Alpha where we automatically release the fear that we produce in the state of Beta.

I just love brainwave meditations and there are so many to chose from, but what they basically do is that they get you to these particular states in minutes.

I can recommend:

These kinds of meditations should always be listened to with headset/ear plugs, and read the caution-information first, because this is very powerful stuff.

It’s absolutely something I can recommend to anyone, especially if you have no idea of how to meditate; this kind of meditation will take you to the different states of consciousness within minutes and you just have to relax and enjoy being carried away with the help of therapeutic sounds.

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