Join my monthly online Saturday meetings!

The first group call will be on January 5th, at 6 PM CET (check your time HERE) and after that we’ll meet on the first Saturday every following month. (Until you cancel your monthly membership subscription.)

I’ll share my experiences and knowledge with you in the group calls to help you become the master and manager your mind and energy and live in alignment with the flow of Life.

I hold nothing back and will freely and openly share everything;

Everything from personal challenges and ‘lessons learned’ to the exact process, steps, and techniques I use to create my reality and manifest my goals and desires.

I’ll show you how to create an empowered and inspired life where you are the creator of your reality by being the master and manager of your mind and energy.

Who are these meetings for?

It’s an interactive (Q&A format) group call for people who want to get the most out of themselves and their life. 

I’ll share the universal principles that’s behind all successful personal growth as well as practical ways for improving and enriching all areas of your life and aligning with the flow of Life. 

You’ll be able to send in questions in advance as well as ask questions and get valuable coaching/mentoring/guidance directly from me in the meetings. 

You will learn that achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams are the results of your imagination, vision, beliefs, and expectations – not blood, struggle, sweat and tears.


The duration of the group meetings are for as long as I intuitively feel that the conversations are flowing, meaning; until they come to a natural ending. 

In between the monthly calls you have unlimited access to Ask Maria where you can you can share any questions and challenges and receive answers and further guidance.

To submit your questions and topic requests, go HERE

Only active members have access to the calls and Ask Maria articles and discussions. 

The meetings are for members of only, but may be recorded and viewed/listened to by others later so in that sense it’s not a “private” group coaching call.

In addition to the monthly calls and Ask Maria, I’ll also conduct a group mind/energy treatment that I do directly after the call has ended.

To learn more about my energy work, go HERE

You also get bonus content that you have instant access to when you join:

Bonus E-books

Bonus Audios

To summarize; By being a member you get:

  • Participation in my monthly online group video calls.
  • Group mind/energy treatments after each call.
  • Unlimited use of Ask Maria (read more on info page).
  • Access to members only articles (Ask Maria) + comments/discussions.
  • BONUS: Instant access to two of my e-Books and over 17 hours of audios.

Recurring monthly subscription until you cancel is $67.

Join me in my monthly live Saturday online meetings and get coaching/guidance on how to apply your mind and energy in the right way and how to tap into and awaken the hidden power that is within you:


The meetings are via ZOOM conference call. 

ZOOM free and easy to use and you need to have it already installed to join the meeting. THIS VIDEO shows you how to do that. 

Please be on time and log into the meeting a few minutes before we start. Also check this page for any updates prior to the meeting in case of any changes. 

  • The recurring monthly subscription becomes active the day you sign up and renews on the same day each month until you cancel.
  • You can easily cancel your monthly subscription at any time.
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