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What others are saying:

“As someone experiencing a prolonged spiritual awakening I was looking for guidance on how I could best assist myself during this transformation process. Your articles are helpful and normalize the difficult and uncomfortable aspects of spiritual awakening and gave me the hope and encouragement I needed. I have used ‘Ask Maria’ and found the answer very helpful. The detailed and well thought out answer really resonated with me so I knew it to be true; insights I could use to assist me on my journey. I found it comforting to know that if I need support on this journey that I have access to someone who has been where I am, come out the other side and is now helping others. I also like your simple, clear and direct writing style; it made it easy to understand. I once contacted you as I was having difficulty locating certain articles and you responded within hours and not only gave me directions to the said articles but also listed additional articles you thought might help me. I was very grateful for this. I would say to anyone that if you want access to true wisdom and gain a deeper understanding of your situation then consider using this website. I feel blessed to have encountered you and your website. Thank you!” — M.B. NSW Australia

“Maria’s website was the only site I could find with authentic content relevant to the ego dissolution process written from personal experience. I discovered her website when trying to understand a process I had found myself suffering through. Her articles helped me to understand a process when I had no idea what was going on several years ago. I have communicated with Maria many times and have thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. I love the personal experience element to the articles and the story telling is relatable and very humorous at times! Her perspective is both fascinating and filled with personal experience that empowers others to realign with their own truth.” — Harley UK

“I think I’ve read hundreds of articles about spiritual awakening online, and nothing has helped as much as reading your posts and explanations. One thing that is always confusing to me is that it seems some spiritual teachers are focused solely on evolving spiritually and others focus solely on Law of Attraction, and I’ve always had a hard time understanding how the two work together. I’ve noticed in a lot of your articles, you bring the two together.”

“While going through a very difficult period, I’ve found Maria’s one on one sessions and website membership to be extremely helpful. I was able to draw out some deep insights and meaning behind certain experiences and suffering, that I wasn’t able to get through other sources. Maria is a kind and supportive individual who also provides a great deal of encouragement throughout the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know.” — Mike, Toronto, Canada

“When I first discovered your website, I was elated to have found your articles. I literally kicked off my shoes, relaxed and made myself at home. That first visit, I read for hours, crying and laughing. I can’t begin to describe how much your articles have helped me. Your articles answered many of my questions and set my mind at ease that I was on the right path. I also loved reading about your own trials. Reading about your personal journey let me know that what I was experiencing was perfectly normal. I love how you recommend other helpful articles within each article. This kept me reading for hours. I really feel the love and helpfulness throughout each of your articles. You come across as very authentic and sincere. Your evolution as a being is very evident in your articles and I resonate with everything that I read. Thank you!! Maria is amazing! She’s an authentic teacher with plenty of wisdom to share and I highly recommend her website for guidance and information, she is a very bright light, shining the way for others to follow. Keep doing what you do, the world needs you!!” — G.P. Round Rock, TX

“I have only begun to understand the awakening process after reading your articles and your responses to other people’s comments. I am really grateful for your articles, it makes the shift easier to have some awareness of what’s going on.” — S.H.

Maria – you are a lifesaver! I was looking for answers around spiritual awakening as I had no idea what was going on and that first article I read had me crying with relief because it gave me so much clarity and understanding and hope, not only about spiritual awakening, but also law of attraction, loneliness, personal development, LIFE!!! I find it really incredible just reading your words, because the energy that it emanates is really healing. You are always so quick to reply and write with such clarity and depth, it always, always helps me, thank you so much! Your articles are always super clear and to the point. I love your style of writing!! No fluff, yet always very motivational. You are always very helpful in the comments too and respond so quickly. You always help me get to the next phase and overcome my challenges, there is no one else I’d rather go to for help. I’d say that this is one of the most useful and helpful websites for personal and spiritual development, especially because you actually interact with readers in the comments and address their questions very quickly. I appreciate you very much and the work that you do. I know 100% I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support, guidance and knowledge, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” — Val, Melbourne, Australia

“I just found your website the other day and I’ve been basically eating up your articles in my spare time I love all of them! Your writing is so genuine, powerful and insightful; I have been feeling stuck the past couple of weeks and I feel like I stumbled upon your website at the perfect time. I’ve related strongly to all of your writings that I’ve read so far – I’m excited to read more and to keep learning, thank you so much!” — Sharon

“I found your website maybe 8-9 years ago. I read an article that had to do with fear. I remember reading it and being surprised with the content of the article. The words rang true for me. In another article you suggested some writing exercises. This was very helpful to me and something I still use today. I found it helpful when you suggested tangible things that I could do to start moving forward or start seeing things in new ways. I have also listened to the audios which I’ve found to be helpful. I was looking for ways to navigate the transitional period I was in at the time, and wow!! Your articles has helped me with lots of things, but if I had to summarize… It would be trusting myself, following my intuition, letting myself dream big, being OK with being different from others, and learning how to find my unique voice. Your articles helped me through a (very confusing) transition in which I was letting go of so many things that I had always just accepted as being true until I started questioning them. Your articles and style of writing speaks to me because it’s direct and positive. I oftentimes print them out so I can refer to them (either in quiet meditation time or more active journaling). Thank you for your work Maria! I appreciate it very much. I had no hesitations on becoming a member. Your articles have inspired me to be daring and build a life that I’m excited about and that has purpose.” — Carolyn, Sarasota, FL