Mercury Goes Retrograde Again!

The planet Mercury goes retrograde again for three weeks, and we can expect a lot of ‘re‘-s in our lives.

NOTE: This post was written in 2010, so the dates differ each year, while the process is the same as I describe in the post.

Mercury Retro happens about three times each year, and each time for about three weeks)

Mercury is the planet of the mind, thinking, communication, cars/bikes etc, travel, written words etc .

There can be some miscommunications/misunderstandings going on so be kind to each other (be extra careful not to shoot from the lip:-), and don’t buy anything new that has to do with communication, such as computers, phones etc, and cars or technical things.

Instead, use this time to investigate are re-search, and when Mercury turns forward again after 12 September, you will know exactly what to do.

There will be a lot of important re-thinking going on in the world now when Mercury is going retro in his own sign, the Virgo (which is my rising sign) and Virgo is known for being an analytic and detail-oriented sign that does quite a lot of thinking anyways:-)

Mercury retrograde gives us time to catch up with ourselves, rest, contemplate and to look back and re-do things we haven’t finished.

And oh, don’t be surprised if someone from the past re-enters your life… or that you will find yourself going back to somewhere, revisiting someone or some place that you haven’t seen for quite a while. People, ideas or buried insights that need to surface for you to move forward can re-enter your mind and life again.

Life will appear to move slower, there can be some frustration, delays and feelings of being held back if we don’t know how to work with these energies.

So do your best to laugh a lot and exercise your patience a bit more than usual, not only with yourself but in general.

If you can, wait with signing any contracts also, things can look very much different in a few weeks and so you don’t want to commit to anything if possible.

See to it that you are clear in your communication and if you send an important email or letter to someone, ask them if they receive it because when Mercury is retro emails and letters and be lost, or sent to the wrong person.

Here are a list of some of the re’s we can use and work with the next three weeks:

  • Redo, review, re-think, re-examine, re-evaluate ideas, thoughts, plans and agendas, refine, rest, recuperate from a mind full of facts, re-asses, review, reanalyze, revisit, re-edit, re-communicate, re-organize, reflect, re-vitalize, repeat, revise, re-create, reconsider, re-connect, renegotiate, repair, retreat, resolve, re-read, re-write, re-group, remember, re-integrate, re-live, restore balance, re-invigorate, rehash, re-configure, re-discover, return, research, re-learn, re-schedule, relax and so on.

When Mercury turns forward again, things will pick up speed again and be very much clearer to us all.

Read an old post I wrote the last time Mercury went forward again:

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