How To Be A Human In A Merrily Way

I don’t know about you, but look back on your own journey;

Remember those maybe many, many years ago when you started the search for something else, it may have been freedom, a deeper meaning to life, Truth, .. Remember the desire you had to wake up or live life more fully?

And can you, by looking back, even comprehend how the yearning for Truth evolved into this, where you are right now?

I could never, ever in a million years have predicted how my path would unfold, never!

But I can look back and remember all those times when I said that I want the Truth and nothing but that even though I had no reference point about what it really meant.

I just knew that that’s what I wanted.

How about you?

Remember what you prayed for, especially in those beginning years?

Was it freedom? Liberation, .. Truth?

.. This is the path my friend 🙂

And on this path you will be shown how you’re holding yourself in not-freedom, or bondage, and it has everything to do with what you are clutching on to; what you think you need in order to feel secure and safe.

Because that’s how your journey began, remember?

You felt trapped, un-free, and you wanted Freedom.

You wanted the Truth, your true life, in whatever individual way that meant for you. 

But our humanness is not what holds us in bondage, it’s our identification with our false self that does that; and that’s the one you need to know fully in order to see through it and when you do, you will be able to release yourself from it.

Not by denying its existence (or trying to get rid of it), but by facing it boldly and by learning about and understanding its nature.

Part 1 of this article:

Everything happens for an evolutionary reason, even the development of our ego, but when the ego is seen through and the realization of Truth hits you, that’s when you can begin living it and bringing it to the world, but that comes by accepting and embracing the totality of who you are.

Both Human and Divine.

But we need to learn how to function in this new way, there has to be an integration that takes place, you need to merge this new beingness into your human nature and sometimes that takes practice.

“Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream”.

So even though you have realized the world and your self as being an illusion (dream), and even though you’re finding yourself in this wonderful flow of life, merrily floating down the stream in your boat , you still need to row, that’s the thing.

You still need to go with it and do your (human) part.

And how do you do that you might ask, and what are the pitfalls?

To continue the analogy;

The stream takes you further as your life unfolds, and you are guided by it; the stream does the job of showing you where to go, gently showing you and carrying you in the direction down the stream of your true life, but you need to row your boat to get there (or be in it).

The way to do this is to become more intuitive to what the overall tendencies are in your present moment and as you fine-tune your inner knowing you’ll learn to read the currents and patterns of what is unfolding in your individual life experience.

You begin to see a larger view and you learn to trust that seeing (or knowing) and then you naturally begin to follow it more and more; you begin to row your boat in that direction or this direction as prompted from within, and when you do, the stream takes you further and further and you experience a sense of “progress”.

The pitfalls;

The pitfalls has always to do with some kind of ignorance, and one of the ways in which you can move deeper into delusion instead of into deeper Truth is by ignoring or not being aware of your own intuitive nudges.

This is when the ego can come in and take over your boat and begin to row in a totally different direction than what your true path is.

This happens to people when they don’t go with what their inner voice compels them to do.

Instead they decided to go with what their ego though was best and so they fell (back) into the water, and now they’re desperately trying to get back into the boat again.

Confusion comes in, chaos, suffering, ..

You’re drowning in your own ignorance by your refusal to listen to the inner voice that told you to go this way, do this, read this book, speak to that person, write this letter, don’t go there, and so on.

You thought the familiar voice of the ego knew better.

That’s the pitfall number one to look out for.

You might find this article helpful too:

We, as human beings, we sometimes don’t listen, and then we fall, ..

But we can get right back up again by letting go of struggle and instead surrender and let the stream (of Life) swoop us up again, back into the boat, and we can all do that right now; in this instant we can begin listening to the inner voice again and go with it.

We are all having an in-the-body experience and we are all both human and divine at the same time, so be kind to yourself, don’t shun the person (human being) that you are when it makes “mistakes”.

Try to do this human-being-thing in a ‘merrily’ way, be more relaxed about this whole thing, and embrace the totality of who you are; human being and Divine and even so much more than that.

Infinitely more than that.

It’s through surrender and acceptance of our own humanity and the simultaneous embrace of our Divinity that we become whole.

And from this wholeness, or the totality of who we are, we come to naturally and spontaneously know what to do, where to go, what actions to take as individual beings and where we at the same time stand firmly in our own Divine nature. 

embrace wholeness

Embrace Wholeness


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