Open your mind and let the universe speak to you

Pay attention to the messages from the Universe

The moment you open up and allow the Universe to speak to you, it will.

Life is always sending us signals and signs that helps us move forward on the best possible path for us.

Many times it guides us to do something or go somewhere that seems unrelated to our goals or desires, and this is very important to know.

The universe works in such mysterious ways sometimes and we can never fully know or see the larger picture until after we’ve actually taken the step and followed the signs.

Then we can often look back and go “aha, that’s why that happened” or “oh, so that’s why I was guided to go there” etc.

The Universe is constantly working to bring you everything you need next; the resources, tools, things, and the people you need next on your journey through life.

So today I invite you to totally surrender to the flow of the Universe and ask it to show you very clearly the exact signs and guidance you need on anything that is important for you in your life.

If you’re in a difficult or challenging situation for example you can ask the Universe to help you and it will.

Simply get quiet and ask within; “How do I get out of/overcome the situation I’m in now? I’m open to receive the help and support I need.”

There’s no limits to what you can ask, the most important thing you can do is to actually ask instead of trying to do it all yourself.

If you’re impatient about something for example, or if you’re worried, confused or overwhelmed etc. simply become still for a moment (that’s all it takes, yet so few people do this!) and ask inwardly for a clear sign and you will receive exactly what you ask for.

You can also ask this powerful and simple question that will help you get back to the present moment and receive guidance on your most immediate need: “What do I need right now?”

The Universe has all the information you need to help you move to the next level of your life or beyond any obstacles, so pay attention.

Let it amaze you with it’s brilliant and awesome ways to get its messages through to you by opening your mind wide open to receive them.

All you have to do is to ask, it really is that simple. And then pay attention to what comes your way.

Open yourself to all the weird and wonderful things of life and let the Universe surprise and delight you!

For the next 72 hours, really keep your awareness open and be attentive to any clues, messages and signs and you will see them.

Some of them will make you LOL in amazement! 😊

Just be aware to not make events and happenings into things that they aren’t.

Sometimes people make things more meaningful than they are because they want them to be a sign or message, so if you find yourself wondering “is this a sign?” and thinking about it too much then it’s probably not so let it go.

Synchronicity and coincidences and other signs and messages doesn’t have to be analysed or thought extensively about.

They are usually instantly recognized and understood, or at least very shortly after they appear and then you will just ‘know’ that it was a sign or message specifically for you.

So don’t think too much, instead ask for more clarification and clearer signs if you’re unsure and simply let the unclear “sign” go and keep your mind open for something new to be sent your way.

So now; ask your questions, and then surrender to the flow and let it show you the way.

Let it totally lead the way in the next 72 hours and see what happens. Be totally open and ready to be amazed! 😊

You can also write down all the signs and unusual happenings (both big and small) that occur in the next 2-3 days and then by the end of the 72 hours you can go back and read what you’ve recorded.

This way you will come to see very clearly how Life is always speaking to us.

(And oh, whenever you receive a sign, smile and say Thank You. 😊 That way they will increase and become the norm in your life.)

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  1. Starr

    Oh my goodness, I appreciated this one, sooooo much, Maria.
    I have a question…do you think the universe works through the many avenues of technology to give us messages? I found you online and many others helpful things, I have pinterest and so many messages to help me I feel come through that medium–is it a path that the light and energy work through? I wonder if the creation of the internet, at first, was to help people wake up and to receive help through it… will you share your thoughts, please?

    Thank you for taking the time to help me…I already feel a lift inside me.


  2. You’re very welcome Starr, glad to hear it resonated with you. 😊

    Everything is created for us but we can choose to use the things we’ve discovered and invented in either harmful ways or in uplifting and life-affirming ways.

    Anything can be used for both good and bad, and the Universe uses all kinds of mediums to get through to us, it can literally speak through anything and anyone.

    But the mediums themselves, how they are used by us, are up to us.

    Just as you can use water to drown someone, you can also use it to bathe someone in it.

    You can use fire to burn down a house or you can use it to cook food with.

    You can use electricity to execute someone of you can use it to light up a room, and so on.

    Same with Internet. Or your voice even! It can be used for whatever your intention is. Words can both heal and hurt.

    It’s up to you what you do with the resources and everything else you have access to.

    The intention of Life/the Universe is always to help us wake up and follow the path that is meant for us.

    So as you do what I suggested in the post you can expect to see and experience much more signs etc than what you normally do because now you have made a conscious choice of wanting to have a clearer communication with the Universe, and simply by doing that you will get it.

    You can expect to have your path filled with synchronicities and signs all the time, and from all kinds of sources as you move more and more into the flow of Life. 😊

  3. Starr

    Gooooooooosebumps, Maria! The way you explained that hit home.

    What’s powerful article and reply back to me.

    I’m going to “see” all of it. Im going to take your challenge on to for next three days to “see” the signs, the messages, the synchronicities. I do believe I’ve already found a few, including your site and your words to me. Thank you for the love, Maria.

    With deep, deep bows,


    P.s. it seems like you travel… can you suggest any tips for solo travel and any sites for cheap Solo travel with groups I can look into?

    So grateful to you, Maria.


  4. You’re so very, very welcome Starr, glad I could help. 😊

    I’m not traveling though, where did you get that from?

    You might have read an old article from a time I did. I don’t do that anymore though. 😊

    The only suggestion I can give is to ask within in meditation/stillness if there’s a place where the Universe wants you to go and then pay attention to what comes up.

    For example, a personal story;

    When I moved to Costa del Sol here in Spain I didn’t know where to move (what city/town) and I had never been here before so I had no idea what place would be great for me.

    So I meditated and asked where i should move and the word “Nerja” came up in my mind.

    I had never heard of that word or the name before so I ran to my computer and Googled it and lo and behold, a place like that existed!

    And long story short, 2-3 months later I lived there. 😊

    So ask the Universe for guidance on it and see what happens. 😊

  5. Starr

    Oh my gooodness, Maria! I just have to share this with you….

    No joke: I could never say “algorithm,” like ever, I never understood algorithms and how they work because I could never say it right and words have their very own electromagnetic reality. I watched a video the other day about us being in a video game/a simulation and it really resonated on a soul level with me. Ive been waking up to this illusion (game) for years now… I’ve been watching video after video on the law of attraction for almost two years now and reading book after book about getting in control of my fucked up mind and it’s never ending ego-affliction that really has had me in despair for yeeeears. The mind’s chatter and dysfunction (ego) is no joke and it’s insidious as hell. I was at Target sitting in the parking lot today and said algorithm the RIGHT damn way and was thrilled and then I got it! A divine ah ha moment that Law of attraction is just another way to say…algorithm. We are in a computer, the universal brain, if you will, and we are thought forms, light, consciousness uniquely fragmented in the form of a human identity creating our own realities and don’t even know it until YOU “know” it, “see” it, and understand it, just like it happened to me today. Holy smokes, we are divine. So, I went to YouTube and searched algorithm and law of attraction and found a video that pulled me in like a wave length meeting up with its very own wave length. Boooom!

    It explained a formula (intention, emotion and letting it go) to successful manifestations. It makes so much sense as I’ve been imprisoned for 40 years by the fear filter and I’ve created a life of upheaval not even knowing it as I’ve put the blame outside of me!!! To people, circumstances, and situations that I now “see” that I’ve brought to me by reaping what I’ve always sewed. The thing is, the universe is indifferent and will spit out what we put out, no matter what it is, if the emotion (energy in motion) behind it is strong enough, whether it’s excitement or fear. Let that sink in. The universe is energy, frequency and vibration and just wants to match up with the same energy, frequency and vibration.
    It’s algorithm at its finest. Mind-soul-spirit blown. 💥 I get it. 🙏🏻 no wonder our system does everything it can to create fear in us!! The system does it to keep us down and out, trapped and powerless!!! Omg no more!!!! I am a creator God. I AM a creator God. This brings tears to my eyes as this is possibly the most powerful synchronicity, realization, and change in perception that I have ever experienced. 🙏🏻❤️ I know who I AM now.

    Maria, this all happened only hours after our conversations today online after reading your articles.
    Talk about magic.


  6. Lisa Hillmann

    Hi Maria – recently my husband and I struggled what to do with our dog who was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right rear leg. We were told amputation was the only way to effectively deal with it followed by chemo.

    We struggled for months in spite of reading many articles on how well dogs adapt to amputations. We couldn’t decide if amputating his leg or putting him to sleep would be the best thing to do for him.

    One day, after weeks of feeling dread, anxiety, fear, I just asked the simple question, “what would I do if there was no fear?” All the feelings of dread, anxiety, and fear just disappeared and what was left seemed to be a blank slate. Almost as if I wrote down a question to someone, and they handed me back a blank piece of paper and that was answer. There didn’t seem to be a clear answer either way.

    We did go ahead and amputate his leg and we are following through with chemo. He is doing great! It’s the surprise and joy of my life right now to see him feeling so much better.

    This has happened to me many times, where I’ll turn something over to God, the Universe or whatever. My strong feelings of fear disappear, but it seems to begin and end there. Not that I’m not grateful, I am. I just never seem to get a specific push in one direction or another.

    Thanks for listening.


  7. @Lisa;

    What a story Lisa! I’m so glad he’s doing great now and are adapting well.

    Dogs do that wonderfully so I wouldn’t worry about that at all.

    It’s we humans who with our energy can make them into “invalids” while in reality they are doing just fine.

    I see this a lot here in Spain with all the rescue dogs.

    A lot of people who rescue dogs keep seeing them as victims, even after years of having them they still talk about how horrible their life was before they got rescued.

    Dogs live in the moment, they move on from Here and are ever so loving no matter what.

    We could all learn a lot more from them about forgiveness and moving on, living in the moment and being happy in life. 😊

    I’m not saying you are like this, just mentioning something we humans are so good at; making things worse or more difficult than they actually are.

    But I understand your dilemma, I know you were thinking of his well-being in the end and what would be best for him.

    Well, it ended well, so that’s wonderful! 😊

    I actually just recently saw a YouTube video with an adorable three-legged dog that was sooo happy and full of life and seemed to have no problems at all running around and playing just like all the other dogs did. 😊

    To respond to your question about synchronicity:

    The question “what would I do if there was no fear?” is a powerful question that opens up our minds from its narrow thinking patterns so that’s what happened when you allowed that thought to sink in.

    You freed yourself from the grips of fear (ego), which then lead you to ask for guidance from a more peaceful state of mind.

    Why does it end there then? Why don’t you experience more signs and synchronicity after you’ve asked?

    In my experience a lot of times we have already received the signs and messages at some point, maybe even several times, but we either didn’t see them (we weren’t aware enough) or we did see them and get them but we didn’t want to hear the message we received.

    Sometimes we want a different answer than what we get, .. for various reasons, but in the end we get closer and closer to hearing what we need to hear the more we open ourselves up to listen and follow the promptings and signs.

    Great questions to ask yourself could be for example:

    “Am I not getting something here? Am I ignoring or not wanting to see something?” and “what is the answer I have already received? Please enlighten me.”

    I don’t know if any of this resonates with you?

    Or are you literally completely blank even after you’ve asked these questions? (Let me know).

    Sometimes also, for some people, it’s that they don’t get signs etc. because they are holding on or trying too hard.

    They begin looking for signs too much instead of letting the signs find them.

    And sometimes when we think we have let go we really haven’t.

    There might be too much of a needy or desperate energy around the situation the person is in that they block the signs from coming into their awareness.

    After we’ve asked for a sign or guidance it’s important to let the whole thing go (even if it’s diffucult because we need an answer/guidance ASAP!), and it might have been hard for you to do that since it was about such a big thing as your dogs life.

    Can you relate to that?

    What I would suggest you do if this happens again, that if you get a blank answer back; become aware and feel into it to see if any of what I’ve said resonates with you.

    You can learn to sense that intuitively, and one way to do this is to simply continue the conversation and communication with the Universe by asking questions like:

    “Ok, so I don’t seem to get any guidance on this. Or maybe I am but I’m just not getting it. Please help me open my mind and awareness so that I can see clearly what I need to see so that right actions may occur.”

    Things like that. Just keep the convo going instead of pulling back because you don’t get an immediate answer.

    And then Let Go. You can even give yourself some relief in the grasping by asking and then letting go, saying something like this:

    “Ok, so I have asked now and I am hereby fully letting go. I will not touch this subject even with my thoughts until I hear from you. I will in the next 72 hours be very attentive and pay attention to signs and communication from you, but I will not look for them. I will let them come and go as they wish for the next 72 hours.”

    This way you release your ego-mind from the need to have the answers and guidance Right This Minute, and you give the universe some breathing space to actually being able to bring to you what you need and are asking for.

    Was this helpful to you, or no?

    Feel very free to elaborate and share more if not. 😊

  8. @Lisa;

    Another thing that came to mind is that sometimes we don’t get answers or guidance right away because the timing isn’t right.

    This too is something you can learn to become aware of.

    You become very good at reading the Universe the more you move into flow and it’s almost as if your mind won’t be able to ‘think’ or ask certain questions (you will be stopped from ‘going there’), simply because the timing isn’t right (and you can feel it intuitively).

    This is when trust comes in.

    There might a pressing situation that really needs (according to you) be fixed or resolved NOW, while the Universe has already taken care of it and will deliver whatever is needed when the time is ripe and right.

    Everything happens in cycles, and in the phases where there is more silence than activity it’s important to stay in a place of trust, and when you learn to go with the flow of the cycles this will become second nature to you.

    It will be so obvious to you to not push even if the ego wants or has the need to know Right Now, so you’re able to let go easily.

    Many people experience this ‘stillness’ as threatening though, and they begin feeling disconnected, fearful and worried, while in reality a lot of things are being done in the background or your awareness.

    You just can’t see it yet, and you could look at this phase as the time that the Universe is working on your behalf, and by having this attitude it becomes obvious to not be stressing and nagging it for answers non-stop.

    It’s the same with you; whenever you’re in ‘work-mode’, you don’t like having someone breathing down your neck constantly asking “how’s it going, what are you doing, why are you not saying anything, when is it coming” etc, right? 😊

    For anyone who finds them in this situation, RELAX!

    Let the Universe do its thing and trust that everything will be revealed in perfect divine timing and in the perfect ways. It always does when we let go and relax.

    This is when magic and miracles can happen, so trust the unfolding of things and know that whatever you’ve asked has been received and that evereyting will be shown when it’s time for you to know, not one moment before.

    And keep the convo going – always stay in (positive) communication with the Universe. (Instead of nagging and stressing it, express that you trust it and have faith in it).

  9. @Lisa;

    Another thing (for anyone who’s not getting any signs) ;

    You can also ask “am I pushing it/being too needy/desperate/controlling? Should I let go, is that what you’re saying with your silence?” and then see what comes up.

    You will probably get a big YES somehow! 😀 and then it becomes very easy to let go and relax.

    This is why it’s important to not shrink back or get discouraged if you don’t hear anything.

    Just keep asking different types of questions until you feel something is getting back to you/that you get some kind of response that brings peace to your heart and mind.

  10. Lisa

    Hi Maria – thank you for your wonderfully insightful and detailed response. And also thank you for welcoming further conversation on this topic.

    First I want to say that while I believe in asking the Universe for guidance, I always felt it was one of those things that work some people but not for me. However, after going through this experience with my dog, I can see that a lot of what you have touched upon in your response has come into play.

    When I got a blank response in regards to making a decision about my dog, my first thought was maybe there was no right or wrong direction, that whatever choice was made, would be alright. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I appreciated the calm and in a weird way a kind of disconnect from my emotions.

    My second thought was maybe I’m being shown how to make decisions, as you mentioned, that aren’t riddled with fear and anxiety. But a part of me felt like I was being “cold” if that makes any sense. Which is still a bit confusing to me. I felt a little like Dr. Spock.

    It really resonated me when you wrote how sometimes our energy is too needy or desperate that we block the guidance from coming to us. It might look like I’m asking for guidance, but I think too many times, it’s a really a demand in disguise.

    There is something about this whole experience, beginning with the question of “what would I do if there was no fear”, how it all worked out in the end, and your words, that have helped me see things much clearer, and this kind of excitement in the idea of Letting Go, Trusting, and Being Open. Instead of thinking ” this asking the Universe for guidance thing doesn’t work for me,” I’m actually looking forward to learning what I might discover! Thank you for that!

    Would you be able to comment on this feeling of being somehow disconnected from one’s emotions, when there is no fear or anxiety? Wouldn’t I feel filled with love?

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  11. Lisa

    Hi Maria – I just wanted to add, that yes, I do believe I need to learn to trust myself when making decisions.

    That’s a whole other issue, though. But I appreciate you bringing it up. There is a whole see-saw thing going on in my life when making decisions. But moving forward it will be interesting to see how things work out.

  12. @Lisa;

    Yes, that was the blockage, the distrust in you being able to receive guidance, so definitely continue working on that.

    Regarding your ‘cold’ feelings;

    Maybe it was more like a ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’-feeling?

    Sometimes in life when we have to make difficult decisions we’re being protected from getting too emotionally involved and that’s when the feeling of just doing what needs to get done sets in, as a way to protect us.

    Because when we have made a clear decision, what use is there to be fretting and creating any unnecessary drama around it then?

    That’s when we just kind of do what needs to be done, but minus the emotional charge and drama.

    Does this resonate with you?

  13. @Lisa;

    Or did you mean before you made the decision?

    I’m not sure I completely understand your question so if you could clarify that would be great.

    Also, I edited my previous comment a little bit becuase I formulated it in a way it could be misunderstood. The truth is that we’re always being guided, at all times.

    There’s no time when we’re not, because who/what we’re essentially talking and communicating with, is ourselves.

    It may feel as if we’re not getting anything (signs, synchronicities, guidance etc.), but the guidance and synchronicities are always present, even now as we speak.

    It’s just a matter of increasing and growing in awareness and trust etc. and being open enough to see them, and getting in alignment is always the answer.

    Post what unfolds for you, I’d love to hear about it. 😊

  14. Lisa

    Hi Maria – thank you for your reply.

    Just to clarify, my feelings of being calm, but feeling somewhat disconnected emotionally was right after I asked the question “what would I do if there was no fear?” I just thought in the absence of all the fear and anxiety I was feeling, there would be something else. I just felt so neutral.

    Thank you for a great post. I feel excited moving forward. I’ll keep you updated.


  15. Lisa

    And of course this “neutral” feeling continued after a decision was made. So it makes sense when you talk about a protective element of not having a lot of emotional drama after we moved forward with our decision.

  16. @Lisa,

    Ok, I see.

    Well, our natural state is peace so unless there was a reason for any other (elevated) emotion then you just kind of clicked into place with who you really are when fear and anxiety is removed. 😊

    Yes, please keep me posted on what unfolds! (Same with you @Starr 😊)

  17. Lisa

    Cool! I guess I’m just not use to being in peace, especially during a trying time. It is a true gift.

    I will keep you posted. Very exciting!

    Thank you, Maria!

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