The messenger is never the Truth

Life has a way of speaking to us on an individual level.

When you follow the thread and theme of your current now-moment, deep layers of information becomes available to you.

Many, many deep layers that are always available to you. 

So discernment has to be developed too, not just awareness, because not everything we see is interpreted ‘right’.

The moment a concept is made the Truth, the true meaning is lost.

That’s why awareness, discernment and intuition has to be developed at the same time. 

When you become aware and go with the immediate natural response you will naturally grow into trusting it.

And when you do, you don’t ever again have to stop and ask your ego if it’s right or not.

Instead your response is spontaneous but it comes from a place of developed awareness and inner ‘knowingness’ (developed gut-feeling, instinct, and intuition).

Your actions becomes spontaneous and obvious when the flow between you and the Truth of your nature is restored, or re-discovered.

Disharmony (with the Truth of your nature) comes from living by the rules of the world, where concepts functions as your leaders.

When religious concepts, spiritual concepts, cultural concepts, and other ideas and rules of the world becomes the rulers. 

In reality, Life is non-conceptual, obvious and harmonious, even in its chaos and seemingly destructive happenings.

The messenger is never the Truth.

Even a child can speak words that are directly meant to be heard by you, and when something like that happens you can feel it in the core of your being.

A passage in the Bible or some other religious book can speak directly to your heart too, but that doesn’t mean that you should regard the whole book as being true!

Literally any book (or thing/person etc) can come your way (be sent by the universe) and in the same profound way deliver a message to you, but you don’t start to worship it/them just because it spoke to you, do you?

(Well, some (many) do, but you know what I mean). 

Truth can’t be compartmentalized, marketed, and sold to the masses.

No one can hold or point to the Truth and say “That’s it”, or “This is it”.

When we have deeper awareness and we’re connected to our flow, we can see this clearly, and that’s when we feel lead and guided on our path without us holding on to any concepts or ideas as being the Truth.

That’s when nothing is neither excluded, nor favorably included, because you know that the messages the universe is constantly delivering to you comes from all sorts of channels and ‘sources’, and at all times.

So you stay open.

You stay open, and this is when Life can move freely in your life.

This is when you come to experience the perfect flow of life.


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