3 Ways To Quiet The Mind Chatter

How To Quiet The Monkey Mind

Our thoughts absolutely impact how we live, the level of stress we feel, and ultimately how our health and overall well-being is.

Here’s 3 simple things you can do that will help reduce mental mind chatter.

Express Yourself

Instead of imagining, manipulating, justifying or explaining; simply express yourself in the moment.

That way a lot of unnecessary thinking is eliminated and greatly reduced.

By expressing yourself in the moment the mind doesn’t have to create imaginary stories and dramas about the meeting with the other person after the event has taken place.

Stay Present

Take responsibility for your actions, feelings and thoughts and do not accept any “must” or “should” that the ego voice inside your head insists on.

Don’t believe everything it throws at you.

Move Your Body

Exercise doesn’t just get our blood circulating but physical movement also helps release old, stagnant energy and brings clarity and relief to both the body, mind and spirit.

So today I invite you to:
1.) Speak your truth. Express yourself in the moment when something comes up so you can move forward with a fresh mind.
2.) Take responsibility for your own happiness. You alone decide what you are going to think and feel about every aspect of your life, and your life is Right Now. 
3.) Go out for a brisk walk/jogging. Or do some Yoga to create movement in your body and mind and when you do, you’ll get new, fresh energy and input from Life itself. 

More Inspiration:

It’s from a place of inner peace where the mind chatter has been silenced that the answers and solutions comes forth easily and effortlessly without us having to *think* excessively about them:

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  1. W

    Hi Maria,
    I was so excited to read your announcement pertaining to your 6 week on-line course, and my first response was “Thank God,” I am so ready to make this commitment! I felt confirmation, I felt relief. However, Immediately following on the heels of that wonderful confirmation this other voice inside me started chiming in with all these negative comments and I suddenly became aware of the two opposing voices/thoughts in my head. It’s quite a peculiar feeling, to be aware of being aware that something is going on inside of me. At the risk of sounding a little “unstable” there are times, especially lately, it almost feels like I’m being attacked. Recently, I felt this same kind of negative energy welling up inside of me and out of no where an opposing energy of excitement and well being seem to bubble up and over me. It felt like opportunity in a odd way. Peacefulness. Then it starts all over again. It’s like there are two people dueling for my attention and frankly there are times it can feel very unsettling. But, it’s okay, I truly believe there’s something real and organic percolating even if its uncomfortable at times. I desire more than anything to trust this presence within me without hesitation, to expand my awareness and to rise above years of conditioning. I feel nervous, a little apprehensive and fearful just in typing this and I have no real idea as to why. All I know for sure is, I cannot and will not turn back to the way things used to be. I would rather cease to exist than live a life not being true to who I really am. Also, I have a feeling this “resistance” that I mentioned is going to show its face during the 6week process but that’s okay. I’m choosing this therefore, I know that my life cannot and will not stay the same. It’s all up to me and only me. I find any change is a major change these days. I’m not sure where the money is going to come from, I just know that it will definitely come. What you have helped me discover for myself, just through your website has been so incredibly valuable. I trust your journey and all you’ve shared, now I’m trusting mine. I’m ready! Therefore, I must keep going deeper and deeper no matter what. This is just too important. So, I’m making a commitment to you, but more importantly to my-self. I’ve made up my mind and “my” made up mind feels more like communication to “source, God within, whatever one chooses to call it, than having a mind that’s undecided. I’m over sitting on the fence. I will be registering for your 6 week course. With much gratitude. 😊

  2. I’m so glad to hear that W 🙂

    All these things, such as the voice in your head etc, are things that we will talk about in the “Go Higher” course.

    And yes, there can be different processes you’ll go through during the 6 weeks we’re working together but I will be there with you throughout the whole time.

    We will also have weekly healing sessions too so that adds to (and aids/supports) the transformational processes as well.

    And when you register we will have a private chat beforehand so that I know what your wishes and intentions are with the course and then I mold it in alignment with the course in order for it to be as transformational as possible for each participant.

    So while there are specific parts/themes/subjects and things I will speak about it’s also very much intuitively lead and influenced by the group as a whole.

    Life is getting (leading/guiding) everyone together that are meant to be together for these 6 weeks and if you’re one of them then I welcome you with an open and joyful heart 🙂

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