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Mind Your Vibe (Increase Energy Awareness)

Energy is beingness, what you are, and from that beingness you create your reality.

The most powerful thing you have available 24/7 is your energy, and your state of consciousness is what decides your future. 

Right now you’re in the momentum of creating something, and your overall mood is what determines the unfolding of the direction you’re going. 

Whatever you embody now in consciousness and in your energy, in your beingness, is what will unfold (and what has been unfolding up until now).

What are you ‘being’ right now, what is your vibe? 

It’s consciousness that creates and attracts and every ‘outer’ change must begin with an inner shift. 

Energy speaks louder than words, so today I invite you to pay very close attention to what your overall mood is. 

“What am I being right now?”

The vibe you are emitting is your conversation with the Universe, and from that conversation, your life unfolds.

Self-awareness, energy awareness, and understanding of how consciousness creates (and that you are It) are key factors that leads to a life of fulfillment and harmony.

Begin with your vibe today; become aware of what you ‘are’ in this moment, right now. 

“What am I sending out to the Universe, what energy am I emitting right now in this moment?”

Pay close attention to your vibe; is it an energy vibration of frustration, worry or fear, or is it an energy of gratitude, self-love, confidence, or what..?

What’s the predominant vibe of yours? 

Whatever you are, you are attracting and creating more of, moment by moment, and these moments are what creates your life and your experience of it.

So mind your energy today and realize that you are in full control of your inner world.

And when your inner world changes, your outer world shifts as well and that’s when you’ll have life transformations that you could never been able to have if you were merely trying to control and rearrange things on the outside.

Your power is consciousness and your awareness of being is the power that literally creates worlds.

It’s the “God” within, and you are That. 

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