Feeling disconnected? Returning to yourself is the miracle you’re looking for

You are your own miracle.

Many people that I come in contact with are experiencing a profound sense of disconnection.

They feel disconnected from, .. well, themselves, and sometimes completely off course and out of balance with not only themselves but also life.

There’s an aching inside for something substantial and ‘real’, but by not listening to this yearning from within they start to wither and lose touch with who they really are.

Quench your thirst for more depth in life!

A simple yet profound way to do this is to drop everything and completely shift your focus, even for a moment.


Distracting and entertaining yourself with more and more work and busy-ness, with sex/drugs/alcohol, endless social media and TV watching etc.

Keywords here are entertainment and distraction. Stop that.


Looking for something deeper inside yourself by spending some time in quietude and solitude, connecting with nature and disconnecting from the Internet.

Keywords here are disconnecting from the world and re-connecting with yourself.

If you feel lost, return to yourself

That’s the miracle you’re looking for.

Make a commitment to nurture the part of you that is free, instinctive and true and you will be massively rewarded for it.

This could be to simply unplug even for a few hours where you go out for a long walk or sit in a café doing some writing/journaling, or you take a weekend off where you simply spend time in silence and aloneness.

And then, when you come back to the world again, you will know how to proceed.

This is the answer to your feeling of disconnectedness. Every time.

You will know exactly what to do when you return and come home to yourself again;

New insights has emerged, new direction and guidance about the next step and actions to take etc.

Every time you sincerely make the effort to connect with yourself, you will always be rewarded for it, so don’t delay, do it Now.

almond trees in full bloom spain
I love spending time in the mountains and right now the almond trees are in full bloom here. It’s incredibly beautiful isn’t it?


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