Money is from God

Sometimes I receive the most wonderful emails from people who has found my articles illuminating and helpful, and receiving those kinds of emails really makes my day.

It’s so wonderful to hear that what I share has made an impact in someone else’s life in the ways that they describe it to me. It fills my heart with joy and gratitude.

I recently got an email from someone who has experienced a spiritual opening and who found one of my articles to deepen his understanding of where he’s at in his process of awakening, and this person also had a question that I think many can relate to, especially people in spiritual circles so I was inspired to write about this topic.


I have written about money and spirituality before in a few articles, and here’s a couple of them that just came to mind:

Okay, so here’s the question I received:

.. because I cannot seem to find a solution to money.

I know money is not real and it is merely an illusion created by men that now controls the thinking, motivation, and actions of people all over the world.

At the same time I do not know how to be one with the world and make enough money to feed myself and live.

I know that once I completely surrender to what is and accept the beauty of life for all its love and compassion my life will flow naturally and this question will seem as silly as all the other ego based thoughts”.

Here’s my reply:

As long as a person has this kind of relationship with money it will not be in that persons life in ways that it’s suppose to be.

We are suppose to have the very best that life can offer and having money is one of the things required to live a fulfilling life.

Money is wonderful and I personally love it.

And I’m fully aware of the fact that that saying something like that raises a few eyebrows because I have seen those eyebrows been raised more than once when I have uttered those words.

It’s like peoples minds immediately goes to the false image of someone worshiping money and being greedy and so on, but that’s now how it is at all.

I have my priorities straight. 

Sometimes people say to me that money is not important to them as if it was something to be proud of.

Within me I ask that why on earth then do you go to a job that you hate if money is not important to you, and why do you always complain of not having enough, if money is not important to you?

Many people have a distorted relationship with money and they have distorted beliefs about money and about people who have money or who value money.

I love money, I think money is fabulous and the more I have the more I can enjoy all the wonderful things that life has for me, so I welcome money into my life.

Money has nothing to do with ego.

On the contrary, money is God in action. It’s divine substance.

We’re suppose to have it in abundance, just as the air that we breathe. We are suppose to enjoy it and use it for good and honorable things.

It’s the lack of money that makes people do negative/bad things in the world, like stealing and robbing others and being greedy about the natural resources of plenty that life has for us.

It’s the belief in lack that makes people hoard it and it’s the belief that money has control over you that creates suffering and makes you a slave to it.

In itself money is good and it’s completely innocent.

There’s nothing wrong with money, and even if the physical life is merely an ‘illusion’ we do live in this physical reality too and in this physical reality we need physical things like a home, food on the table and money to meet our everyday needs and requirement.

It’s not an ego based concept. It’s life. Money is necessary, just like having fresh air to breathe, good health and meaning and purpose in life.

And..! Here’s the thing.

Money is suppose to serve us.

When I say I love money I don’t mean that I worship it. Nor do I do just about anything to accumulate it.

My number one priority in life is God; to be true to the God within me, and when I am that, my needs are met.

I now know that I don’t have to do things that would make me feel bad 8 hours a day just to get some money in order to survive.

I know that there are infinite number of channels that the money I need can come from, and that goes for every one of us.

Our source of supply is not our work, our jobs, our spouse, our credit cards, our clients, or customers. The source of our supply is God.

The channels are many (infinite), but the source is God, the only power there is.

So I’m not afraid that I will not have enough, because now I know that my business is God’s business, and my partner so to speak will never forsake me, no matter how things may look at times.

I think we can all look back and recognize that even in our darkest hours we have been provided for.

As long as we stay true to our path better times naturally unfold, and while it may not be easy all the time, with our spiritual growth and development we come closer and closer to the realization of our true nature and what that means for us individually.

The core Truth is the same for all of us; we are all meant to be living fulfilling lives. 

This is true for each and every one of us if we but trusted and boldly followed what our hearts tells us to do.

We don’t have to be slaves to money.

Money is suppose to be there for us, work for us, serve us, and not the other way around.

I know that whatever I need, whether it’s a new client or some other opportunity to do what I have been called to do, God will provide me with those channels.

And I welcome all channels and I’m grateful for them because I know they are God-given, and my ability to discern and decide what is right and resonates and what doesn’t, comes from trusting my intuitive knowing.

This too is true for each and every one of us. It’s a matter of listening and trusting.  

The people that comes to me, the opportunities, the ideas I receive and so forth, however small or big they are, I am grateful for them because I know God would never have me suffer and I know that the people that I am here to serve are sent my way by divine appointment and it’s a privilege and an honor for me to be there for them.

It’s our perception and belief in other powers than God that causes suffering.

I even celebrate finding a coin on the street. Yes, I do. I see it as a sign of God’s abundance and I pick it up saying “Thank you for this symbol of prosperity in my life”.

So the answer to the question “how to be one with the world and make enough money to feed myself and live”, is to welcome money as being a part of your life.

Oneness is being one with God and God is not poor or broke. Realizing this sets us free.

Whatever money you have right now, bless it. Bless everything in your life that has to do with money; your bank account, your wallet, literally everything.

Meditate on plenty, send love to the money you do have and see in your minds eye more money coming into your life to meet your needs, and desires.

When we are friends with money we also dare to have big desires and dreams.

We are suppose to be in a place of fulfillment, and that comes from living out and expressing that which is in our hearts. We all have a dream.

We all came here with a dream to fulfill, and even if it looks like many have forgotten, they haven’t. We all have a dream and we all know what that is.

It’s the thing we’re afraid of saying out loud. 

Most just don’t believe they will ever be able to attain it or realize it, but we never forget completely what that dream is. 

Be Free With Money

Whatever money you use, see it as circulating in your life rather than something you’re ‘spending’.

Every time you’re about to pay for something, release the money freely and say to yourself “I release this money freely, I let it circulate in my life because I know it comes back to me multiplied”.

What you also can do is to whenever you’re about to hand over money to someone, whether it’s when you pay your rent or when you pay for your groceries, silently say within yourself “I bless this money and every single person that ever comes in contact with it”.

Become friends with this God-given substance and ask the God-power within you to guide you to your true self-expression where you can be who you are, share your gifts, skills and talents with the world and make good money doing it. 

You will then be lead to what would make your heart sing and what would give meaning to you on a daily basis, and then, when you get the inspiration to move in a certain direction to do something, do so boldly (because this path is not for the faint-hearted!), believing in God to provide for you because this is the Truth;

Your gift to the world is to let God express itself through and as you, and the desires of your heart is God wanting to live and experience those through you, so you can’t fail.

You are here to represent God, remember that. Don’t play small. Be great, because you are. 

There may be many tribulations on the way (as you move from ego consciousness to Christ consciousness), but you will come out of it victoriously.

You must trust and have faith in yourself and your path and continue to go within for direction and guidance all the time.

Ask the power within you to show you how you can be the greatest expression of the greatness within you and how you can live a prosperous life just by simply being who you are and sharing what’s in your heart and you will be shown what that is for you.

There’s nothing good with being poor or broke and the challenge you’re going through right now in regards to money might be an invitation from the power within you to go to it for your supply rather than seeing ‘making money’ as something to dread or be resentful about. (=“A necessary evil”)

I know how it feels to think that you have to make money just to survive (been there, done that), and maybe do things that you don’t want to do, but I no longer have that consciousness or relationship with money, and I can say it’s a liberating way to live to know that there’s only one power and that that power is for you.

Everything changes once we know who we are. First in the mind and then in our outer experience as we continue the transformative process.

Just think about it; what does oneness mean to you? If it is something desirable (which it is for most), wouldn’t that then also include the wonderfulness of having enough money to share and spare?

The God-power within us wants only what is for our delight and joy.

We’re suppose to enjoy money and circulate it freely in our lives, knowing that it is as available to us just like the air that we breathe.

We can claim it because it’s our right to have it and then stand in our faith that it will come as we change internally.

Everything is consciousness and when our consciousness shifts so will the outer world too change with our transformation.

The shift in consciousness changes our whole perspective and view of money and it frees us from feeling restricted and limited because we come to know that the only lack there is in this world is the lack of faith in God.

Lastly you wrote “once I completely surrender to what is and accept the beauty of life for all its love and compassion my life will flow naturally”; Yes, that is true.

And part of the beauty of life is to have money and resources that allows us to enjoy it to the fullest.

God is love and compassion and all beauty, and money is a divine substance that allows a fuller expression of who we are, without limitations.

Think of all the wonderful things we can do with money;

We can educate and develop ourselves, use our time more constructively and be more creative (and thus contribute and give more of ourselves to the world), grow and stretch beyond what is and has been, as well as being able to take care of ourselves and our loved ones and make healthy choices.

And think of how wonderful the feeling of being able to be generous and giving to others.

It’s a huge blessing not only to the receiver but to the giver as well, and the ultimate giver in all this is the God within us!

God wants us to be happy and free, so by being willing to welcome money into your life, and by opening your mind and heart to it and let it in, it will bless you.

It will sustain you as you follow your own unique spiritual path and it will bless your life. 


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