Moving to Nerja (part 2)

I thought I’d post a little update regarding my move to Spain. (Nerja, Malaga, Costa del Sol). 

Holy crap is there lots to do – I’m cleaning, sorting, moving things and doing all the stuff that needs to be done when moving, but things are moving along nicely as I have time to do all that needs to be done. 

Even though I’m a person who is organized/tidy and can do many things at the same time this whole process of moving is not a very enjoyable process and I look forward to when me and my cat finally arrives Malaga airport.

We will be picked up there by my new flatmate who seems kind and nice.

The first day in Nerja I will probably spend mostly inside the apartment as I’m a real mother hen when it comes to my cat and I want him to feel safe in our new temporary home.

Then what happens from then on with everything is completely unknown to me and I still feel a bit nervous thinking about it but there is no turning back and I just have to stay present in the here and now, doing what needs to be done where I am right now and let everything unfold in its own way without any worries interfering.

I’m also very happy and excited, mostly I really look forward to everything with a very happy heart and I feel like life has opened up a path of adventure for me and it’s exciting. (Not sure if “exciting” is the right word to use, but that has to do at the moment:)

So many things in my life has come to a natural ending here in Norway and even though I have no clue how or where any of this is going, I have never felt more clear in my life. I share more about that in another post soon. 

My Journey

Okay, back to work for me, cleaning and moving awaits – chat more later!:)


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  1. Jo

    Hi Maria,

    I hope your move goes well. I have also just made a big move, not by choice and
    I am finding it very difficult being in a totally new place and not knowing anyone

  2. Thank you Jo.

    I’m sure it will go well, it’s just a tedious process the whole moving-thing but it’s just a matter of moving through it, doing what’s necessary.

    All that I will have left when it’s all done is two suitcases, my laptop and my beloved cat, so there’s a lot of work involved to get rid of things and cleaning and so forth.

    Usually in all cities or even smaller places there are communities that one can reach out to to get to know people so I hope you find that where you’re at too.

    One thing I will do myself is to go to a dog shelter place and help out and that way get to know people. Walking dogs for example is a great way to meet new people:)

    In Nerja there’s also a donkey sanctuary I think, so I will go there and see if I can do anything to help – and my flatmate and I have similar interest from what I have understood so far so I’m sure he too will introduce me to his friends as well.

    So I’m confident that all will go well, and the fears that comes up now and then has to do with my financial situation mostly, but they only come up very briefly and flows through me as I don’t allow myself to get hooked by them.

    I recognise that it is the ego who is afraid of the unknown.

    What I feel in my heart is that doors will open and new opportunities will show themselves to me as I follow my heart.

    And I’m sure they will for you too the more you can relax into the present moment, because in reality, this moment right now is where Reality really is.

    Let yourself be vulnerable and just go to someone or a place (like a dog shelter or something) and let people know about you and your journey and I’m sure others will respond to that positively because people are really kind most of the time.

    Just think of what you would do yourself if someone reached out to you.

    We are very much the same and the more we can trust each other the more love there will be among us humans:)

    Please feel very welcome to write again and share what happens.

    All the best wishes to you <3

  3. Another thing I want to share with you Jo, that can be helpful for you to know.

    I did not want to move where I’m at right now either, I really resented it in the beginning and I tried all I could to try to move away from here, but with my spiritual growth I came to realize what a huge blessing it was to be here.

    I mean, huge!

    I have been isolated and kept here for a reason and that reason is that my time here has allowed me to integrate the awakening and transformation I have gone through and I can now say that it has been vitally important for me to be here and to have had the opportunity to be in my own process so intensely as I have been able to.

    So please – if you can, and I know this might be difficult at first if you have been forced to be where you don’t want to be, but try to see that there is a blessing in all this – a reason that you will soon find out that is bigger than any of your desires you have for yourself, because the truth is, we don’t know what’s best – life does, so go with it, and see if you can fall into that knowing with an open heart.

    Where you are now might be the best place for you to be at the moment and when you let go of resentment or resistance (if you feel that) then life can come through and show you what It wants you to look at closely within your own being.

    When it’s time for your new phase it will come and only then will you be able to move to the next place, wherever that might be.

  4. Thank you Yolanda – exciting times for sure! 🙂 I’m a bit nervous but most of all I look forward to the move.

    Today I have visited all my neighbors and said my goodbyes to them and right now I’m doing what is left of cleaning out the apartment and so forth.

    I have had plenty of time so that has not been stressful so that’s great.

    It’s wonderful to know that in a few days time I will be able to walk on a sandy beach in Spain 🙂

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