Glad To Be In Munnar! (Kerala)

Despite the grueling bus trip from Trivandrum to Munnar here in Kerala the last couple of hours or so of the journey up the mountains was incredibly beautiful, so beautiful that I got all teary and emotional a few times.

I just can’t hold back my tears when I see such beauty and after had been in the city for a week or so I was so ready to get back to nature again!

And I totally get why Kerala is called “God’s Own Country” now.

The bus had no windows so all the smell from nature, flowers, spices etc was so welcoming and I felt so happy that I was going to spend some time up in the mountains.

As we got closer to Munnar the temperature changed from really hot to wonderfully cool (well, cooler) and that is something I had really looked forward to 🙂

I arrived yesterday around 4-5 PM I think it was, exhausted and hungry after the long bus trip (8-9 hours) so I didn’t do much at all except from having some food, a shower and lots of water.

Today I have been out exploring (see photo album link at the bottom of the post) and enjoyed just being here.

And it was so nice to go to bed last night and sleep without the noise of a fan.

So wonderfully quiet and I had the window open so it was a bit chilly too (which I loved) and no mosquitoes at all!

The weather here in Munnar is a bit cooler than everywhere else in Kerala (especially at night) and I really enjoy it and I look forward to some rain for the next few days too 🙂

Munnar weather
Munnar weather for the next week. I just buy myself an umbrella and go out and enjoy the smell of nature when it rains, I love that! 🙂

I must say that I feel very blessed. Even now that I write this I’m overwhelmed by a feeling of gratitude.

Life is so good to me, so generous.

It’s all from the smallest things (that do not ever go unnoticed by me) to the bigger things; I constantly feel that I’m in this wonderful flow with life and that I’m taken very well care of.

This morning I woke up and the thought came to me that I feel like I’m been ‘given back multiplied’, that I’m receiving now, for all those meager years when I gave and gave but rarely received anything.

I don’t feel that way anymore.

For instance, I remember all the years I couldn’t go to a restaurant, when I had to say no to people because I couldn’t even afford a cup of coffee, and now I get to eat at restaurants everyday!

Another thing; my room got upgraded for no apparent reason so instead of me now having a standard budget room, I was upgraded to a luxury room!

For the next 9 days or so I get to have this wonderful room that has flat-screen TV, new, fresh pillows and blanket and room service etc.

I love that! 🙂

Within me I’m saying Thank You all the time. All the time.

I’m so grateful.

Anyways, .. back to Munnar! 🙂

Munnar is a small town that is known for its tea plantations and they also make their own chocolate here (which I have to try as soon as possible!) and they have lots of spices too (plantations I think).

There are small shops here everywhere that sell them and a museum too.

Things to do here in Munnar are things that I enjoy doing; hiking, trekking, and just being in nature.

It is advised however to not go hiking by yourself in the mountains because there are elephants and other wild animals here and you don’t want to meet them while being on your own without a guide.

We’ll see what I do about that, if I listen to the advise or not.. 🙂

There are beautiful waterfalls nearby, and you can take sightseeing trips too but I haven’t looked into those things yet, just spoken briefly with people here so I have to do some further research on all that.

There’s a sunrise trek too, the same type I did when I was in Rishikesh but I probably can’t do that because it’s too cold at 4:30 AM and I don’t have any warm clothes with me.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter.

I’m so happy to just be close to nature and the mountains 🙂

Next weekend on Sunday I’m leaving Munnar and will be going to Fort Cochin which is about a 4 hour long bus-ride from here (or something like that).

It’s by the coast and a touristy place so I can swim in the ocean there, which will be wonderful too! 🙂

Nature in Munnar, Kerala
Nature in Munnar, Kerala (India).


See pics (over 50 photos) from Munnar here: Facebook album.
Read about my bus trip from Trivandrum to Munnar here.

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