My Encounter With Jesus Christ

Some years ago when I lived in Spain I was going thorough some really difficult times financially and had to look for a job to be able to support myself, and with my pretty much non-existing language knowledge in Spanish I had to take whatever work I could get.

I asked everywhere, day after day, and finally one day I was out biking as usual and was drawn to a Hotel with a huge golf course and it was a very large complex and area so I though “maybe they need someone in the kitchen or something, I’ll ask”.

So I went there and asked, left my contact info and when leaving I didn’t feel I would have any chance because I didn’t speak Spanish and person I had talked to kind of let me know right away that I should just keep looking elsewhere because of that.

But then someone called me shortly after and invited me to come to have a chat so I went, and to make a long story short, I’ve got a job as a cleaner for a few weeks.

This was very fortunate for me, many people were desperately looking for work at this time in Spain and without Spanish skills, you were more or less doomed to unemployment and homelessness if you didn’t have an income, so you couldn’t exactly pick and chose to say the least.

Many people struggled and businesses was closing down everywhere everyday. Some places looked like ghost towns because of the economical situation is Spain at that time. It was very hard to get a job.

But I believed that I would get a job, despite what people said around me; things like ‘you will never get a job, not now with the recession and all, you don’t know any Spanish so you can just forget it and go home to Scandinavia instead’.

A cleaning job was not what I wanted at all, but I didn’t see I had any choice due to my financial situation; I had to support myself. So I was happy, and thought to myself that I can do that for a month or so, no problem!

I was brought together with a cleaning-lady group and I kind of felt at this point that this job had been given to me by grace – that’s another story that I can share another time.

All of the ladies spoke Spanish only – so we couldn’t communicate – I mean, I knew very few words and phrases and only one of them could speak as much English as I could Spanish, so it was a very interesting experience in that sense.

We had fun with it at times, but I felt very much out of place and could sense and get from some of the words that they were talking about me at times and that wasn’t very comfortable when you were stuck in the same room.

We just didn’t match, and it was a humbling experience to walk into hotel rooms where the “rich and famous” so to speak were sunbathing on their huge luxurious balconies and there I came with the duster and mop. 

I felt that I should be the one who was being catered for – it was at times embarrassing for my ego, especially one time when someone I knew a little bit came to the Hotel complex to enjoy a glass of Chardonnay and suddenly sees me in my way-too-big cleaning-lady shirt on. 

I felt that I should have sat there too and enjoyed a glass of wine and not be cleaning a Hotel…

(And no, there is nothing wrong with being a cleaner, it just wasn’t anything I dreamt of doing)

With time I grew to really feel out of place and I was full of anxiety and I turned and tossed my body around in bed at night, slept very badly – thinking that this is so wrong, this is not what I’m suppose to do, and I prayed and cried and I was just feeling very very out of my element.

I was seriously thinking of leaving, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Then one night, it was early in the morning, at 4-5 sometime, that Jesus himself came to me in a dream.

It was not an ordinary dream, and it wasn’t really a ‘dream’-dream, it was more like a very clear image of a being that stood in front of me and I could clearly see it was Jesus.

He was standing there in front of me where I was laying there in my bed.

I felt so peaceful in his presence, so calm, I wasn’t the least afraid or scared, and the whole thing that happened was very real. I knew I wasn’t dreaming.

Then he says to me: “You can either resist this or go with it, but it is a part of a plan. It is a part of a plan, so it’s your choice; resist it of just go with it”. 

And I immediately felt this incredible peace coming over my whole being when I got the message and understood on a deep level that this was in fact a part of a plan, what plan exactly I had no idea, I just knew that what he said was true and then he disappeared. 

I was full of energy, love and joy and couldn’t sleep anymore, and that morning when it was time to go to work, I biked faster than ever before, actually looking forward to it, and I almost danced through the days, I was so full of joy and reassurance that this job was divinely given to me as a gift.

The rest of my weeks that I worked there went through with happiness, laughter and lightness of heart! 🙂

And that only because of Jesus and what he said to me.

I would LOVE to hear if you have had similar encounters with either Jesus or others and what it did to you.

My own meeting with Jesus is something I will never forget and I will always remember it with tremendous gratitude.

When sharing your story too, it can help others that are going through something difficult to continue keeping the faith, and help reinforce the trust that is already built in each and everyone of us but that can diminish in times of struggle.

Please share below in comments!

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  1. Usama

    That’s a very wonderful experiment , it is kind of a powerful lucid dream ,congratulation , may be I can go through such dream , I am working on it

  2. Hi Usama,

    Thank you for your comment.

    It wasn’t a lucid dream; a lucid dream is when you’re in a dream, knowing that you’re dreaming.

    It wasn’t even a dream as I described it in my post, and I don’t think it’s possible to “work on it” as you put it, it’s not something we can impose on ourselves.

    I truly saw it as a gift that was given to me, and it was very real (not a dream).

    I hope you too will have such an experience some day in your own life as it was very beautiful and I wish that for everyone – to feel the love and peace from an encounter like that.

    It was truly a beautiful thing to experience and receive.


  3. Adekoya Olalekan

    Why do we always deceive ourselves and deceive others by been ungrateful to ALMIGHTY GOD and ascribing gratefulness to HIS creatures. Lets think deeply.

  4. Hello Adekoya,

    Thanks for commenting, although I don’t know what you mean, so feel free to elaborate on your points of view to bring more clarity.



  5. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for commenting.

    To answer your question: I don’t know.

    But I do know that when we start to see God in everything – it will be experienced also.

    (If we look for it; the beauty and love that is in everything and everyone; that’s God)

    Why I had this particular experience is outside of my logical understanding (so I can’t explain it to you), but that was how Life manifested itself to me at that time, in a way I needed to experience it.

    I think every moment is an invitation and opportunity to experience the divine (Or God/Source), only it comes (although it never really “comes and goes”; it’s always present) in different ways to different people at different times.

    When we stay open to how it expresses itself, it will also be seen and felt in the heart, but maybe not in a way that we had expected it to.

    God is always appearing itself (to all of us) – because Life is God.


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  7. Patri

    Hi Maria; thank you for your articles.

    A few days ago I had a vivid (very, very vivid) dream in the morning which woke me up in a shock. In my dream I was taking care of children and was wearing robes, and then I was told we all had to sit down (this was somewhere outdoors, like a field) because Jesus was coming to visit.

    Now I remember every single detail, including the creases on my robes. This is very unusual for me, I usually don’t remember anything, let alone such vivid details. Eventually a young man came over and sat down by a stone, and when looking into his face (it was Him!) I felt a mixture of pure love and pure innocence; so strong was the feeling that it woke me up in shock.

    I know about OBE’s and how they can most certainly look like dreams. I can’t say exactly what happened, but the last time I had such a vivid ‘dream’ was years and years ago.

    When I woke up I remember thinking that it was just ridiculous the way I could recall every single detail from the place and even facial features. It stayed with me all day and I told a dear friend of mine. There’s no doubt that something was most definitely out of the ordinary regarding this particular experience.

    Also, I’m Spanish – thought I’d let you know 🙂


  8. Hi Patri,

    You’re very welcome, glad you like them! 🙂

    Thank you also for sharing your special dream with us.

    What I described in my post though, wasn’t a dream, and I do know all about OBE’s (out of body experiences) as I have had them since childhood, and especially back then and in my early adulthood.

    There’s no similarity to what I described in my post to those (OBE) experiences.

    To your dream;

    Did you interpret the details you saw? (Dream interpretation).

    There might be some important messages for you there, although I’m guessing that the feeling of his presence and energy was the main purpose of your dream.

    Which is always wonderful – I love dreams myself and I dream pretty much every night.

    So you’re Spanish? I liked living in Spain a lot, especially because of the weather.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    All the best,

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  10. milla

    Hallo Maria!

    what you say is very interesting, because it resonates with me for a couple of reasons- Mother Mary came to me in something which was like a dream, but was real, ( i will share it in full ) and because I also had to work cleaning jobs and other jobs, which I didn’t enjoy, but exactly these jobs got me through life and helped me meet my husband, who now takes care of me, when I don’t have a job. I work now anything that comes my way, except may be jobs that would hurt my back or cause any other health problem. I was the same little spoil girl like you. 🙂 Please, take my words with a smile. We are all equal and if we have to clean in order to feed ourselves, we have to! Thinking we don’t want to do this or that is not helpful in this world.

    This is why Jesus came to you, to tell exactly that.

    my story with Mother Mary.
    I was 17, sleeping in my home house in the summer, and a male voice , very authoritative woked me up, a voice, which i heard in my head:
    You will see the Mother of God.

    I realised i am fully awake, almost shaking with divine fear in my bed. It was dark and seconds passed in this darkness.

    Then She appeared in front of me. She was exuding something amazingly powerfull and optimistic, her dress was very modest brown robe, her hair uncovered, dark, her eyes brown, her face of natural beauty, symmetrical and clean. Her age – 35-38 and as I was laying in bed, i thought she looks quite tall.

    She spread her hands towards me and said: I came my child for you. Here, only if you wish, you can come with me, I will carry you with me on my hands, like a baby.

    I tried to jump out of bed in her hands, but was paralysed. I said: Mother, I really want to come with you, but I cannot move.

    She said: It is not your time yet, don’t worry, when your time will come, I will come again for you, and will take you with me, on my hands, like a baby.

    The interesting thing was that i was seeing her with something like a light, which was coming from somewhere behind her, but was soft candle light, not dazzling or bright. I remember thinking that this light comes from her actually.

    Then she disappeared and I don’t remember to awake, I was again awake in my bed, shaking with Holy feelings.

    Next morning I learnt from my granny that it is the Day of Mary accension into Heaven according to the Orthodox church, because I am Orthodox by origin.

    Now, what would you make out of that? It is amazing!

  11. Thank you for sharing Milla. (My name is Maria by the way, not Mary, so I changed it in your comment as you wrote ‘Hello Mary’)

    Yes, it’s beautiful how Life manifest itself in various shapes and forms for us – in ways that we can understand and relate to depending on where we are in our evolution, and in the exact time we need it.

    Life is amazing and beautiful.

    Wishing you and yours a joyful holiday season! 🙂


  12. milla

    Thank you for publishing my comment and for Holiday greetings! I wish you the same!

    your website is really full of very good and sound spiritual info. I spent last night may be an hour or more. I hope developing more insight through reading your posts, because I regards myself as a serious truthseeker and consecrate a lot of my free time on spiritual reading and things like that. But sometimes I don’t know is something has to happen to me – like a spiritual awakening, or as you say in one of your posts – we cannot force ourselves to awake, if it comes, it will come when we least expect…?

  13. Hello again Milla, and thank you for your holiday wishes 🙂

    I’m glad to hear you have found my website interesting.

    To answer you question; I would suggest that you didn’t even think about the awakening-part as that is none of our doing anyway.

    Just keep being here and now, doing the things that you feel inclined to do when it comes to your spirituality and let it lead you. Sometimes that also includes doing nothing but being still. You will know what to do in every moment when you develop the trust in your intuition.

    Only when the mind comes in and interpret things to be this or that way, or gives anything a specific meaning, is it when any kind of confusion arises.

    No need to know any how’s or what if’s etc 🙂 Your sincerity/commitment and desire to know the Truth is enough.

    This is where Life is, right now.

    You might like the article I posted today, I don’t know if you have already read it, but here it is:

    All the best,

  14. Jeanie

    hi there, these are definetly the end days. Jesus is making himself more and more reachable. i went for bible studies a year ago and wantd to know and learn more about Jesus. our teacher who was a senior pastor , who was very educated, however would always hav favorites in class and divert from the main focus. i was vewy dispondent one day and that night changed my life. i had the most amazing experience with Jesus. i dreamd that all the students in class left to go outside to meet Jesus. i was the last person to go outside. when i got to the garden, there were many student surrounding him and near him where all the senior pastors. i was in th back and trying to see him. he was with white robes sitting under a tree with a big book on his lap. he picked up his hand and called me to the front. I walked to the front and as i got close i fell too my face and startd weeping. he held my hand with such love- iv never experienced that kind of genuine love and he made me feel the hole in his hand. i looked up too see his face and only could see his glory shining. God wants use to always remember the real reason behind us seeking him, he loves us and died for us. U may think u the least sometimes, but God sees us differently. He does judge us on how much education we have instead he judges us by our heart. I am so blessd to know h.

  15. Although I have a different view and perspective on Jesus and God I appreciate you sharing your story of Love that you experienced in the presence of Jesus.

    I know that Love too, it’s out of this world, pure divine, so thank you for sharing Jeanie.

  16. milla

    Hallo Jeanie,

    your nightdream is absolutely amazing and shows Jesus in the way when He said: The last will be first;

    He doesn’t judge how much we are educated, beautiful, tall, rich or not; He is interested only in our heart and how much love we carry there;

    I think you are probably very happy to have this amazing meeting with Jesus and to be able to see His shining glory;

    Don’t worry, pastors are just human beings like us; they still have an enormous role to play in helping the people know the basics for Jesus; in a way if you felt left out by this pastor, Jesus made you fully welcomed in His Kingdom and embrace; this is the most important thing;



  17. God is Good, always
    > I know I have always been blessed by God.  I am blessed and love from the time I was born until the rest of my days. 
    > I was born in the basement somewhere in the Suburbs near Manila.  My father was a laborer in a cigarette factory and my mother is a housewife.  The midwife said i was born dead; i didn’t cry or breathe the first few moments of my birth.  Yet by some grace, I manage to take my first breath, cried, and live.
    > I was raised in our own house in the center of the Philippine Capital.  My father continued to be a laborer 2 cities away; while my mom focused her attention to raising their children – all 4 of us.  I am the eldest.  My parents are devout Catholics and we were brought up in the Faith.  I knew I had faith, but I knew it is a shallow one for it has not been tested.  All I know is that everything I prayed for were given to me: good school, good grades, scholarships.  We were comfortable.  Even if we do not have any excesses or the most recent toys, our parents were able to give us what we need.  We are not rich, but I was able to go to the Philippine’s best college by God’s grace.
    > In High School, I promised God I will do my best to become a lawyer.  After college, He used my Aunt to send me to one of the best Law schools in Manila.  It is while in Law school that I experienced trials; trials that challenged my Faith for 4-5 years.
    > The test of my faith started in Law school.  In law school, I got my first heartbreak.  During my 3rd year in Law School my aunt decided not to send me to school anymore.  I was so close to finishing the law and becoming a lawyer yet the opportunity to finish it passed by me.  My father resigned from his job and used his money to send me to school. He drained his money after a year so I had to work.  I worked for the family of 7. It is while I was starting out in a job when we discovered my father had cancer.  It is during this time that we experienced the greatest famine of our lives.  The next 3 years were the toughest.  The first year, I got out of my job and continue on with my business of selling houses.  That year was tough, my sales are down, and I need to provide for my family.  We ended up selling our furniture. We sold my law school notes and reviewers to the junk shop. We lived on USD 0.40 a day.  We are mostly vegetables from our garden, some rice.  There are days when we thought and hoped we will never wake up. We borrowed money from our friends, some from our relatives.  But as much as possible, we tried not to borrow.  We endured. 
    > My father, bless his soul, endured these hardships like a man should.  We knew there is no one to help us with his sickness, no one to help us. We prayed. Yet there are times I cry myself to sleep talking to God, asking Him for help.
    > 3 years after that experience, we were able to get ourselves out of the rut.  My siblings learned our business and they started working on it with me.  We started to get known in the real estate business and we started to build our business with good clients.  Yet our Dad’s sickness worsened. In January 2012, he died in peace with the knowledge that his children have learned from life and can take care of each other.
    > In all these, I know God is watching and He has never abandon us.  The test of our faith was tough, it still makes me cry sometimes.  Yet in times of hunger, when we were at our worst, by some miracle we will be getting provisions – food, money for the bills.  We have never experienced our utilities being cut in those impoverished times.  When our father was dying and even when he died, help was there from our friends and relatives.  When lean times come for business, there will always be a sale to save us from going hungry again. 
    > God’s grace has shaped us into who we are today. And I know and have faith that by God’s grace we will be able to do what He desires for us. We believe that this is what He wants:  “He wants to prosper us and to bless us; To keep us safe and not to harm us; to give us hope and a future.”
    > Truly, God’s love is abundant and it never fails. Nothing can keep it away from Him. Even death cannot overcome.  I have seen God and felt Him in every step of my life. 

  18. Sheryl, Thank you for sharing bits from your own personal story, I hope and know that it will be encouraging for many to read.

    The love of God/consciousness/Life doesn’t have to be a ‘physical’ appearance or encounter, although that is sometimes the way it expresses itself to us (or itself) as it did to me with my Jesus-experience, it can be to feel him/it/her in our hearts every moment of life as well. (For the simple obvious reason that we are That).

    It’s always present and shows itself in billions of ways in every moment. Trust helps us see that more clearly.

    I’m sorry to hear about your dad, but I’m glad that he went in peace and I hope that he didn’t suffer much pain.

    I’m so glad to hear your business is flourishing Sheryl, assuming it is anyway:) We have been in touch for a few years now on and off on the social media and I know that your faith has always been there.

    Thank you again for sharing. Your story will be uplifting and encouraging for many to read.

    I believe that’s a part of why we go through the things we go through, to be able to inspire and uplift others by sharing the experiences.

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  20. Brandon

    I’ve had two experiences with Jesus my first experience was I was praying for 30 minutes or so then suddenly I felt this tingling through my body I felt like I was at peace, happy, safe, protected, and calm. My second experience was the same as before but with greater intensity then suddenly I saw jesus on a cross with the sun shining down on him I asked him what was my purpose he said spread the word then I asked about my mom’s miscarriage Michael Scott he said he is safe then he told me I need to love myself more not to put myself down.

  21. I can imagine that was a beautiful experience Brandon, thank you for sharing.

    That’s exactly what Jesus (God/Truth) has for us; the peace, calmness and the feeling of being safe and taken care of.

    The love is out of this world and we cannot not believe what is conveyed can we:)

    It’s a total and complete reassurance of all being well and with that comes ‘the peace that passeth all understanding’.

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  26. Lupe De La Cruz

    Hello Maria,

    It seems when you think you alone you are not, Jesus is here to tell us we are not alone!! Believe in him God our father in HEAVEN.

    I had a dream of Jesus, I know it was him. I was in a great big what I thought was a hall. No one was in there but this one gentleman dressed in Brown robe, he waved at me to come over to where he was standing. And where he was standing was a this window. I couldn’t see his face but I knew it was Jesus, he put his arm around above by my shoulders he had me look into the window when I did I saw my whole life from being in my mothers womb every page was going so fast! but I caught each and every moment of my life from that point where I was standing. And he said to me ” Do you see your life?” I replied ” Yes” he said I am here to show you all that ” I thought for that moment he was going to say ” Here is all the pain you have conflicted on others” but he told me the opposite!! he said ” this is all the hurt and pain that people of conflicted on you- and I am here to tell you that you will be okay in life” With that I tried to see him but I felt so at peace, I woke up with such a indescribable beautiful feeling. I just cried a few minutes. I knew in my heart this was real and not a dream. A wanted to share this with my family which I did. But I wanted to reach out to others, about six months later I was watching t.v. an documentary and people telling their stories about meeting or seeing Jesus. There was man who experience the same dream I did!!! I wanted to reach out to him. Same story I just told he said the same, I don’t know why I didn’t reach out.

    I have other stories or dreams I could tell you that Jesus has let me experience and see. But that’s another time. I jus wanted to share this BEAUTIFUL EXPERINCE I had.

    Thank you Maria,

    Lupe De La Cruz

  27. Thank you for sharing your story/encounter with us. I know the feeling of peace and joy that comes from such experiences, they are really beautiful 🙂 (And transformative)

  28. Ritz

    Hi Maria 🙂

    My name is Maria too anyway 🙂 I am from the Philippines, thousand miles away from you. I started researching on the internet if there is anyone in the world who encountered the miracles of Jesus when I experienced something, and yes that is why I was able to see this site of yours.

    I am a christian and have a very strong faith with Jesus. I am in love with Jesus and I easily cry whenever I read the part on the Bible where He was crucified and tortured. and now there are articles that is trying to make us realize the pain Jesus went through, doctors explained that what is written in the Bible is not enough to describe the pain Jesus had, and reading these articles which are medically proven breaks my heart, He took all those pain for us. I was not influenced by any other people to be a christian, I am a catholic, I grew up in a catholic family, and all of a sudden, one day I felt the hunger of searching who Jesus really is, I know whenever I go to church they preach. explain the Bible and stuff, but still something is lacking, I dont know why. So I did my own researching, bought Bible of my own, version that is easy for me to understand since english is not my first tongue. Until I found Him.

    It is true that whenever you pray to Him He listens and He gives. I am so blown away and surprise that even little things I pray He listens. I did not see His actual face like you did, so lucky of you, He goes in my dreams too though whenever I have a questions or call Him in the middle of my darkest part of my life “before”, because when He touched my heart and soul, I am revived. EVery morning I wake up, I see the world beautifully, and feel so much joy in my heart, I get bullied and discriminated because I am not beautiful, im short and not an attractive woman, but now I am just so thankful with how I look and how God created me. it is weird but I dont know I just felt it!

    I cant even count how many times he answered my prayers so as long as I pray without a doubt and 100% trust and faith ( no buts and worries) . I was on my way to work. I have few coins left in my purse and it isnt enough to take me to work and atm is at work! I was already in the tricycle ( public transportation here in philippines) I checked my purse, pocket, and checked pockets on my bag too, I need 5 pesos more to get to work, I need 2 rides to get to work, 1 tricycle and 1 jeepney, I ride the jeepney although I know I do not have enough money anymore, I dont know why I ride the jeepney, I pray a little prayer and all of sudden a thought just came to my mind to check on my purse again, checked it and saw a 5 peso coin, I do not tell this story to anyone because I know they wont believe, this is why i searched for people who have encountered miracles of the Lord even in little things. I am sure I checked my purse when I was in the tricycle, and all of a sudden there is a 5 peso coin right after I say a prayer. however I kept saying in my prayer that ” okey i know Jesus will give, I know because He listens” Im not asking for too much, just 5 pesos just to get to work, it is not easy here to ask random stranger for 5 pesos because this is a third world country, people will think Im a scam. I just know when I feel like nobody is willing to hel, God is to the rescue. I have tons of things to share maybe some other time because I am at work now. but that is God’s help. I wanted to take a picture of the coin I saw because I know it isnt an ordinary coin, its from God’s grace, but people would find me weird seeing me taking photo of the coin.

    I am planning to start a journal just to keep a record of all my prayers that was answered. it is so powerful and mind blowing!

  29. Hi Maria! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your experience; it was beautiful to read.

    And I think it was a really great thing for you to do your own research into who God is, that’s how we find “him”.

    To go within, that’s where God resides and that’s where all our questions can be answered.

    I’m not religious myself and I believe the Bible is a psychological book (and not factual) and that Christ is a state of consciousness and not a person.

    People like Jesus has existed for sure (and countless of Jesus-types has been crucified and killed throughout history), and they are still among us to this day and will always be.

    Today people are more open-minded though and more and more people wake up to who they really are.

    A very important point you brought up is the importance of believing that our prayers are heard and answered, because that’s why so many people’s prayers don’t get answered.

    They don’t really believe that they could, or they have self-doubt or have feelings of unworthiness etc. They might pray but their deeply set beliefs in their subconscious mind tells them that it’s not going to work, so it doesn’t.

    But when we believe and have faith (and positive expectations) in the power and wisdom within us (God) and that it wants only that which is wonderful for us, that’s when wonderful things happen. That’s why it was beautiful to read your testimony too. You didn’t doubt, you knew that there was help to be found by asking and knowing that you have been heard.

    God to me is eternal goodness and fulfillment in all areas of life and God wants to express itself through each and every person, but fear hold people back, and the belief in external powers. (Money, other people and entities, conditions, situations etc)

    There is only one power and that is the God within.

    You should definitely start journaling Maria! Why not even write a book about your experiences? Or blog? That would be a great idea! 🙂

    It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are, what your conditions look like or if you have money or not; when you’re doing the work that comes from your heart you are being supported and sustained by the God within.

    That has been my own experience in so many ways. We can’t go wrong when we follow our hearts calling.

    And you can have it all; I urge you to ask for your life to be a divine fulfillment (Affirmation: “My life is a divine fulfillment”) and to be a living example of how it is to live in the Kingdom of Heaven to glorify the God within and inspire and encourage others that they can live fulfilling lives too.

    Marvelous things start to unfold when we dare to ask for what is rightfully ours (=the best in life), and when we don’t hold back or ask timidly.

    I wish you all the best with your journal-writing Maria, and who knows where it will lead – If it is a desire that God wants to live and express through you, prepare for great things to unfold before you! 🙂

    All the best,


  30. Gabriel S.

    Hey Maria,
    Thank You for sharing, your testimony of your encounter with JESUS was very encouraging. I myself am going through a tough time and it was helpful to read how JESUS told you you could either resist or go with it because right now I am going through a bit of a tough time myself and I know that I can either continue moving forward or stop and I will choose to continue on even when things get difficult.

  31. I’m glad to hear that what I shared gave you hope and encouragement to keep moving forward Gabriel.

    Life/the Universe is beautiful in the way it speaks to us through different energy forms and divine encounters.

    This particular time it happened to be the image/vision of Jesus because I was focusing my mind on biblical/Christian things at that time in my life.

    If I had been focusing my mind on other religions or texts, I would have had a divine encounter with a different energy or form/image, such as for example the Buddha.

    Just to clarify that what happened to me has nothing to do with the character Jesus.

    It was a Divine encounter that has nothing to do with any beliefs or religions so this is not to be seen as a testimony of anything religious.

    This is where many people are lead astray from their own spiritual connection (as everything comes through your own being) because when these things happen they make the visions into “idols” that they then start to worship.

    So don’t look at this as a “testimonial of my encounter with Jesus”, because it wasn’t. I’m not religious.

    This was a Divine encounter I had; it’s just a way for the Universe/Life to speak and communicate with us, and it all originates from a deeper place within ourselves.

    So move on from here with the hope and encouragement you were meant to receive but stay free in your heart and mind by not getting entangled in any beliefs/belief-systems.

    Life flows so much more beautifully and wonderfully when you keep your mind fresh, clear, and open to all kinds of ways in which the Universe communicates with you.

    So make no “idols” out of what I shared in my article. 😊

    You are yourself both Jesus (the man) and the Christ (the consciousness).

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