My mission: buy organic food in Sweden

Instead of my daily 10 000 step “power-walk” (my normal walk is very energetic, I always walk very fast) today, I took my bike and went to over the border to my homeland Sweden, and I went to a huge supermarket where “everybody” shops their food.

I was on a mission.

I was going to make a delish dinner, all made of organic products, and I also had something else in mind.. I was going to make a little experiment.. So I bought meat, the kind you make hamburgers of (“köttfärs” in Swedish, and the translator says it’s “minced meat” in English), and make a hamburger and save it along with the hamburger from McDonalds just so see how it brakes down in comparison. (Plus some meatballs I have just bought)

OK, so I arrive at the meat area in the supermarket, and I begin looking for organic meat and I was literally in a small chock. I couldn’t see it anywhere..! “Where, oh where do they keep the organic stuff?” So I asked a guy who works there, and he shows me a tiny little shelf with maybe five packages of meat. That’s it.
In a huuuge store.
He continues to say that unfortunately there is no minced meat left, that it gets sold almost immediately every time it gets to the store. Oki..well, so all in all that’s really good news in my mind! It means it is demanded by people. People wants what’s real. I know I will begin to demand better products and I will begin to ask and investigate where I can find healthy food products from now on.
We are all making a choice when we go into a store to buy food, and I’m not going to just walk like a zombie and pick whatever I see from now on.

I continued the conversation, asking him about if he knew where the Swedish meat really comes from, and if he knew about how the cows lived etc, and he didn’t. I spoke with three other people that worked there and asked them about their organic products and they all got a little uncomfortable with me asking about the meat and all.
I only asked because I have no idea (yet..! I want to add) how the Swedish cows lives, and I want to make sure that I only buy meat that are from cows that has been treated with respect, and that are fed with grass, and not corn.

Anyway; I didn’t really have a choice but to buy “ordinary” minced meat for my hamburger experiment, so I did. But I did buy the kind that is produced in Sweden even though it’s more expensive. I think it’s says a lot that cheap meat, that is shipped from another country is less expensive than the local. In my mind, it means that the cheap meat is crap. I will never buy that again. And if I would feel that “I can’t afford it” (which as an argument is so screwed up it can be!) some day, I’d rather buy vegetables and not eat meat at all. And that is a topic I want to adress too, but not in this post. I don’t care how much my food costs, my health (and the lives of the animals I’m going to eat) is more important than money!

You can read more about the Swedish organic farm here:
If you like what you read and see, then demand your local store to begin selling it. Right now in Sweden, I think a store named Coop is one of the stores that sells meat from Kaprifol. If there are others, then please educate me! I want to know.

Back to my story: when I went into the store, I saw things very differently, and for ones I really looked at the labels of the food, and I saw what the movie “King corn” is all about. My God! Almost everything contains corn syrup or starch.. eww…! My eyes were open, and I saw things from another perspective than before.

I did find some organic products among the thousands of the ordinary products that were there. Among them a salad dressing from which was sooo good, yum! I can have it in my fridge for two weeks before it gets old, while the old dressing I have had I could keep for months.. what an eye-opener..!

So, this is day One in the experiment of three different foods and how they brake down:

1. McDonalds cheesburger and fries.

2. Meatballs from “Charkmäster” in Sweden.

3. My own home-made hamburger, with my own French fries
made from a good ol’ ordinary potato:-)

This is day One for all three products obviously. Lets see how it develops, it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens with the food.

–Stay tuned..!

PS: One would think that we should have farmer’s markets here, especially here where I currently live (the country side of Norway), but no. I loved living in Spain where I could go to markets everyday if I wanted to, and I love the farmers markets in California too. They should be everywhere!

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You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

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  1. Hanna

    im looking forward to see the end of your expriment,and i am sure that the “old way of making food”win:) it`s scary to see how long the industry way food “live”,i know for sure for exempel,some strawberries we bought last year at work for 17 mai(a big day in norway),they look red and pretty(the taste?water..) but they look the same in over a mounth)thats scary!

  2. Maria Erving

    Ewwww…! Please take a picture of the strawberries and post it here! I’ sure all of my readers wants to see!
    I know I want to..!

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