My new place!

Welcome to you all:-)

I’m so happy to have moved and I hope you like my new site too.

For me it has really been a completely new experience changing my wordpress.COM-hosted blog, and (very dull) static GoDaddy website to my new place where I’m now; so much more freedom to do whatever I want with my site! FREEEEDOM! 😀

I can recommend all who has a static website that doesn’t drive much traffic, or a free blog, like WordPress.COM or Blogger, to switch over to WordPress.ORG instead. It’s not as difficult that I had assumed, but it does take some time to set up and a lot of patience.
-But sooo worth it 🙂

Some of the features I have here is that if you would like to get my blog-posts sent to you by email automatically when I have posted something, then you can enter your email-address in the “subscribe to my blog posts”-box. (It’s also on the right-hand side of the site).

Or, you can click on the RSS feed right beside my Twitter icon too for subscription of my blog, and if you want to follow me on Twitter, then click on the “Follow me” widget and it takes you there 🙂

Also, a new thing that I love is the Facebook “like”-button!
I hope you use it often to tell your friends that you like my writings 😉 and if you like to share in other ways, you can click on the “share”-button and chose where you would like to share my post; Facebook, Twitter, Digg, by email, etc etc.

And now that I own my own place; I have the right to have a “subscribe to my newsletter”-box too, so if that is something you would like to get, then leave your email-address there too. The newsletter is sent to you twice a month.

I’m going to work more with my new site; for example add categories so it will be easier for you to find posts that interests you. And I will also learn the code language so that I can be a Rock Star web mistress and designer! 😀

My posts will be a bit more personalized from now on.
I will write about the same things as before because I love to do that, but I will also write about other things that interests me, and I will also holler my personal opinions a bit louder in the future.

Lastly; I want to mention that I LOVE when you write me; both all the personal message I get, but also the comments you leave after my posts, and even if my reply is often very short; I truly love when I hear from you and I really appreciate every word you leave for me and others to read.

<3 Maria PS: If you find any quirks or if something is'nt working as it should; please let me know so I can fix it. Thank you :-)

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  1. Maria Erving

    Tack Hanna! 🙂
    Ha en jattefin kvall ikvall foresten med sushi och allt:-)
    Jag hade glomt bort att det var 1 maj idag sa nar jag skulle ga till affaren och handla nat gott sa var det stangt-lol 😀
    Men men, jag har mat hemma (vantar pa en ugnstekt kyckling som strax ar klar-mums!) och en liten bit choklad 😛
    Kramar <3

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